Brinn’s Brinton Halloween Witch Barely a Bear Collectible Natty Bear Oatmeal Teddy Bear in Original Candy Corn Display/Storage Box Vintage 1995 ***GROUND SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***~

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Quantity: 1 available

Item/Description:  Vintage 1995 Brinn’s “Halloween Witch - Barely A Bear Collectible Natty Bear” in original candy corn-decorated display box.

This adorable Halloween traditions “Witch Bear” is decked out in full costume party masked ball regalia. She charmingly resembles a glamorous “Witch” who will be attending a fancy, upscale Halloween masquerade ball.

Such a wickedly wonderful “Witch Bear” would make a marvelously unique addition to any Halloween or Teddy Bear collection.

An itemization of all of the contents/accessories that accompany this delightful holiday bear as follows:

*A pointy witch’s hat, the surface of which is a black velvety/velveteen material, and the underside of which is lined in an orange silky/satiny fabric. The top side of her hat is adorned with a trio of orange pumpkins, and it is further accented with a buckled satiny orange ribbon.

*A matching black velvety/velveteen material cape that is also lined on it’s underside in the same orange silky/satiny fabric.

*A coordinating dress of the same black velvety/velveteen material, and which is embellished with a large chest bow made of the same orange silky/satiny fabric.

*An eye mask in the same orange silky/satiny fabric.

*A pair of orange silky/satiny fabric pantalets that she is wearing underneath her dress.

*A Halloween-themed black shopping bag decorated all over its exterior with images of orange pumpkins and the wording “BOO!” and filled on its inside with a couple of small pumpkins (though she can always make some more room for holding all of the candies she anticipates getting when she goes “Trick or Treat-ing”) ;~).

*A realistic broom for sweeping away evil ;~), decorated with pumpkins, a petite satiny orange ribbon bow and green leaf.

*PLEASE NOTE: There is NO “Certificate of Authenticity.”

Special Attributes:

*Out of Production

*Highly cross-collectible, this precious “Scarecrow Bear” will appeal as much to Teddy Bear lovers as it will to holiday collectibles enthusiasts

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Age/Period: Vintage - 1995 (1990s)

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:

*Teddy Bear-shaped hard plastic hang tag reads: “Collectible Brinton Natty Bears by Brinton. 1995 Made in China.”

*Box exterior reads: “Brinn’s Barely A Bear Collectible Natty Bear.

Start your collection with a Brinn’s genuine Collectible Natty Bear. Individually handcrafted, Brinn’s Collectibles reflect the highest standards of quality and workmanship. A treasure of today, an heirloom of tomorrow.

Recommended for ages 8 years and up...”

UPC Barcode section of box exterior reads: “Item No. 37262BNC... Handmade in China... This item is not a toy and not recommended for children under 8 years of age.”


*Bear: She is a combination of “Oatmeal Bear”-style natty plush stuffed animal material and white cotton fabric.

*Clothing & Accessories: Black velvety/velveteen material; vibrant orange satiny/silky/shiny fabric; wire armature inside pointed witch hat which allows it to be adjusted in shape/position; realistic “broom” bristles; wood; paper; metal.


*Bear measures approximately 15 ½”H (however, if measuring to the tippy-topmost portion of her pointed witch’s hat, she stands approximately 22 ½” tall)

*Broom measures 11"H

*Box measures 18 1/4"L x 12 1/4"W x 6 ½” Thick/Deep

Quantity: One (1)

Original Box/Packaging/Documentation/Inserts/Accessories/Contents: This darling Halloween holidays “Witch Bear” comes attired in full costumed regalia, in her original candy-corn imagery decorative display/storage box, along with all of the accessories/extras already listed above.

Condition Details/Specifics:

*The bear remains in excellent vintage collectible condition. She has never been played with and has only ever been “on display” out of direct lighting. As such, there is no color fading, nor is there any “fur” loss, stains or odors. There is an approximately 1" long small re-sewable tear/opening along the seam of her pointed hat.

*The candy corns design display/storage box is also in excellent condition. It remains completely intact, retains vivid coloration, and exhibits no tears, holes or punctures. It evinces only the faintest modicum of storage wear. There are a couple of pieces of clear scotch/packing tape pieces still present which had been used to hold the see-through, transparent box lid/top/cover attached to the box bottom. The clear plastic cover is clean and clear with no clouding.

*There is NO “Certificate of Authenticity” (COA).

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