Wooden Kitchen Canisters Set Vintage ca 1920s-1950s Pewter “Spinning Wheel Lady” Emblem Colonial/Quaker/Amish/Shaker Design Trapezoid-shaped Plastic-lined ***GROUND SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

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Item/Description:   Vintage ca 1920s-1950s wood & pewter “Lady at Spinning Wheel” design handcrafted, plastic-lined, trapezoid-shaped kitchen canisters 12-piece set.

***The twelve (12) pieces that comprise this delightful Colonial/Quaker/Amish/Shaker design style set consist of:

*Four (4) wooden canister bases

*Four (4) wood lids

*Four (4) plastic bins inserts/canisters liners

***PLEASE NOTE that this canisters set is VERY HEAVY (shipping weight will range from 12-13 lbs). Though shipping is of course included with the purchase price of this item, we did want to bring awareness to the fact that a goodly portion of the selling price will be shipping costs).

Each individual canister in this charming and oh-so penultimately “shabby chic”/“farmhouse rustic” distressed wood kitchenware set is quaintly adorned with decorative, 3-dimensional raised relief applied pewter embellishments depicting a young woman busily working at her spinning wheel. The young lady is sweetly attired in what appears to be Colonial-era/Quaker/Amish/Shaker-like clothing.

An attractive and unique feature of this set is that the canisters are trapezoid-like in shape, designed so that they slope/slant forward, giving them a stylistically interesting, angular look.

All of the canister lids have a raised, knobbed “ball”-style finial wooden handle, and indented ruffled/scalloped-esque edging. Identical scalloped ornamentation also enhances all the edges of the canister bases.

Each of the canisters also contains interior fitted plastic bin-style inserts which line and protect the insides of the wood. These are easily and conveniently removable for ease of sanitizing/cleaning or replacing. The plastic resembles old Rubbermaid brand plastics, but we don’t know th

***In addition to serving their originally intended purpose as decorative yet functional kitchen counter accents, this fantastic multi-purpose canisters set would be just perfect for cleverly storing any other number of household or office items & treasures. They can be displayed in a variety of rooms/ways &/or used for storage of any number of items ranging from:

*Children’s rooms/playrooms (to hold e.g. alphabet letters, art supplies, crayons, lead soldiers, marbles, Matchbox/Hot Wheels and other miniature die-cast cars, etc...) to

*Crafts room (to hold e.g. decoupage supplies, glitter, glue guns & sticks, material swatches, paste, scissors, tape, etc...), to

*Gift wrap room (for storing e.g. bows, gift cards, ribbons, scissors, tape, etc...), to

*Kitchen counter tops (for traditional usage and storage of e.g. artificial sweeteners, candy/candies, cereals, coffee, dog treats, flour, snack foods/snacks, soup packets, sugar, tea, etc...), to

*Nursery/baby’s room (for handy access to e.g. bibs, baby wipes, cotton balls, diaper pins, extra bottle nipples & caps, terry towels, washcloths, etc...), to

*Office - home & business (for stowing away e.g. office supplies such as erasers, paper clips, pens & pencils, Post-It pads, scissors, Scotch Tape, staples, etc...), to

*Sewing room notions & accessories (for storage of e.g. buttons, needles, swatches of material, thimbles, thread, etc...), to

*Tools (can be organized e.g. nails, pliers, screwdrivers, screws, small hand tools, etc...)

Just tap into your own creativity and you’ll be able to find uses for these canisters for any number of miscellaneous doo-dads, gew-gaws, gizmos, gadgets, thingamajigs, whats-its, etc...! :~)

***You may view additional &/or enlarged photos of this item in our Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/VintageTreasuresAZ?ref=shop_sugg

Age/Period: Vintage - ca 1920s-1950s

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin: Unknown/Unspecified. The rubber inserts are the caliber and quality of Rubbermaid plastics, but they are not marked as such.


*Canisters (lids and bases) are made of wood.

*Decorative applied “Lady & Spinning Wheel” design accents are made of silver pewter metal.

*Inserts to canisters are made of thick sturdy plastic.

Size/Measurements: Because of the unique, sloping forward, angular, slanted design of these canisters, there are multiple measurements as pertains to each canister. Because the rear portions of each canister measures higher/taller than the “leaning forward” front portions, whenever a “height” measurement is provided below, it will always be the measurement for the tallest portion of the canister:

*Largest canister in its entirety (from base to tip of knob on top of lid) measures: 10 ½"H at its tallest point, with it base measuring 7 3/4" Square. Body of canister measures 8 3/4"H x 7 ½"W x 7 1/4" Deep.

*Second largest canister in its entirety (from base to tip of knob on top of lid) measures: approximately 9 ½"H at its tallest point, with it base measuring 7"W. Body of canister measures 8" H x 6 3/4"W x 6 ½" Deep.

*Third canister in its entirety (from base to tip of knob on top of lid) measures: approximately 8 3/4"H at its tallest point, with it base measuring 6" Square. Body of canister measures 7"H x 5 ½"W x 5 1/4" Deep.

*Smallest canister in its entirety (from base to tip of knob on top of lid) measures: approximately 8"H at its tallest point, with it base measuring 5 1/4" Square. Body of canister measures 6 1/4"H x 5"W x 4 3/4" Deep.

Shipping Weight: Approximately 12 to 13 lbs when packaged up

Quantity: One (1) set comprised of twelve (12) pieces consisting of :

*Four (4) wooden canister bottoms/bases

*Four (4) wooden lids

*Four (4) plastic inserts/liners

Condition Summary: This entire set is in overall very good vintage, collectible condition.

Condition Details/Specifics:

*The wooden portions of all of the canisters are in rustic, “distressed”-style condition, exhibiting a not-unusual amount of surface/edge pitting, handling and usage which includes some rubbing wear, scuffing, and scratches, condition factors which are often inherent with vintage, wooden items that were well-loved/used.

The smallest canister does exhibit a chipped-off piece of wood from the lower left front corner area of the base, however not so noticeable as to diminish from any of the overall aesthetic appeal or collectible desirability of this novel-design set of canisters.

*While all four (4) of the plastic bin inserts remain completely intact, ONE (1) of the plastic bins (the largest) evinces two (2) different vertical cracks in the plastic. These are located in two (2) different places, with both being adjacent to the bottom edges.

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Title: Wooden Kitchen Canisters Set Vintage ca 1920s-1950s Pewter “Spinning Wheel Lady” Emblem Colonial/Quaker/Amish/Shaker Design Trapezoid-shaped Plastic-lined ***GROUND SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

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