Universal Stamp/Stamps Album Book - Stunning Mid-Century Transportatiana (Airplane/Ship/Train) Cover Graphics Vintage 1948 (UNUSED) *****FIRST CLASS SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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Item/Description: Vintage 1948 UNUSED fully illustrated “The Universal Stamp Album” soft cover book for stamp collectors/collecting.

***Outstanding mid-century era transportation industry graphics grace the stunning red, pink, black, white & gray cover, artistically depicting a sampling of postage stamps, the planet/world/globe, and these means and modes of transportation:

*Air (airplane)

*Nautical (sailing ship/steamer)

*Rail (futuristic-design non-steam engine railroad train)

Excerpted Product Details: The Universal Stamp Album for Stamps of the World: Capacity for over 6,500 postage stamps with more than 3,500 full size illustrations. Most all the countries of the globe are represented. Also interesting facts and statistics of the major stamp issuing countries. Includes instructions in collecting stamps.

How to Get the Most Out of The Universal Stamp Album: This album has been studiously planned to best accommodate those stamps usually acquired in the initial stages of stamp collecting.

Rather than waste space on specimens impossible to acquire or unobtainable except at high outlay, the spaces of this album are assigned mainly to holding those stamps within reasonable reach of limited budgets.

Due to the abridged nature of this album, flexibility should be practiced where required in placing stamps herein. If need be, utilize spaces whether blank or illustrated to best suit your own fancy or convenience. Also parts of pages will be found blank for surplus stamps.

The various countries in the album and contents have been arranged as alphabetically as has been found practical. Therefore there may be some slight, but no serious deviations in that respect. Collectors should familiarize themselves thoroughly with the entire contents and illustrations of this album. This will not only aid in the proper placings of stamps but will greatly enhance the knowledge of the future philatelist.”

Year of Publication: Copyright 1948 (1940s)

Publisher: Grossman Stamp Co., Inc., New York 18, New York (printed in U.S.A.)

Total Number of Pages: Approximately 98 unnumbered pages.

Format: Soft-Cover

Size/Measurements: 8 & ½”W x 11"H

Quantity: One (1)

Condition: Stamp album remains in excellent UNUSED condition, with front cover retaining vibrantly colorful, eye catching graphics, and vivid black & white illustrations imagery inside.

*Covers/Exteriors: Front and back covers are in excellent, intact condition, evincing only a mild minimal modicum of shelf edge/surface wear or handling. Back cover exhibits a modicum of surface soiling which, given its off-white color, is not unusual.

*Binding/Spine: Book’s original stapling remains intact holding all the contents securely and tightly within from cover to cover.

*Interior Contents: Interior contents of book are exceptional. Crisply clean pages remain in “like new” condition, exhibiting no noted page losses, writing, markings, foxing, water damage, staining, or odors of any kind.

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Title: Universal Stamp/Stamps Album Book - Stunning Mid-Century Transportatiana (Airplane/Ship/Train) Cover Graphics Vintage 1948 (UNUSED) *****FIRST CLASS SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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