Ann Barton Sears Kenmore Electric Hair Blow Dryer Model #559.8316 Boxed Set with All Original Packaging & Documentation Vintage 1950s “Space Age” Design (EXCEPTIONAL WORKING & AESTHETIC CONDITION) *****PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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Item/Description: Like new, vintage 1950s Ann Barton Sears Kenmore Electric Hair Dryer Model #559.8316 boxed set with all original packaging and supporting “Warranty/Guarantee” documentation.

Remaining in exceptional, aesthetic AND functioning condition, this vintage mid-century futuristic “Space Age”-style design Ann Barton Kenmore electric hair blow dryer (blowdryer/blower), manufactured by Sears, Roebuck and Company, can be used as a handheld device OR placed on its fully adjustable base stand for “hands free” positioning. Blows both hot and cold air. (See ALL “Features & Specs” listed below.)

***Relevant Excerpted Packaging Information - Includes Product Details, Features, Attributes & Technical Specifications (Specs):

***Box exterior packaging is marked “Ann Barton Our Own Trade Mark Electric Hair Dryer. The Ideal Beauty Aid...Save Time When Seconds Count. Speeds Giving Home Permanents...Wonderful for Children’s Hair, Dry Fingernail Polish, Hosiery, etc. - Even Small Pets!

*Fingertip Controls (On/Off Switch) (Hot/Cool Switch)

*Completely Convenient - (Adjustable) “Stand” leaves hands FREE for combing, brushing, curling, etc.

*Sturdy Steel Case - Baked Enamel Finish - Chromium Trim - Hand-fit Wooden Handle - Strong Stand and Cord Included

*For Use With 110-120 Volts - A.C. Only - 215 Watts - 50-60 Cycle

Age/Period: Vintage - 1950s

*We initially arrived at a time period estimate of “1950s-very early 1960s based upon our assessment of the style of the graphic imagery depicted on the exterior packaging AS WELL AS the design style of the entire set.

Then upon closer examination of the “Sears Order Blank” form, we noticed that the “Date” section of the document actually contains this pre-filled numbering for the “Year” - 195___, which narrows down the decade to just the 1950s!

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:

*Box exterior packaging is marked “Ann Barton Home Beauty Aids and Kenmore Electrical Appliances are Sold Only by Sears, Roebuck and Co.”

Additionally stamped on top of a pre-printed red circle inside of which is “No. 8309" on the box exterior, is a black stamped imprint referencing the numbers “8316". Our take on this is that the black-stamped numbering “8316" matches the final four digits in the blow dryer’s Model # of “559.8316" and that this black stamp mark was at one time used to indicate to purchasers of this set, back in the day, that what was contained inside the box was either an upgraded version of the basic model and/or to correct a numerical error on the box labeling.

*Blow dryer is marked “Kenmore Red. U.S. Pat. Off.” (See also Technical Spec below)

*Plastic hood/cap is marked “Kenmore

Technical Specifications (Specs) - e.g. Model #:

*Blow dryer specs are: 215 Watts - 110 - 20 Volts - A.C. Only - 50-60 Cycles - 6-49 - Model No. 559.8316 - UL".


*Blow dryer is comprised of silver metal with a wooden handle

*Base stand is silver metal

*Head covering “drying hood/cap” is made of plastic with elasticized edging


*Blow dryer measures 9"H (measuring from bottom of wood handle to top of metal head) x approximately 7 ½” L (measuring from back of head to front of blower opening) x 3 ½”Thick

*Metal base stand measures 7"L x 5 1/4"W

*Plastic drying hood/cap measures approximately 13 1/4"W x approximately 11 1/4"H

Quantity: One (1) boxed set consisting of :

*Metal blow dryer (blowdryer) drying unit

*Adjustable metal base stand

*Plastic drying hood/cap

*Original Sears, Roebuck & Company “Order Blank” form AND supporting “Guarantee”/”Warranty” documentation

*Original box/packaging

Condition: The electric blow dryer unit and plastic hood/cap are in exceptional, aesthetic condition, having been well and protectively boxed up all these years. It is also fully functional. If you would like us to email you with any of the videos we have taken demonstrating its working capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The interior brown, fitted cardboard box is also in exceptional and fully intact, damage-free condition.

The exterior packaging, though still present and part of this set, is only in fair condition. Though the graphics remain exceptional and the colors still “pop”, the packaging which once wrapped around the plain brown cardboard box which once inserted in between this decorative exterior packaging has “come apart” and now lays flat. It still remains decoratively attractive and continues to enhance the set as a whole, and in all likelihood the seams could probably even be re-glued together so that it once again serves as a “rectangular” wrapper for the plain brown cardboard box that protectively stores the entire set.


Title: Ann Barton Sears Kenmore Electric Hair Blow Dryer Model #559.8316 Boxed Set with All Original Packaging & Documentation Vintage 1950s “Space Age” Design (EXCEPTIONAL WORKING & AESTHETIC CONDITION) *****PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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