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Shriners/Shriner Minnesota Masonic “Zuhrah Strings” Jeweled Fez Hat, Invizo Cummerbund & Ormond Bow Tie Vintage ca 1960s-1970s Formal Wear Set + BONUS - 3 Velveteen & Cloth Carrying/Storage Bags  <b><span style='color:red'>*****SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****</span></b><span style='color:purple'>

Title   Shriners/Shriner Minnesota Masonic “Zuhrah Strings” Jeweled Fez Hat, Invizo Cummerbund & Ormond Bow Tie Vintage ca 1960s-1970s Formal Wear Set + BONUS - 3 Velveteen & Cloth Carrying/Storage Bags *****SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

Seller ID   Shriners Zuhrah Strings Fez Hat Formalware Groupin

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Item/Description:   Vintage ca 1963-1970s Minnesota Masonic Zuhrah Shriners men’s formal wear collection consisting of a “Zuhrah Strings” bejewelled fez hat, coordinating cummerbund & clip-on bow tie PLUS velveteen drawstring carrying/storage bag PLUS two (2) cloth zippered storage bags.


***The Zuhrah Shrine Temple is located in Minnesota.


***The wording and logos/emblems/insignias on this ornate Shriner fraternal organization hat are all dazzlingly and decoratively adorned with a multitude of vividly colorful ruby red & emerald green stones along with a bounty of crystal clear stones.


Another of the decorative embellishments includes a 3-D/3-dimensional figural Egyptian Sphinx gold accent piece.


Inside the hat is imprinted/personalized with the name “Raleigh Williams”. 


Regrettably our knowledge as regards the term “Strings” on the fez hat is not up to par. Perhaps it indicates that this Shriner, “Raleigh Williams” held a special position within the organization, maybe as a string instrument musician member, or maybe it is a reference to the Shriner’s marching band corp (?)


***All items comprising this formalwear collection are:

*One (1) wine-colored bejewelled fez hat manufactured by “The Horton Regalia House”.

*One (1) wine-colored cummerbund with subtle black sheen highlights marked “Invizo”.

*One (1) wine-colored & tiny black polka dots clip-on bow tie marked “Ormond”.

*Red velveteen drawstring carrying bag (has small tear on one side).

*Two (2) wine-colored cloth zippered carrying/storage bags.


***PLEASE NOTE:  Wig/hat stand is for display purposes only and does not accompany this lot of items!***


Age/Period:  Vintage - ca 1960s (ca 1963) to 1970s


***The dating of this item has been a bit confusing, causing conflicting reliance upon data concerning the inception of telephone area codes and U.S. Post Office postal codes with their ensuing 2-letter state abbreviations, as well as manufacturing companies histories.


While telephone area codes first came into common usage/existence ca 1947 (and the telephone number included as part of the manufacturer’s information inside this hat doesNOTcontain an area code, thus leading us to at first consider that this hat might pre-date 1947), the USPS’s creation/inception of 5-digit Zip Codes, concurrent with the usage of 2-letter abbreviations for U.S. States, came into common, mandatory usage ca 1963 (though U.S. postal codes/Zip Codes had been around in longer than 5-digits format since ca 1944), which next led us to consider that this hat instead dated to ca 1963 or later (given the fact that the manufacturer’s information contained on the inside of this hatDOESinclude a postal code). But where the real confusion lies is in the fact that the manufacturer’s information inside the hat doesNOTcontain a 2-letter abbreviation for the State of “Minnesota” (rather, it contains the old-school abbreviation of “Minn”, along with the odd abbreviation “Mpls” to represent “Minneapolis”)..


Furthermore, we have not been unable to discover any historical information as regards the manufacturer of this particular fez hat. They seem to be a long-defunct company.


We have, however, ascertained that the manufacturers of both the cummerbund (“Invizo”) and bow-tie (“Ormond”)were popular manufacturers of men’s formalwear accessories ca 1940s-1960s


Contrarily, our gut feeling leads us to consider that regardless of all of the postal code and 2-letter State abbreviations data, simply based upon the look and feel of this fez hat it might date to as recently as ca 1970s.


Based upon all of the foregoing, we areguesstimatingthat this hat was manufactured ca 1963 (or only shortly thereafter. before 2-letter State abbreviations came into common, routine usage) to ca 1970s.


Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:  

*Hat interior is imprinted “The Horton Regalia House, 5022 Washburn Ave., No. Mpls., Minn. 55430 522-2008".  It is also stamped is the name “Raleigh Williams” (most likely the owner of this hat).


*Cummerbund is marked “Invizo Size Label Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. 2-139510 2662.226 2-029-181 Adjust to your size - Made in U.S.A.”


*Bowtie is stamped “Ormond - Rust Resistant”


*Two (2) zippered cloth storage bags are unmarked.


*Velveteen drawstring bag is unmarked.



*Hat is made of a felt-like cloth material


*Bow tie & cummerbund are made of sheen-like cloth material


*Velveteen drawstring is made of a velvety material


*Two (2) zippered storage bags are made of cloth material



*Hat is not sized, but measures inside the base rim approximately 23 1/4" around. Tassel’s drop length is 10 1/4"L.


*Cummerbund, whose decorative section measures 15 1/4"W x 4 1/2"H, is adjustable in size and can accommodate/fit/ these size ranges: Size 28 to 32; Size 30 to 34; Size 32 to 36; Size 34 to 38; Size 36 to 40; Size 38 to 42; and Size 40 to 44.


*Bow Tie measures 5"W x 3 1/4"H.


*Both zippered cloth storage bags measure 10"W by approximately 9"H


*Velveteen drawstring bag measures approximately 9 ½”W x 16"H


Quantity:  Six (6) items (1 fez hat; 1 cummerbund; 1bow tie; 1 velveteen drawstring carrying bag; 2 zippered cloth carrying bags)


Condition:  Fez hat, bowtie. cummerbund & both zippered cloth bags are pristine!  Velveteen drawstring bag, however, does exhibit an approximately 1" vertical tear in one of its sides.


Price = 82.99 USD

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Welcome to Vintage Treasures AZ

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