Star Wars Micro Machines Classic Characters Galoob Miniature Action Figures Collection Set #66080 1996 (new in factory sealed packaging) ***USPS FIRST CLASS SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

Price: $36.99

Quantity: 1 available

Item/Description: Vintage 1996 Star Wars Micro Machines Imperial Stormtroopers #66076 Galoob miniature action figures toys nine (9)-piece collection set (new in factory sealed blister packaging).

The “Classic Characters” set is comprised of miniature replicas of these nine (9) iconic movie characters:

Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi

Chewbacca the Wookiee


Darth Vader

Han Solo

Luke Skywalker

Master Yoda

Princess Leia Organa


**For Ages 4 and up!

Special Attributes:

*Highly collectible

*New in factory sealed packaging


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Age/Period: Vintage - 1996 (1990s)

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:

*Face side of blister card reads “The Original Micro Machines Scale Miniatures - Classic Characters - 66080 Micro Machines Star Wars”

*Underside of packaging’s built-in display shelf lists all of the Micro Machines Star Wars figure collections and contains this attribution: “Made in China - 1996 Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Made in China for Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc., South San Francisco, CA 94080. MICRO MACHINES is a registered trademark of Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. TM & © 1996 Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. Used under authorization...”

*Reverse side of picture card contains the slogan wording for Micro Machines, “Think big. Play Small. Micro Machines.”, and displays the imagery for these action sets, accompanied by written descriptions: Classic Characters, Imperial Naval Troopers, Rebel Fleet Troopers, Tusken Raiders, Imperial Stormtroopers, Jawas, Ewoks, Imperial Officers, Rebel Pilots, Echo Base Troops, and Imperial Pilots

Model #: 66080

Material(s)/Format: Plastic miniature figures


*Each action figures measure approximately 1"H

*Cardboard display packaging measures 8 1/4" W x 7 1/4" H x 2" Deep

Quantity: One (1) set of nine (9) miniature action figures toys

Original Box/Packaging/Documentation/Inserts/Accessories/Contents: YES!

Condition Summary:

*Action figures are mint, never having been removed from their original factory sealed packaging, and never exposed to any bright lighting or elements.

*Display packaging remains completely intact, albeit exhibiting some lower right and left corner cardboard furling and modest wear to the outer edges of the card. On the reverse side of the card a previous owner has drawn a circle around two of the images with blue ink pen - the ones for the Classic Characters (this set) and the Imperial Stormtroopers (another set which we also have available for separate purchase), likely indicating to themselves that these were the two sets they either already owned or wanted to still obtain. The plastic bubble evinces a couple of slight indentations on its topmost and rightmost section (but NO punctures in the plastic).

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