Bridal Portraits of American Brides Collector Plate Jacqueline Victorian 1890s Limited Edition Rob Sauber Artaffects MIB/COA Vintage 1986 ***USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

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***IN ADDITION TO THIS “Portraits of American Bride” plate, WE ALSO HAVE AVAILABLE FOR SEPARATE PURCHASE five (5) other different plates from this same series of bridal-themed plates.  To view the other companion “Bridal Plates” listings, simply type the phrase “Portraits of American Brides” into the site’s search box.***

Item/Description: Vintage 1986 “Portraits of American Brides” series “Jacqueline - Victorian 1890 Bride” Rob Sauber Artaffects Curator Collection numbered limited edition porcelain & 24K gold collector plate BZ2CA, the second issue/offering in this hard to find, discontinued 1986-1987 eight (8)-plates series.

Original box, Certificate of Authenticity (COA), and paper insert accompanies this plate.

The limited edition numbering on both the back side of the plate as well as on the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) match identically: #2928M

Special Attributes:

*Numbered, Limited Edition: #2928M

*Certificate of Authenticity: #2928M


Highly cross-collectible, this lovely weddings-themed plate will appeal as much to decorative plates collectors as it will to those looking for the perfect anniversary, engagement, bridal shower or wedding gift (it’s actually the perfect gift for any number of other occasions as well: Birthdays; Mother’s Day; Valentine’s Day; to name but a few).

***Face side of plate decoratively depicts this wedding scene imagery: A classically beautiful brunette-haired 1890 Victorian-era American bride on her wedding day. She is exquisitely and authentically attired in the period costume fashion style of her time. This picture perfect Victorian bride looks as if she’s just stepped right out of the pages of an issue of Godey’s Lady’s Book Magazine.

Her breathtakingly lovely bustled bridal gown has a high-neckline with full-length, puffy leg of mutton sleeves and an elaborately draped and layered skirt that is abundantly accented with lace & ruffles.

The colors of her gown are a scrumptious melange of snowy white, pale Robin’s-egg blue, lilac purple with hints of bluish-purple and pale butter yellow.

Her mantilla style floor-length lace veil headdress is ornately and intricately embellished, and has the same delightful array of colors as does her gown. It is the perfect enhancement to her utterly elegant and impeccably coiffed Gibson Girl-esque upswept hairdo.

In one white-gloved hand she is holding what looks to be a closed white elaborate lace fan with bright yellow (? lace) trim and lavender purple dangling ribbons streamers. In her other hand she is holding a closed ruffled and lace parasol that is an exact match to her gown. On her dainty little feet she is wearing the sweetest of lavender shoes.

She has just stepped out of a charming Marie Antoinette-style floral garland adorned coach and apparently it is a rainy day because a bearded gentleman is holding open a green umbrella over her head as he walks behind her.

Carrying the train of her floor-length lace veil is an adorable little girls who is lovingly gazing up at this beauteous bride with wonder and awe.

Attention to historically accurate detail on this plate is absolutely impeccable!

***You may view additional &/or enlarged photos of this item in our Etsy shop:

***Reverse side of plate is backstamped with the following legend in a lovely hue of pastel pink that is offset with an exquisitely decorative “bridal bouquet” embellishment: “Jacqueline by Rob Sauber. Second (2nd issue) in the ‘Portraits of American Brides’. A collection of eight porcelain plates featuring classic brides in period fashion. Curator Collection. Plate Number #2928M. 1986 Artaffects Ltd. Made in U.S.A.”

***Certificate of Authenticity (COA) reads: “Certificate of Authenticity. Curator Collection. Jacqueline by Rob Sauber. This is to certify that ‘Jacqueline’ by the gifted painter Rob Sauber is the second limited edition collector plate in the Curator Collection series, ‘Portraits of American Brides.’ The series is a tribute to the brides of this nation’s most important historic and fashion eras. ‘Jacqueline’ is strictly limited to a 10 day period of firing. Your plate is number #2928M. Richard J. Habeeb, President. Rob Sauber, Artist. BZ2CA.”

***Background Information re Plate/Series: Billed as a “...stunning Curator Collection of eight brides from distinct historical-fashion eras in our history” and “THE most romantic collection...”, there were a total of eight (8) plates produced as part of this long-since discontinued 1986-1987 “Portraits of American Brides” limited edition, 10-day period of firing series. With an original issue price of $29.50 per plate, each plate in the series displayed a different but equally stunning vibrantly colorful image of a bride (brides) on her wedding day, and showcased her exquisitely lovely period fashion wedding dress (dresses)/gown (gowns) bridal regalia dating to different time periods/eras throughout American history. Some of the plates depict only the bride, others also include the grooms &/or wedding guests &/or bridal party.

***A complete listing of all of the plates that originally comprised this “Portraits of American Brides” (a/k/a “Portrait of American Brides”) series is as follows, listed in order of issue (we originally had ALL EIGHT plates available for purchase, but have since sold some of them - the notations accompanying each plate listed below indicates whether or not we still have that particular plate in our merchandise inventory):

1st Issue: I - Caroline - Southern 1860 ( SOLD OUT)

2nd Issue: II - Jacqueline - Victorian 1890 ( IN STOCK & FOR SALE)

3rd Issue: III - Elizabeth - Colonial 1790 ( IN STOCK & FOR SALE)

4th Issue: IV - Emily - Roaring Twenties 1920's ( IN STOCK & FOR SALE)

5th Issue: V - Meredith - Edwardian 1810 ( SOLD OUT)

6th Issue: VI - Laura World War II 1940's ( IN STOCK & FOR SALE)

7th Issue: VII - Sarah - Contemporary 1980's ( IN STOCK & FOR SALE)

8th Issue: VIII - Rebecca - Empire 1820's ( IN STOCK & FOR SALE)

We acquired all eight (8) plates in this “Portraits of American Brides” series from the estate sale of the original owner, E. O’Donnell, who was an avid collector of anything & everything bridal/weddings (we cordially invite you to inquire about those other romantic collectibles - e.g. Ashton Drake porcelain bride doll; Disney brides & grooms figurals; Dreamsicles bride & groom figurine statue; Lenox bride figurine, etc.).

