Colibri “Pipette” Tortoiseshell/Tortoise Shell Enamel Pipe/Cigar/Cigarette Lighter in Original Velvet Gift Presentation Box Vintage ca 1960s-1970s Japan *****FIRST CLASS SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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Item/Description: Vintage ca 1960s-1970s Colibri Japan “Pipette” enamel tortoiseshell pattern pipe lighter in a handy, convenient pocket-/purse-size, with original fitted velvet gift presentation box.

***This exquisite lighter is stunningly “futuristic” and art deco-esque in style and design, with its elegantly handsome tortoise shell enamel body accented with classic gold metal trim.

Though its large opening for the flame is absolutely perfect for lighting pipes, cigar and cigarette smokers will likewise delight in owning this beautiful and timeless decorative compact lighter

And given that the “high” and “low” settings on this “work of art” lighter allow for an adjustable flame, it would also marvelously serve for many other uses, such as the lighting of candles in one’s home.

Excerpted Online Research Information About Colibri Lighters (attributed to AND ): “Colibri was a well known brand for pens, watches lighters and other ladies and gentlemen's gifts...

The first Colibri lighter was produced in 1928, but the founder of the firm, Julius Lowenthal had joined a firm specialising in 'smoker's requisites' in 1910 when only 18 years of age. He was therefore involved with lighters almost at their inception. After the First World War, he formed a company with his brother Benno, J. & B. Lowenthal (JBELO), and in 1927, Julius perceived the idea of a lighter which would avoid the thumbs direct contact with the flint wheel. Thus what was known as a COLIBRI ORIGINAL was born.

As often with lighters, technical difficulties had to be overcome, but the lighter became a huge success, and some COLIBRI Original’s are still giving excellent service to their owners. In the 1930s the company obtained a patent for a fully automatic lighter which virtually guaranteed ignition every time - the , the first made in Switzerland as were the 'Originals'.

At about that time (1933), Julius Lowenthal moved from Germany to London where he established Colibri Lighters Ltd. His brother Benno, who had previously moved to Switzerland, also followed to London to form his own lighter company BENLOW. Their sister Meta remained to manage the Company in Germany (IBELO). Colibri lighters in London and IBELO in Germany were able to resume working together in 1945.

In the post-war years, Colibri had its own Development Dept. and there began a series of technical developments which have produced and still are for that matter, a whole range of exciting new lighters...

For the students of ‘such events’, it is worth noting that in the James Bond film ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’, it was Colibri who produced the highly ingenious golden gun which was assembled from a Colibri 88, cigarette case, cuff links and a fountain pen...

Looking through the Colibri range, we find no less than 20 different models, some in six finishes, representing over 100 ‘combinations’. While most models are suitable to light a pipe, pipe smokers are not overlooked. Out of two models, the PIPEMAN and the PIPER, we found the PIPEMAN more interesting. With a side-wheel action it is a ‘traditional’ design, made out of solid brass, long in the modern way and a good capacity tank. The flame comes out sideways and can easily be controlled. It holds simply in one hand and therefore very useful when the other hand is otherwise engaged...

The company was sold in 1998.”



*1928 –The ‘Colibri Original’ was launched.

*1935 – Colibri launches the fully automatic ‘Monopol’ lighter.

*1940 – Colibri developed the ‘Stormgard’ lighter for soldiers during WWII.

*1958 – Colibri invents the first visible multi-gas refill and the hydraulic auto flint system.

*1958 – The Swiss made Monopol watch was launched.

*1960 – Launch of the Monopol cigarette case.

*1961 – Colibri invented the Piezo Electric lighter.

*1967 – Molectric 88 Silver lighter.

*1970 - Colibri produces 6 jewel encrusted gold lighters.

*1977 – The ‘Sensatron’ Battery operated touch lighter was launched.

*1980 – Launch of Colibri Pens and Cufflinks.

*1982 – Power flame plus lighter launched; a 3 way wind resistant lighter.

*1985 – Launch of Pipe lighter with adjustable flame.

*1987 – Quantum, the first windproof lighter was released.

*1998 – Double guillotine cutter and cigar punch cutter accessories launched.

*2001 – Colibri produced the first pyramidal dual-flame lighter.

*2001 – The Trifecta – the world’s first triple flame lighter.

*2002 – The Summit - a high altitude ignition system lighter.

*2011 – The 2011 collection; new lighter models, cufflinks, money clips, pens, and small leather goods.

*2011 – Colibri logo re-branding.

Age/Period: Vintage - ca 1960s-1970s (“Japan”-manufactured era)

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:

*Underside of lighter is marked “Colibri Japan”.

*Box interior lid is marked “Colibri”, with symbolic “lighter flames” serving to “dot” both of the initial letter “i’s” in the word “Colibri.

Material(s)/Format: Trim is gold metal. Exterior body/casing resembles tortoiseshell/tortoise shell, but we believe it to be enamel.

Size/Measurements: Lighter measures 2 3/4"L x 1 1/4"W x ½” Thick

Quantity: One (1) lighter, in its original gift/presentation box.


*Lighter’s aesthetic condition is exceptional, with all parts present and intact. Functionality-wise, lighter does also spark but does not emit a flame. As we are not lighter experts, this possibly indicates a need for lighter fluid.

*Original presentation/gift remains in excellent condition, retaining vivid coloration and exhibiting no loss to any of its velvet surface. Fitted interior compartment is still present and intact.


Title: Colibri “Pipette” Tortoiseshell/Tortoise Shell Enamel Pipe/Cigar/Cigarette Lighter in Original Velvet Gift Presentation Box Vintage ca 1960s-1970s Japan *****FIRST CLASS SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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