GI Joe Action Astronaut Limited Edition 1998 Lunchbox/Lunch Box-style Collector’s Tin Filled with Original Candy (Mint/Unopened/New Old Stock) *****PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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Item/Description:  Mint condition, factory-sealed “GI Joe Action Astronaut” limited edition 1998 lunch box/lunchbox-style collector’s tin filled with original 10 oz of candy.


***This/these lunchbox/lunch box-style tins were originally sold through Hallmark stores, with not every Hallmark store being furnished with the same variety of tins, so certain tins that were available e.g. in Phoenix, Arizona might not be available in e.g. Queens, New York, which made them instant collectibles as customers vied to obtain all of the assorted tins issued in each of the various production series from the different geographical regions throughout the United States. 


There were candy tins as well as tin boxes only (with no candy included) produced in commemoration and honor of old television shows (e.g. Howdy Doody and The Munsters). There were Peanuts cartoon characters tins. There were Disney tins. There were Looney Tunes tins, etc.


***We are fortunate to have many of these various collector tins in our inventory (with quite a few still containing their original candy contents), so if you do not see what you are looking for on our web site, please feel free to contact us to inquire further - it just might be in stock but unlisted as yet!


***Candy products, according to the packaging label, “...may contain one or more of the following nostalgic candies”:

*Butterscotch Buttons

*Dubble Bubble (Double Bubble)

*Jolly Rancher


*Mary Janes


*Starlight Mints

*Tootsie Roll


***Delightful HUGE graphics on main, front and back sides of tin depict GI Joe as an astronaut in his space outfit, “walking in space” outside of his spacecraft/shuttle craft.


Additional graphic imagery is displayed on all four (4) sides of the tin, however only three (3) sides are currently visible due to the fact that the tin is still wrapped in its original plastic and the paper label covers the bottom section of images. 


The additional retro imagery which does remain visible on both ends and the top side of the tin consist of various GI Joe action figures as:

*An “old school” Marine & the wording “Left, left, left, right, left”


*Two soldiers - an “old school” Army soldier speaking on a field telephone, seemingly to an Air

Force paratrooper, with the wording in between both of their images “Who are ‘ya?  Airborne.”


*An MP (Military Policeman) pointing a gun and holding his arm up, with the slogan wording “Rough, tough and ready for action.”


*An Army officer standing outside of a pup tent and saying “Bed down!”


*The same Navy paratrooper as before, only this time with another military soldier rowing in an inflatable raft boat, and the wording in between them “Enemy submarine off port bow.”


*A military officer with the initial letters “SP” on his helmet and arm band, running in action.


*A military officer saluting and ordering “Open ranks for inspection.”


*An Army soldier speaking on his field telephone, with a portion of the wording showing through “Bravo Comp....”


*Two other Army soldiers with the wording in between them “Hold this position...dig in.”


***Enjoy this tin exactly as it is, still within its protective plastic wrap, for decorative display purposes. Or go ahead and open it up and use it to store small trinkets and treasures. It serves equally well as a clever purse for female GI Joe fans, or as a handy-dandy handled storage carrying container for children’s crayons/matchbox cars/marbles..... (just about anything one can think of) .  And not to state the obvious, but why not actually use it for storing actual lunches/meals/snacks (for yourself or the kids).


Age/Period:   Modern/Contemporary - 1998 (1990s)


Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:   Original paper label reads “1998 Hasbro, Inc.”AND“This limited edition collector’s tin may contain one or more ov the following nostalgic Candies (see itemization of candies referenced above)...Net Weight 10 oz...Distributed by American Specialty Confections, Inc., Lancaster, PA 17603"


Material(s)/Format:    Metal



*Lunchbox-style tin measures 7 3/4”W x 6"H x 2 7/8" Thick.


*Original candy contents weigh 10 oz


Quantity:   One (1)


Condition:  Mint/Like New! Tin is still protectively sealed in factory wrap within its original, never opened plastic shrink wrap.


Title: GI Joe Action Astronaut Limited Edition 1998 Lunchbox/Lunch Box-style Collector’s Tin Filled with Original Candy (Mint/Unopened/New Old Stock) *****PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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