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Item/Description: Vintage ca 1930s Carl Thomas Anderson’s “Henry” comic strip character miniature 8-page adult risque cartoon booklet.

***It is unknown whether this “Henry” booklet was actually drawn by Carl Thomas Anderson or another artist, as there are no signatures present on any of the pages. That being said, there is no doubt that the cartoon character depicted IS his “Henry” comics character.

***The artwork does not appear to be original.

***Sampling of Text:

Henry speaking: “Why Beat (Henry’s girlfriend’s name), this is really nice an wonderful. Your old lady loves it so much..”

Page Narrative: As the prick’s slipped in they go mad with their new found play things.

Excerpted Online Research Information About the “Henry” Cartoon Character (attributed to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_(comic_strip) ): “Henry is a comic strip created in 1932 by Carl Anderson. The title character is a young bald boy who is mute (and sometimes drawn minus a mouth). With the exception of a few early episodes, the comic strip character communicates only through pantomime, a situation which changed when Henry moved into comic books.

The Saturday Evening Post was the first publication to feature Henry, a series which began March 19, 1932, when Anderson was 67 years old. The series of cartoons continued in that magazine for two years in various formats of single panel, multiple panels or two panels.

From Cartoon to Comic Strip: After seeing a German publication of Henry, William Randolph Hearst signed Anderson to King Features Syndicate and began distributing the comic strip on December 17. 1934, with the half-page Sunday strip launched March 10, 1935. Henry was replaced in The Saturday Evening Post by Marjorie Henderson Buell's Little Lulu. Anderson's Post cartoons featuring Henry are credited with early positive depictions of African-American characters during an era when African-Americans were often unflatteringly depicted.

Anderson's assistant on the Sunday strip was Don Trachte. His assistant on the dailies was John Liney. In 1942, arthritis kept Anderson away from the drawing board, so Anderson turned the dailies over to Liney, and Trachte drew the Sunday strips. When Liney retired in 1979, the strip appeared on Sundays only until Trachte's death in 2005. During that period, Jack Tippit and Dick Hodgins, Jr. also contributed. About 75 newspapers still run classic Henry strips drawn by Trachte, and it is also available through King Features' DailyINK.

Characters & Story: Cartoonist Art Baxter analyzed the appeal of the character and the strip:

Henry was a strip that was supposed to be contemporary, but it never looked that way. There were almost no modern trappings. There may be cars or telephones, but that's about it. It always seemed like Henry could always find the coal wagon, horse-drawn ice delivery or a five-cent ice cream cone. There were always shadings of nostalgia in the strip, even when it began in the Depression. Part of that has to do with the fact that Henry's creator, Carl Anderson, was already an old man in his late sixties when he created the character by accident. Henry is autonomous in The Saturday Evening Post strips. Henry would not pick up a regular cast of characters, all with no proper names, only titles: the mother, the dog, the bully, the little girl, until it became a William Randolph Hearst comic strip. The Saturday Evening Post Henry is similar in many ways to the Little Rascals/Our Gang comedies of the same era. That is children free from the tyranny of an adult presence (mostly). Children navigating the world as best they can with the knowledge and experience they currently possess. Sometimes they get things right, often get things wrong and frequently come up with solutions to problems unique to their limited experience. Necessity is the mother of invention with funny surprising results.

Derivative Works: Henry appears (and speaks) alongside Betty Boop in the Fleischer Studios animated short Betty Boop with Henry, the Funniest Living American (1935).

During the period of 1946 to 1961, Dell Comics published 61 issues of a color comic book titled Carl Anderson's Henry. Henry spoke in the comic book, as did the other principal characters”.

Excerpted Online Research Information About Carl Thomas Anderson (attributed to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Thomas_Anderson): “Carl Thomas Anderson (14 February 1865 – 4 November 1948) was an American cartoonist best remembered for his comic strip Henry. Readers followed the pantomime adventures of the mute, bald-headed Henry in strips which he signed with his familiar signature displaying an enlarged "S": Carl AnderSon.”

Date of Publication: ca 1930s - exact date of publication is unknown/unspecified.

Publisher & Artist: Whether this was drawn by cartoonist Carl Thomas Anderson or another artist is unknown, as none of the pages contain any artist’s signature.

Material(s)/Format: Paper

Size/Measurements: 4"W x 3"H

Quantity: One (1)

Condition: Very good! Booklet remains intact with original stapling. Interior pages 2-end as well as back cover are in excellent clean condition, evincing no writing, tears, marks, foxing, staining, or odors. Cover exhibits a brownish stain in the lower 1/4 area on the left side as well as the bottom edge. This has seeped through to the inside of the front cover is also faintly evident on page 1.


Title: Henry - Carl Thomas Anderson’s Comic Strip Character Miniature 8-page Adult Risque Cartoon Booklet Vintage ca 1930s *****FIRST CLASS SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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