Golf-themed “Origins of the Golf Ball” 5-piece Coasters & Storage Case “Sun Health’s Holland America Briarwood Golf Classic” Arizona Charity Fund-raiser Golf Tournament Prize/Commemorative Giveaway Set *****PARCEL POST SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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Item/Description:   Unique novelty golf-themed coasters “Origins of the Golf Ball” decorative five (5)-piece set from one of“Sun Health’s Holland America Briarwood Golf Classic”Sun City, Arizona fund-raising golf tournaments. This set, with the tournament name inscribed on the topside section of the storage box, was either a prize or souvenir/commemorative giveaway from the event.


***This is a very heavy set, weighing almost 4 lbs, and it is comprised of five (5) pieces - four (4) long ( as opposed to merely round) coasters whose unique shape somewhat resembles an upside-down “grandfather clock” (the lower “coaster” portion has a rounded/curvy rim and the upper section has a vertically flat straight across edge), and a storage box. 


The coasters as well as its protective casing are elaborately decoratively adorned with thick 3-dimensional raised relief golf-themed design embellishments. 


***The storage container’ decorative elements consist of:

*Old-time golfersHarry Vardon circa 1913 and “Old” Tom Morris circa 1903adorn the front and back sides of the container.


*On the third outer side is a shield/escutcheon with two (2) golf clubs criss-crossing over it.


*The fourth “side” is actually the “opening” portion of the storage box where the coasters are slid in for storage (they go in sideways and, rather than stacking horizontally on top of each other, they stand side-by-side with each other, just like books on a bookshelf). 


When the coasters are inside the box, the portions of the coasters that remain visible from this fourth “side” have been cleverly designed to replicate “book bindings”, perfectly in keeping with how they are displayed while stored inside the case, with each “binding” containing the book title“Origins of Golf - Vol. 1".


*The top section, as referenced above, is inscribed in white lettering with the commemorative wording“Sun Health’s Holland America Briarwood Golf Classic.” 


*Lastly, the underside is lined with an elegant black velvety felt protective covering.



***The decorative elements of each coaster consist of:  A round white doughnut-shaped section, from the middle of which is visible a 3-dimensional replica representation of different olden-days golf ball types (a different type for each coaster - see below itemization of each style of golf ball represented). 

Above the center hole on each coaster is the wording“Origins of the Golf Ball”,and below the center hole on each coaster is the wording for the following types of golf balls:


* The Feathery c. 1840

* Hammered Gutta c. 1860

* Machined Gutta c. 1890

* Bramble c. 1905


Excerpted Research Information:  We have successfully found archived press releases indicating that this particular golf tournament has taken place on at least three (3) previous occasions:  October 2, 2006, October 1, 2007, and September 29, 2009. We do not know what year the “1stAnnual” of these tournament events was held, or if 2008 was a “skipped” year or merely that we could not find mention of it online. We also do not know if 2009 was the final year this tournament was held.


The press release for the October 2, 2006 tournament, contained this information:  “The popular tournament, hosted by and played at Briarwood Country Club in Sun City West, will benefit Sun Health Del E. Webb Hospital's capital campaign to build a new six-story patient-care tower by 2008. The tower will include space for 152 new medical/surgical beds, 16 intensive-care unit beds, four additional operating rooms, a new peri-operative unit and expanded emergency department along with a parking garage... to expand services at Sun Health Del E. Webb and Boswell hospitals. Tournament format will be 1,2,3 net best ball using the player's handicap strokes...”



The archived data we found regarding the September 29, 2009 tournament states:  “Fore! It’s going to be a swingin’ good time at Briarwood Country Club in Sun City West when foursomes tee off at 8 a.m. Monday, Sept. 29. The event, in Best Ball Format, will offer lots of fun, and prizes in several categories. The tournament features breakfast, a round of golf and an awards luncheon.

Proceeds will be used to purchase an IVUS/Fractional Flow Reserve Machine forSun Health Del E. Webb Hospital. This machine allows the cardiologist to thread a fiber to the heart to identify any vascular lesions and evaluate which treatment would be most effective.

Age/Period: Vintage - ca 2000's


Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:  Made in China foil label remains affixed to protective felt covering on underside of storage box, with specific manufacturer unknown.


Material(s)/Format:    Heavy resin/composite/ceramic or some mix of all these (the entire set weighs almost 4 lbs).



*Storage display box measures approximately 5 3/4" Square x 2 3/4" Thick


*Coasters measure 5 1/4"L x 4 1/4"W x ½" Thick


Quantity: One (1)


Condition:  Entire set is in excellent condition, with only mitigating condition factors being a bit of wear to a few of the black letters on each coaster, and two small faded-out black residue marks on one of the coasters.




Title: Golf-themed “Origins of the Golf Ball” 5-piece Coasters & Storage Case “Sun Health’s Holland America Briarwood Golf Classic” Arizona Charity Fund-raiser Golf Tournament Prize/Commemorative Giveaway Set *****PARCEL POST SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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