WKC Weiss, Kühnert & Co Graefenthal Thuringia Germany Antique 1900-1905 Romantic Courting Couple Porcelain Figurine/Statue #9730 *****USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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Item/Description:   Antique ca 1900 to 1905 W.K.C. Graefenthal Germany “Romantic Courting Couple” figurine/statue #9730.

“WKC” stands for “Weiss, Kuhnert and Co.” (Weiss, Kühnert & Co; Weiß, Kühnert & Co), a porcelain factory in Gräfenthal Thuringia Germany. Graefenthal was formerly in East Germany, about 25 miles from Czechoslovakia.

This exquisitely beautiful figural statue, which is meticulously & artistically detailed and hand-painted in vivid colors, delightfully depicts this enchantingly romantic scene: An 18th century French court gentleman dapper dandy suitor on bended knee wooing his fashionably frocked lady love.

The love struck ardent suitor is elegantly clad in a rich, russet-brown frock coat, royal blue trousers, and pale pink ruffled ascot. He is posing on bended knee at his lady-love's side, clasping her hand tenderly within his own. The expression of devotion and love on his beautiful, delicate face is oh-so apparent. A lovely bouquet of rose pink/mauve flowers lies on the ground between them, and behind them is a "lover's bench”/“love seat."

The charming lady who is the object of this gentleman's attentions and affections is attired in a gorgeous butter yellow bell top-skirt accented with lavender purple flowers, beneath which is a teal blue and white underskirt also accented with lavender purple flowers, with a bodice of lawn green and white. Clasped in this genteel lady's free hand is a darling white fan trimmed in gold, forest green and rose pink.

Both members of nobility are adorned in the period-appropriate gray powdered wigs of their time, and are poised atop an ornamentally accented white base with periwinkle blue flowers and gold accents.

What a delightful addition this romantic duo would make to any collection!

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Age/Period: Vintage - ca 1900 to 1905 (early 1900s)

*We arrived at this age estimate based upon the mark contained on the underside of the statue in accordance with the sampling of marks displayed on the “Porcelain Marks and More” reference web site (http://www.porcelainmarksandmore.com/germany/thuringia/graefenthal-01/index.php), which states that this particular mark was “used around 1900, note the missing 'GERMANY' underneath the mark.”

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin: Underside of figure contains the following mark, logo and numbering of Weiss, Kühnert & Co (Weiß, Kühnert & Co) in Germany attributing the year of production to be ca 1900:

*Back-stamped in orange-red are the initial letters “W.K.C.” above two “Crossed Swords/Bows”, and beneath the “Crossed Swords/Bows” the word “Graefenthal” split up into two parts “Graefen” and “thal”.

*An incised #9730 (? mold/? pattern number)

Material(s)/Format: Porcelain ceramic

Size/Measurements: 6 & 3/4"H x 5 & 1/4"L x 3"W

Quantity: One (1)

Condition: Exceptional! This stunning figural remains vibrantly colorful and evinces no noted paint loss, nicks, chips, cracks, breaks, crazing or repairs!

Excerpted Online Research Information About Weiss, Kühnert & Co. (attributed to http://www.porcelainmarksandmore.com/germany/thuringia/graefenthal-01/index.php): “Weiß, Kühnert & Co. (1891 until 1972).

The company began production in 1891 and most items they produced were predominantly made for export. The business slowly grew and in 1913 employed just over 200 people, producing items like religious figures, bathing beauties, frozen Charlottes, bonnet dolls, doll heads and Kewpies. Based on their flawless reputation, the company became one of the few selected European facilities which were allowed to produce Mickey Mouse figures under Disney licence from 1929 onwards which resulted in a few more people being employed extra for the job and so the company reached their peak employment of 250 people in 1930, a number that remained constant until 1937. The company of was also known for producing pieces simply marked 'Relpaw', the name of a German company that sold aquarium-related products which purchased these ready-marked items from 'Weiß, Kühnert & Co.'.

During World War II, the company was ordered to produce items for the German war machine and all master molds were simply stored away for future use. After World War II the factory was put under military management until 1949 and following the founding of the German Democratic Republic the factory was constrained to produce utilitarian items such as beer steins and ordinary tableware.”

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Title: WKC Weiss, Kühnert & Co Graefenthal Thuringia Germany Antique 1900-1905 Romantic Courting Couple Porcelain Figurine/Statue #9730 *****USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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