Age/Period: Vintage 1980s - back side of plate is dated 1986

Provenance: Acquired from the estate of E. O’Donnell

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:

*Back Side of Plate references: “Rob Sauber” and “Curator Collection” and “Artaffects Ltd.” and “Made in USA” and “1986" and “Plate Number #2928M.”

*Front Side of Plate: Artist’s name &/or signature, “Rob Sauber”, is cleverly and unobtrusively integrated into the artwork imagery design of each plate.

*Certificate of Authenticity (COA) references: “Rob Sauber” and “Richard J. Habeeb” and “Curator Collection” and “BZ2CA” and “Plate Number #2928M.”

*Advertising Insert references: “Rob Sauber” and “Curator Collection Dealership, a division of Artaffects, Ltd.”

*Return Authorization Form references: “Downs’ Collectors Showcase” + “Order #9452-01-032087"..

*Original Box is marked: Original shipping label and paper wrapper from “Downs’ Collectors Showcase, 2200 S. 114th St., Milwaukee, WI 53227" are still present, and side of box is imprinted “Jacqueline 04612".

Material(s)/Format: Porcelain china, with 3mm 24K (carat) gold rim

Size/Measurements: 9 1/4" in diameter

Quantity: One (1)

Original Box/Packaging/Documentation/Inserts/Accessories/Contents: This plate retains its original plastic sleeve + outer “shipping” box (which is the only box these plates came with - they did not come with “inner” boxes or Styrofoam inserts) + supporting documentation consisting of “Certificate of Authenticity” & paper insert.

Condition Summary:

*Plate: Plate remains in mint, like new condition, having been well-protected within its plastic sheath and box all these years.

*Certificate of Authentically (COA): COA exhibits no folds or tears.

*Paper Promotional Insert/Flyer: Full page advertising insert retains its original tri-fold creases, and exhibits only minor normal handling (e.g. a tiny nick in one of the fold creases).

*Return Authorization Form: Form is unused.

*Box/Packaging: Box is also in exceptional condition, remaining completely intact and closing tightly and securely (even the original shipping label from Downs’ Collectors Showcase to the purchaser remains intact). The interior “holding” section which stabilizes the plate in position during storage is also thoroughly intact. The wording “#2928M Jacqueline #2 Bride Sauber” is neatly handwritten on one end of the box in black ink (apparently the previous owner’s means of identifying the contents of each box when stored away).

Excerpted Online Research Information about 19th Century Brides & Bridal Fashions (Attributed to “19th Century Wedding Dresses: The White Dress. In the early Victorian 1800s, the white dress signified wealth. With the significant cost of "fancy" clothes, brides needed to consider the possibility of wearing the dress again. A white dress, easily stained, was just not practical. Therefore, only daughters of the wealthier classes wore white, while the middle classes tended toward brown, blue, green or pink, all fashionable colours for Victorian women. It wasn't until the late 1800s (perhaps due to Queen Victoria's 1840 wedding) that the white wedding dress began to represent purity and bridal innocence, though brides accepted any of the variations of white --- eggshell or ecru, for example --- as holding the same significance. Some brides chose soft pink or beige in an attempt to stylise white, while still retaining the innocent connotations of the colour.

Gown Shape. The Victorians, in dress at least, are known for their modesty. For this reason, bride's dresses tended toward high necklines and long sleeves, mimicking the "night" looks of the period. The sleeves, especially in the early 1800s, were as large as possible, when the "pouffed" style became so important as to inspire at least five different names for sleeve sizes. By the end of the 1800s, wedding gowns were more similar to the sleek, floor-length gowns of today. For some brides in the late 1800s, as afternoon weddings grew in popularity, two- or three-piece suits served an additional purpose as travel apparel, used when the bride departed on her honeymoon...”

Attributed to “There were three distinct fashion trends during the Victorian era, and all are considered bustle Dresses. These were the Early Bustle period (1869-1876), the Natural Form period (1877-1882), and the Late Bustle period (1883-1889). The combination of a tight bodice and a very full skirt with bustle and drapery was thought to enhance the look of a tiny waist. A 15-inch waist was considered ideal, and fashion plates of the day always illustrated women with impossibly small wasp waists...

...After several years without them, bustles made a fierce comeback during the Late Bustle period (1883-1889). Bustles were larger and higher than before, and it was said that you could place a dinner plate on one. Drapery over these larger bustles became very fanciful, with elaborate layers, pleats, bows and other embellishments, often arranged in an asymmetrical manner. Skirts were still flat at the front, and had less pleated embellishment, which left room for embroidery or other flat designs on the front panels. Necklines were lower for evening events, and sleeve heads had a bit more fullness than before.”

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Title: Bridal Portraits of American Brides Collector Plate Jacqueline Victorian 1890s Limited Edition Rob Sauber Artaffects MIB/COA Vintage 1986 ***USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

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