Phoenix Suns “We’re On the Way” Topps/Circle K Limited Edition NBA Basketball Players RARE Poster/12 Collector Stickers Cards Set Vintage ca 1993 USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!

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Item/Description: Rare 1993 Phoenix Suns “We’re On the Way” Topps/Circle K limited edition poster with all twelve (12) original collector sticker cards attached (this is a COMPLETED set)!

This fabulous NBA basketball sports team poster was a limited edition sweepstakes contest promotional item through Circle K Convenience Stores and Topps in conjunction with Sports Properties/Big League Collectibles.

The sticker collector cards originally came on strips consisting of three (3) cards/stickers per strip. There were a total of four (4) different groupings of strips, and these were captioned “Series #1," “Series #2." “Series #3," and “Series #4"”. On the back side of each strip was a sweepstakes entry form entitled “Suns Poster Sweeps”.

These collectible player cards/stickers were intended to be added to the lower half of the poster where there were twelve (12) white squares, and each white square contained the name of a player for whom there was a matching collector card to be affixed thereto.

This particular poster already has all of its player cards/stickers added to the spaces provided for them.

“We’re On the Way” is a Circle K advertising slogan/saying.

The main imagery on the top half of this rare cross-collectible (advertising collectible/sports memorabilia) poster is that of these three (3) superstar basketball players in candid, live-action, game-playing stances/poses:

*Charles Barkley

*Tom Chambers

*Dan Majerle

The players represented on each of the twelve (12) collector cards/stickers are:

*Danny Ainge (nee Daniel Ray Ainge) - Player #22

*Cedric Ceballos (nee Cedric Z. Ceballos) - Player #23

*Tom Chambers (nee Thomas Doane Chambers) - Player #24 - nickname “Tommy Gun”

*Charles Barkley (nee Charles Wade Barkley) - Player #34 - nicknames “Sir Charles,” “The Round Mound of Rebound,” “Chuckster”

*Frank Johnson (nee Franklin Lenard Johnson) - Player #3

*Kevin Johnson (nee Kevin Maurice Johnson) - Player #7 - nicknamed “KJ”

*Tim Kempton (nee Timothy Joseph Kempton) - Player #8

*Negele Knight (nee Negele Oscar Knight) - Player #32

*Dan Majerle (nee Daniel Lewis Majerle) - Player #9 - nickname “Thunder Dan”

*Oliver Miller (nee Oliver J. Miller) - Player #25 - nicknames “Big O,” “The Dunkin' Donut”

*Jerrod Mustaf (nee Terrah Jerrod Mustaf) - Player #0

*Mark West (nee Mark Andre West) - Player #41 - nickname “Big Daddy”

Stunning Phoenix Suns logo/emblem graphics!

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Special Attributes: Limited edition!

Age/Period: Vintage - poster is dated 1993 (1990s)

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:

*Bottom of poster is marked: “Copyright Topps Inc. 1993 - Limited Edition Sports Properties - Big League Collectibles - Circle K Corporation”

Material(s)/Format: Glossy, stiff, cardboard-like paper.

Size/Measurements: 24"H x 18"W

Quantity: One (1)

Condition Summary: Poster remains in overall good, vintage collectible condition.

Condition Details/Specifics: All twelve (12) of the original stickers are still present on the poster. Noted condition factors are: Each corner has a thumbtack hole (which is not unusual for posters that were actually “on display”); there are also a couple of other thumbtack holes along the edges other than in the corners; there is some mild creasing in a couple of places, mostly adjacent to the edges (though NOT to the point of the paper being totally bent/folded); there is a 1/4" horizontal tear halfway down on the right side along the edge of the poster; the lower right corner is slightly furled; the bottommost edge exhibits approximately 4-5 dings to the underside of this edge; there are a couple of barely visible scratches on the surface of the poster, but NOT to the point of any of the coloration coming off; only the Kevin Johnson sticker exhibits some rumpling/bumping in how it was initially applied to the poster by its original owner (all of the other stickers lay smoothly flat).

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Title: Phoenix Suns “We’re On the Way” Topps/Circle K Limited Edition NBA Basketball Players RARE Poster/12 Collector Stickers Cards Set Vintage ca 1993 USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!

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