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Topsy-Turvy Knickerbocker Happy/Sad Faces Pioneer/Prairie Girl Multiface Double-faced Two-faced Two-in-One Vinyl & Cloth Rag Baby Doll Vintage 1960s  <b><span style='color:red'>USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED  DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!</span></b><span style='color:purple'>

Title   Topsy-Turvy Knickerbocker Happy/Sad Faces Pioneer/Prairie Girl Multiface Double-faced Two-faced Two-in-One Vinyl & Cloth Rag Baby Doll Vintage 1960s USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!

Seller ID   Topsy Turvy Knickerbocker Doll

Item/Description: Vintage 1960s Knickerbocker Topsy-Turvy “Happy Face”/“Sad Face” doll wearing “Little House on the Prairie” pioneer girl-like outfits.

Two-faced dolls are “divided” by their shared center/middle reversible skirt. When one doll’s face is showing, the other doll’s is hidden beneath the bottom portion of the skirt.

***This exact same doll is referenced and pictured on page 308 of the book “Twentieth Century Dolls from Bisque to Vinyl,” 1974 revised edition, by Johana Gast Anderton, under the section entitled “Multiface (Multi-Face) Dolls”: “Multi-11. 12" Double Doll. Vinyl mask faces, stuffed cloth bodies. 1960s. Knickerbocker (Knickerbocker Plastic Co.) - (Kirtley collection)...”

Features & Condition Details of this “Dynamic Duo” Doll:

*Both dolls have a tuft of yellow blonde yarn hair that peeks out from their permanently-attached bonnets.

*Both doll faces are clean and retain exceptionally strong coloration to their cheeks and lips.

*Both doll faces have painted-on eyebrows and eyelashes, and the “Happy” faced doll has painted eyes.

*The “Sad” faced doll’s eyes are painted in a “closed” position.

*The “Sad” doll has an adorable dimpled cleft chin.

*The coloration of their “Pioneer Girl”/“Little House on the Prairie”-style clothing remains strong, with a not-unusual or excessive amount of soil marks here and there on various portions of their clothing and cloth parts. These may or may not wash out.

*The blue ribbon bow that ties beneath the “Sad” faced head is slightly fraying.

*The back side of the left hand of the “Happy” faced doll exhibits a small horizontal tear in the cloth.

*The front portion of the right hand of the “Sad” faced doll exhibits a small soil spot.

***You may view additional photos of this item in our Etsy shop using this URL address:

Age/Period: Vintage - 1960s

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin: Intact, sewn-on clothing label/tag reads: “Joy of a Toy - Knickerbocker New York U.S.A.- Made in Hong Kong.”

Material(s)/Format: Cloth clothing; stuffed body; vinyl plastic faces/heads.

Size/Measurements: 12"H

Quantity: One (1)

Condition Summary: Overall very good to excellent vintage collectible condition! See above-referenced “Doll Features & Condition Details” section for specifics.

Keywords/Tags (intentionally includes misspellings): 12" Doll; 12-inch Doll; 12-inches; 1960s; Adorable; Appeal (Appealing); Aprons (Apron); Arms (Arm); Asleep; Awake (Awakened; Awakens; Awakes; Awoke); Babies (Baby); Baby Doll; Bibs (Bib); Blonde Hair; Bodies (Body); Bonnets (Bonnet); Book Doll; Book Value; Bow (Bows); Bright; Caps (Cap); Character (Characters); Charming; Cheeks (Cheek); Child (Children; Children’s); Chins (Chin); Cleft; Cleft Chin; Closed; Cloth; Clothes (Clothing); Collectible (Collectibles); Collecting; Collection (Collections); Collector (Collectors); Color (Colors); Coloration; Colorful; Coloring; Comedy-Tragedy; Comical; Company (Companies); Cry Baby; Crying (Cry; Cries); Darling; Dear; Delightful; Dimple (Dimpled; Dimples); Divided (Divide; Divides); Doll (Dolls); Double (Doubles); Double Doll; Double Face Doll (Double Faced Doll); Double the Fun; Dual; Dresses (Dress; Dressed); Dual; Duo; Dynamic Duo; Emotions (Emotion; Emotional); Expression (Expressions; Expressive); Eyebrows (Eyebrow); Eyelashes (Eyelash); Eyes (Eye); Fabric (Fabrics); Faces (Face; Faced); Facial Expression; Female (Females); Flip-Flop Doll; Flips (Flip; Flipping); Flops (Flop; Flopping); Frowning (Frown; Frowns); Fun (Funny); Girls (Girl); Hair; Hands (Hand); Happiness; Happy; Happy Face (Happy Faced); Hats (Hat); Heads (Head); Heartwarming; Hidden (Hiding; Hide; Hides); Hong Kong; Infants (Infant); Johana Gast Anderton; Joy of a Toy; Kirtley Collection; Knickerbocker; Knickerbocker Doll; Knickerbocker New York U.S.A.; Knickerbocker Plastic Co.; Label (Labels); Lips (Lip); Little House on the Prairie; Made in Hong Kong; Mask (Masks); Mask Faces; Material (Materials); Multiface (Multi-face) Dolls; Multiface (Multi-face; Multi-faced; Multifaced); Multiple (Multiples); Nostalgic; Novelty (Novelties); Open; Outfits (Outfit); Painted; Painted On; Pioneer Girl; Plastic; Prairie (Prairies); Pouting (Pout; Pouts); Prairie Girl; Rag Doll; Retro; Ribbons (Ribbon); Rosy-cheeked; Rubber; Sad (Saddened); Sad Face (Sad Faced); Sadness; Sewn-on; Shabby Chic; Shared Center; Shared Middle; Showing (Shows; Shown; Show); Silly; Sixties; Skirts (Skirt); Sleeping (Sleep; Sleeps; Sleepy); Smiling (Smile; Smiles); Sourpuss; Stuffed; Stuffed Cloth Bodies; Sweet; Tag (Tags); Topsy-Turvy (Turvey); Toy (Toys); Tragedy-Comedy; Tragic; Twentieth Century Dolls from Bisque to Vinyl; Two-faced (Two-face); Two-in-One; Two in One Doll; Two-sided; Vintage; Vinyl; Weeping (Weep; Weeps); Wool Hair; Yarn Hair; Yellow Hair

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