Betsy Ross Flagmaker Vintage 1960s-1970s Carlson Dolls American History Series 8-120 American Revolutionary War-era Costume Doll with Stand & Flag *****USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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Item/Description:    Vintage ca 1960s-1970s Carlson Dolls “Betsy Ross Flagmaker - American History Series 8-120” costume doll with stand.

This darling Betsy Ross historical figure doll is authentically attired in period costume and comes with a realistically detailed 13-star American flag replicating the one which this glorious lady is often credited with sewing back in 1776 pursuant to the American Revolution/Revolutionary War.

She has devastatingly gorgeous royal blue sleep eyes which function perfectly. Her eyebrows are painted on, and her upper eyelashes are both painted on as well as made of hard plastic attached to the lid of her sleep eyes, so that when her eyes are open they are doubly accented.

Her cheeks are subtly blushed, and her tiny pursed closed mouth is painted a coral color.

The “sewn-on” period costume in which she is attired is a striking shade of violet purple, atop which she is wearing a white lawn/linen-like material apron bib with lacy ruffled edging.

On top of her wavy deep auburn red mohair wig she is wearing a hat that matches her apron. This seems to be permanently affixed to her hair and cannot be removed.

Underneath her dress is a full-length white, lacy-edged underskirt, and beneath that a pair of adorable white panties.

Her shoes are painted on.

Her arms move up and down, and her head not only turns but also jiggles side-to-side.

The adorable little doll stand that comes with her (we don’t know if it was original to her), is made of metal and is painted off white in color.

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Age/Period: Vintage - ca 1960s-1970s

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin: Carlson Dolls


*Doll is hard plastic

*Doll stand is metal

*Flag is cloth material


*Doll measures 7 1/2"H

*American Flag measures 5 ½”W x 4"H

Quantity: One (1)

Condition Summary: She is in overall excellent condition. Her sleep eyes function smoothly, and her hair is in exceptionally full, lush condition. Her clothing is clean and exhibits no odors. Being noted for purposes of accuracy (this is not a condition issue but a normal aging of material issue) is that her “white” apron and hat have both “tanned” with age (not the ruffled edging, only the gauzy portions). Her left arm, though it does move up and down, is not as tight as her right arm. It does move up and down but will not stay posed in a raised position, whereas her right arm rises up as far as her head and stays posed that way (? possibly the result of the weight of the flag on that arm over the course of these many years - when we acquired her, the flag was tucked in between her wrist & a tiny ribbon that is knotted around the wrist of her left hand). Also being mentioned for purposes of accuracy is that the flag is not permanently attached to her. She does not have any of her original tags or box.

Excerpted Online Research Information About Carlson Dolls: “Founded in 1946 by Ray & Ann Carlson, Carlson Dolls are plastic dolls dressed in a variety of costumes, primarily relating to American history, including numerous Native American Tribal attire and American Period dress, including specific historical figures. There are also dolls in various international attires and female dolls for the different months...Carlson dolls were primarily sold at tourist locations in the United States, such as National Parks and sites of historic interest, and gift shops associated with these locations...”

Excerpted Online Research Information About Betsy Ross (attributed to “...Betsy Ross's life and struggles were truly impressive, perhaps even more so than the legendary flag making for which she is best known.

The story of her making the first American flag was shared with the public by her grandson nearly 50 years after her passing. The story goes that she made the flag in June of 1776 after a visit from President George Washington, Robert Morris, and her husband's uncle, George Ross. Her grandson's recollections were published in Harper's Monthly in 1873, but today most scholars agree that it was not Betsy who made the first flag. However, Betsy was without dispute a flagmaker...

...Despite the unlikelihood of the story for which she is known, Betsy Ross is, however, a fine example of what many women of her time audaciously endured: widowhood, single motherhood, managing household and property independently and quickly remarrying for economic reasons, and her story and her life are nonetheless stitched into the fabric of American history.”

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Title: Betsy Ross Flagmaker Vintage 1960s-1970s Carlson Dolls American History Series 8-120 American Revolutionary War-era Costume Doll with Stand & Flag *****USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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