Amish Faceless Cloth Dolls Pair Pixie Enterprises Vintage 1983 - Handcrafted Size Man & Woman in Authentic Farmhouse/Prairie Outfits USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!

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Item/Description:    Pair of vintage 1983 Pixie Enterprises Amish girl & boy “faceless” handcrafted cloth dolls, realistically attired in traditional cultural outfits.

It is somewhat rare and unique to have a pair of these dolls still remaining together as a pair/set after all these years, while also retaining all of their original clothing.

This primitively charming set of collectible folk dolls are “faceless”. Additionally, neither the hands nor their feet of this doll (husband & wife) couple contain any details (the facelessness of the dolls is typical of cultural dolls such as these which respect and reflect the Amish people’s religious beliefs about not being “photographed”).

Each doll is dressed in Amish-style clothing. Their outfits, though technically unostentatious or flashy (also in true accordance and reflection of the beliefs of the Amish culture), are actually quite attractive and vivid in coloration.

The female doll wears a long-sleeved burgundy/maroon red dress, on top of which is a black smock/apron that ties in the back around her neck. On her head is a matching black sunbonnet/prairie bonnet-style hat that ties underneath her chin. Only the lady doll’s smock and hat are readily removable from this doll, while her dress is sewn closed in the back.

The male doll wears a collarless royal/navy blue shirt and black suspender pants that drape over his shirt. Around the neckline of his shirt is a black necktie/neck tie. Only the pants and hat are readily removable from this doll.

***Though neither of these dolls retains their original hang tags, in the course of researching these dolls and the company that produced them, we were able to ascertain the original wording that appeared on those hang tags, which is as follows:

“Amish. The Amish settled in America in the 17th century.

Their customs and clothing were influenced by Jacob Ammon.

The Amish are looked upon as “Plain People as their life centers upon the home. These homes (more often farms) are passed down through generations. Their religion forbids entering the military or arming for their defense.

Clothing worn are plain and loosely fitted. Men wearing a black felt hat and women a black bonnet and apron.

Their religious beliefs disallow the use of mirrors or the taking of photographs - thus the faceless doll.

This original handcrafted item has been created with Tender Loving Care for you who desire quality with a touch of country.

Pixie Enterprises - Harleysville, PA.”


“Authentic Amish Doll.

Each doll is dressed in their Sunday go to meeting clothes made in the same fashion and material the real clothes are made of.

The Amish Dolls are handmade of cloth and are without faces because the Bible forbids the making of graven images.

None could be store-bought because they had faces”

***You may view additional &/or enlarged photos of this item in our Etsy shop:

Age/Period: Vintage - 1983 (1980s)

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin: Both dolls retain their original sewn-on labels, which read: “Pixie Enterprises - Harleysville, PA 19438...Reg. No. PA 1674 - 1983 - Made in U.S.A.”

*Original hang tag would have contained imagery of the dolls and a horse and buggy on the front side, along with the year of manufacture, as well as the word “Amish.” The back side of the hang tag would have contained an image of a pixie waving a wand at the words: “This original handcrafted item has been created with Tender Loving Care for you who desire quality with a touch of country,” and the additional wording “PIXIE Enterprises - Harleysville, PA.”

Material(s)/Format: The body/torso, arms and head of both dolls are comprised of a solid white material. The legs of both dolls are of the same material in black. The interior filling/stuffing of each doll is soft and squishy “rag doll”-style. The man’s hat is felt.

*Sewn-on labels read: “All New Materials

Size/Measurements: Each doll measures approximately 16"H (measuring WITHOUT their hats on)

Quantity: One (1)

Original Box/Packaging/Documentation/Inserts/Accessories: Both dolls retain all of their original clothing accessories, as well as their sewn-on labels/tags. They do NOT retain their original hang tags.

Condition Summary: Both dolls are in excellent, vintage collectible condition!

Condition Details/Specifics:

*Each doll, as well as its clothing, is odor-free.

*Their clothes retain vivid coloration.

*There are no stains or discoloration to any of the clothing of either doll.

*The white portions of the female doll remain in pristinely clean condition.

*The male doll has a minimally noticeable ½" discoloration on the lower left portion of his face adjacent to the outer edge (kindly refer to photo close-up &/or request additional images - when looking at the doll, it’s on the left, which is technically the right side of his face).

*Both seams on the black apron of the woman doll, in the area beneath her underarms, exhibit a bit of unstitching (kindly refer to photo close-up &/or request additional images).

*Though not technically considered a flaw, as it is an “as issued” condition, being mentioned for purposes of accuracy is the presence of a tiny pin head-sized hole in the man’s hat, from when it was once pinned to his head so as to stay attached to him and not fall off.

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