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Boy Scouts 1969 National Jamboree Idaho Vintage Pennant Scouting Jambo Commemorative Souvenir Farragut State Park “Building to Serve” Theme    <b><span style='color:red'>***USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***</span></b><span style='color:purple'>

Title   Boy Scouts 1969 National Jamboree Idaho Vintage Pennant Scouting Jambo Commemorative Souvenir Farragut State Park “Building to Serve” Theme ***USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

Seller ID   Boy Scouts Jamboree Pennant

Item/Description: Vintage Boy Scouts 1969 National Jamboree Idaho commemorative souvenir ultra-soft felt pennant.

This delightful, brightly-colored Boy Scouts of America (BSA) souvenir pennant commemorates the organization’s 1969 National Jamboree which was held at Farragut State Park, Idaho, from July 16 to 22. The theme for the event was “Building to Serve.”

***PLEASE NOTE: Pennants are shipped lightly rolled inside a tube mailer.

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Age/Period: Vintage - 1969 (1960s)

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin: Unknown/Unspecified

Material(s)/Format: Ultra-soft felt cloth

Size/Measurements: 29"W x just over 11"H

Quantity: One (1)

Condition Summary: Excellent vintage collectible condition, remaining vibrantly colorful and evincing only the slightest modicum of folds-crease marks (easily remediable by steaming-out). There are no “balding” areas or loss to any of the graphics & wording, and all four (4) of its original ribbons/streamers are still present and intact. There are a handful of nominally visible pin-prick hole marks from when this once hung on the previous/original owner’s wall.

Excerpted Online Research Information About this Product/Excerpted Packaging Information/Instructions; Product Details; Online Research Information re.... (attributed to “1969 National Jamboree - OA Service Corps.

The 1969 National Jamboree was held at Farragut State Park, Idaho, from July 16 to 22 with the theme “Building to Serve”. Astronaut and Eagle Scout Neil A. Armstrong sent the 34,251 Scouts greetings from outer space during his historic voyage to the moon.

Lady Baden-Powell made an appearance at the closing arena show and the popular singing group “Up With People” gave a special performance. This was the location of the 1967 World Jamboree and it marked a number of “firsts” such as the introduction of the “wide game” that had been used at the last two World Jamborees (which required finding Scouts from other parts of the country to complete the phrase “Building to Serve”), and the availability of a complete aquatics program with boating, canoeing, swimming, and fishing.

The Jamboree also had some of the other common elements that had become typical of a Jamboree including open competitions in Scoutcraft skills areas, a skill-o-rama and spectacular arena shows.

A total of 234 Scouts and Explorers formed the OA Service Corps serving in six troops. Duties included supporting activities in the jamboree headquarters, the waterfront, public relations, Jamboree Journal, arena shows, exhibit tents, the ham radio shack operation, and the Chaplain’s service. In addition, an OA Pow Wow was held for all Scouts, Explorers and Scouters belonging to the OA.”

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