How to Master the Art of Selling Anything Tom Hopkins Boxed 12-Cassettes/Cassette Tapes + UNUSED Personal Workbook COMPLETE Set *****MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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Item/Description: “How to Master the Art of SELLING ANYTHING - Featuring Tom Hopkins, the Nation’s #1 Sales Trainer” boxed cassette tapes set COMPLETE with all twelve (12) audiotapes + UNUSED personal workbook.


***This motivational, self-help, home-study course includes twelve (12) audio cassette tapes + one (1) soft-cover personal workbook that compactly fits inside fitted section where cassette tapes are stored, for safekeeping and convenient access and ease of reference while listening to the tapes.


By: Tom Hopkins


Excerpted Research Information:   In praise of Tom Hopkins, legendary motivational trainer, Zig Ziglar says,“Tom Hopkins is a dynamic, ethically sound sales trainer with a rich background of personal and business success. His methods and techniques are practical, field-tested and effective.”


Age/Period:  Both the workbook and the tapes bear the date 1979, which would make this set vintage 1970s. The back side of the personal workbook, however, contains web site and email data, which indicates that the workbook may perhaps be a more recent edition, despite its interior cover date of “1979".


Manufactured/Published By:  

*Cassette tapes contain this data:  “Copyright 1979 Tom Hopkins International, Inc., 7531 E. Second St., Scottsdale, AZ 85251 800-528-0446


*Inside of workbook contains this information:  “© 1979 Tom Hopkins Champions Unlimited, 7531 East Second Street, P.O. Box 1969, Scottsdale, Arizona 85252; 800-528-0446 & 602-949-0786; Printed in U.S.A.”


*Back cover of workbook reads:  “Tom Hopkins International, 7531 East Second Street, Scottsdale, Arizona 85252; 800-528-0446 & 480-949-0786 & FAX 480-949-1590;[email protected]


*Storage Case contains the numeric code “P-00919 (8-00), and on its back cover is marked:  “Tom Hopkins International, 7531 East Second Street, P.O. Box 1969, Scottsdale, Arizona 85252, 800-528-0446. LEMON INSURANCE....”


Material(s)/Format:    Cassette audiotapes/audio tapes boxed set with soft-cover 53-page workbook


Size/Measurements AND # of Pages:  

*Storage case measures 10" W x 12 3/4" H (in closed position) x 1 ½" Thick


*Workbook measures 8 ½" W x 11" H, and contains 53 pages


Quantity: One (1) boxed storage case containing twelve (12) cassettes and one (1) 53-page workbook.



*Tapes remain in excellent working condition! 


*Personal workbook is also in excellent condition. Interior pages are in pristine, like new, UNUSED condition, evincingNOwriting, markings, highlighting, or page/paper folds/tears. Front cover does exhibit a diagonal fold/crease in the upper right-hand corner.


*Boxed storage case interior is in near mint condition, with exterior in excellent (borderline near mint) condition.


***TAPE CASSETTES CONTENTS (the “side” numbering on these tapes is sequential and progressive - there is no “Side 1 & Side 2" per tape - rather, even though the tapes change, the numbering sequence continues, with Tape #2's “sides” being next numbered “3 & 4", and so on for all 12 tapes):
Tape #1)     Side 1 (1030-1)- The Profession Called Selling


                 Side 2 (1030-2)- What is a Champion?

Tape #2)     Side 3 (1030-3)- Control with Questions


                 Side 4 (1030-4)- Minor Reflexive Questions

Tape #3)     Side 5 (1030-5)- Emotions, the Triggers of Selling


                 Side 6 (1030-6)- How to Handle Failure and Rejection I

Tape #4)     Side 7 (1030-7)- How to Handle Failure and Rejection II


                 Side 8 (1030-8)- Referral Prospecting

Tape #5)     Side 9 (1030-9)- Non-Referral Prospecting


                 Side 10 (1030-10)- Telephone Techniques

Tape #6)     Side 11 (1030-11)- Pre-planning Your Sales Presentation
                    Side 12 (1030-12)- Contact
Tape #7)     Side 13 (1030-13)- Qualification
                         Side 14 (1030-14)- The Visual Aid Presentation
Tape #8)     Side 15 (1030-15)- Presentation Demonstration Tactics


                 Side 16 (1030-16)- Objections - Premise

Tape #9)     Side 17 (1030-17)- Objections - Solution


                 Side 18 (1030-18)-Test Closing

Tape #10)    Side 19 (1030-19)-Anatomy of a Close


                  Side 20 (1030-20)-Power Closes of a Champion I

Tape #11)    Side 21 (1030-21)-Power Closes of a Champion II


                   Side 22 (1030-22)- Turning Little $ Into Big $

Tape #12)      Side 23 (1030-23)-Time Planning Organization


Side 24 (1030-24)-Goal Setting





Title: How to Master the Art of Selling Anything Tom Hopkins Boxed 12-Cassettes/Cassette Tapes + UNUSED Personal Workbook COMPLETE Set *****MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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