Days of the Week & Chores to Be Done Gay Nineties-era Illustrations Decorative Linen Kitchen Textile Tea Towel Vintage ca 1950s-1960s (UNUSED) *****FIRST CLASS SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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Item/Description: Unused, vintage ca 1950s-1960s “Days of the Week & Chores To Be Done” Gay Nineties-era illustrations, decorative linen kitchen textile tea towel.

***The wording for each “Day of the Week” (except for “Sunday”) appears inside a picture postcard-style box, accompanied by charming imagery representative of each “Chore To Be Done” on that particular day. Graphic “pins” symbols tack each of these picture boxes to a symbolic “wall” which is actually this delightful tea towel.

The imagery and wording for “Sunday”, rather than also being displayed inside one of these picture boxes, is instead designed to stand out because of what a special day it is (“The Lord’s Day”). Thus, it appears at both ends of this lovely textile, serving as its exquisite borders.

***The graphic imagery representing all of the “Days of the Week” as well as their various and sundry assorted “Daily Chores”/”To Do’s” are:.

*Sunday - A family of six (6) (father, mother, 2 daughters/girls and 2 sons/boys) dressed in their “Sunday Best” reading their bibles/prayer books while seated in church.

*Monday - Clothing and a laundry basket, ready for washing.

*Tuesday - Clothing and an iron, ready to be pressed.

*Wednesday - A bucket of water, soap and a scrub brush for cleaning the house.

*Thursday - Spools of thread, a scissors and a tape measure for sewing.

*Friday - A broom, dustpan and feather duster for cleaning the house.

*Saturday - A kneading/rolling pin, spoon ladle and a completed/finished baked cake.

***Complementary and visually stunning colors utilized are a vivid and eye-catching array of aqua/turquoise blue, teal green, lemon yellow, golden yellow, snowy white and jet black.

Age/Period: Vintage - ca 1950s-1960s

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin: Unknown/unspecified..

Material(s)/Format: Linen

Size/Measurements: 27 ½” L x 15 1/4" W

Quantity: One (1)

Condition: Textile is like new in its stiffness, crispness and vibrant coloration! It was acquired “folded” so it does retain its original fold creases which can easily be steamed out for wall hanging display.

Being mentioned for purposes of meticulous accuracy are these two condition factors:

1) There are two teeny-tiny holes adjacent to the sewn edge on one end of this textile. These are the result of having been pierced with the plastic piece used to affix a price tag to it by the estate sale company from whence this was purchased.

2) Adjacent to the picture box for “Tuesday” is a tiny speck of color that is a darker blue than the blue dye color used for the remainder of this textile..


Title: Days of the Week & Chores to Be Done Gay Nineties-era Illustrations Decorative Linen Kitchen Textile Tea Towel Vintage ca 1950s-1960s (UNUSED) *****FIRST CLASS SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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