Wallace Laboratories “Recorded Medical Library” INCREDIBLY RARE Medical Symposium & Drugs Tests/Results 33 1/3 rpm 7-inch Boxed Records Sets (12 Records in 2 Wallace Labs Boxes - ALL WORK/PLAY) Vintage ca 1962 *****MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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Item/Description:  Incredibly RARE vintage ca 1962 Wallace Laboratories (Wallace Labs) “Recorded Medical Library” medical symposium 33 1/3 rpm 7"Hi Fi Recording records boxed sets (TWO/2 boxed sets) of twelve (12) records (six/6 records per box) (WORKS/PLAYS).


***PLEASE NOTE:  We believe that the twelve (12) records which comprise these two (2) boxed sets are comprised of a greater quantity of records than were originally contained in these boxes when they were first recorded &/or may be of different content than the boxes originally state as contained therein (we are able to read some of the wording on the box exteriors, and match some of the records up to that wording, but not all of the wording is decipherable).


***Side “A” of eleven (11) of the records consists of medical lectures/symposiums.


Side “B” of eleven (11) of the records contains musical performances, with ten (10) of the records consisting of classical symphonic orchestral music selections, and with the eleventh (11th) record consisting of Christmas-themed music.


Bothsides “A” and “B” of the twelfth (12th) record in these sets are exclusively music.


***The twelve (12) records that comprise these two (2) boxed sets are(Side “1” is always the medical information portion of each record, as denoted below inred font color):

1)        Side 1 (19H131a):  Milpath News Service Series No. VII - Relationship Between ABO Blood Groups and Peptic Ulcer


           Side 2 (19H131b):  Beethoven Country Dances for Orchestra - Vienna State Opera        Orchestra Conducted by Franz Litschauer - Excerpt from Vanguard VRS-429


2)        Side 1 (M-1A):  Milpath Miltown Anticholinergic - Peptic Ulcer Therapy Under Different Physician-Patient Relationships - Fred J. Phillips, M.D. and David M. Shoemaker, M.D., Quakertown, Pennsylvania


           Side 2 (M-1B): Quintet in A Major, Op. 114 The “Trout” (Schubert) - Paul Badura-

           Skoda, Piano and Members of the Vienna Konzerthous Quartet with Josef Hermann,

Double Bass - Movement: Tema Con Varia Zione - Andantino - Excerpt from Westminster LP-XWNI8264


3)        Side 1 (ZTV27313):  Milpath Miltown Anticholinergic - Report on a one-year clinical study of ninety-nine duodenal ulcer patients, conducted by Drs. S. Atwater and James M. Carson, Atlanta, GA - TM 358-G287


Side 2 (ZTV27312):  Milpath Miltown Anticholinergic - Hungarian Dances (Brahms) - Allegretto-F Major - Allegro-G Minor - The Vienna State Opera Orchestra - Mario Rossi conducting - Custom pressed by Columbia Transcriptions - Selections from Vanguard Record No. VRS-473 - Recorded in Europe


4)        Side 1 (19G83a):  Milpath Miltown Anticholinergic - The Treatment of Some G.I. Disturbances: A Comparative Clinical Study of Four Anticholinergic Combinations - S. Goodfriend, M.D. and J. Bandes, M.D. (Part I)


           Side 2 (19G83b):  The Four Seasons (Vivaldi) Spring (La Primavera) Allegro, First

            Movement - I Solisti di Zagreb - Antonio Janigro, Conductor - Jan Tomasow, Solo Violin

            - Excerpt from Vanguard BG-564


5)        Side 1 (ZTV 27723):  Milpath Miltown Anticholinergic - Highlights of a clinical investigation: COMBINED DRUG THERAPY in G.I. DYSFUNCTION - Increased Benefit through Diminished Side-reactions - Dr. Joseph Bandes, New York


Side 2 (ZTV 27724):  Milpath Miltown Anticholinergic - Air from Suite No. 2 in D. Major (Johann Sebastian Bach) - Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam - Eduard Van Bienum Conducting - Custom pressed by Columbia Transcription - From Epic Record No. LC3332 - Recorded in Europe


6)        Side 1 (M-2A): Milpath Miltown Anticholinergic - A Contribution to the Methodology of Clinical Appraisal of Drug Action - Eric C. Kast, M.D., Chicago Medical School, and John Loesch, M.D., University of Illinois Medical School


Side 2 (M-2B):  Caucasian Sketches (Ippolitov-Ivanov) - Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of London - Conducted by ARTUR RODZINSKI - 1stMovement: In the Mountain Pass - 4thMovement: The Procession of the Sardar - Excerpts from Westminster LP-XWN18542


7)        Side 1 (19G95a):  Milpath A Clinical Study of Four Anticholinergic Drugs Combined With Tranquilizers or Sedatives - S. Goodfriend, M.D. and J. Bandes, M.D. (Part III)


Side 2 (19G95b):  Concerto A Cinque in B Flat Major Op. 5, No. 1, First Movement (Albinoni) Sicilienne (Paradis) - I Solisti Di Zagreb - Antonio Janigro, Conductor - Excerpt from Vanguard VRS-1024


8)        Side 1 (M-1A):  Miltown meprobamate (Wallace) - Improved management of the OBG patient - Henry A. Belafsky, M.D.; Samuel Breslow, M.D.; and Jack E. Shangold, M.D., Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Side 2 (M-1B):  Smetana - Trio in G Minor Op. 15 - David Oistrakh Violin; Sviatoslav Knushevitsky Cello; Lev Oborin Piano - Movement: Finale: Presto - Meno presto, tranquillo assai - Piu mosso - Tempo l - Grave, quasi marcia - Tempo l - Excerpt from Westminster LP-XWN 18175


9)        Side 1 (S-1A):  SOMA (N-isopropyl-2-methyl-2-propyl-1, 3-propanediol dicarbamate) - A new agent to relieve pain and stiffness in muscles and joints - Observations on the conservative management of orthopedic conditions, Charles A. Werner, M.D., F.A.C.P., New York, and Toshiaki Kuge, M.D., Portland, Oregon


Side 2 (S-1B):  String Quartet, Op. 18, No. 5 (Beethoven) - Barylli Quartet - Second Movement: Minueto - Excerpt from Westminster Lp-XWN18123


10)      Side 1 (S-2A): SOMA (N-isopropyl-2-methyl-2-propyl-1, 3-propanediol dicarbamate) - Excerpts from Symposium, “Pharmacology and Clinical Usefulness of Soma”. Introduction, James G. Miller, M.D., Ph.D., University of Michigan, Chairman. “The Use of Soma in Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation”, Arthur B. Wein, M.D., Sibley Hospital, Washington, D.C.; “The Use of Soma in Private Practice”, L. Perry Hyde, M.D., Pulaski Hospital, Pulaski, Virginia.


Side 2 (S-2B):  Imre Magyari And His Gypsy Orchestra - Csardas Selections - Excerpts from B. & F. Budapest Records - LP-H80P-0440


11)      Side 1 (A-1A):  Appetrol DEXTRO-AMPHETAMINE + MILTOWN - A new product for effective appetite control


Side 2 (A-1B):  The Twelve Days of Christmas (Traditional) - Recorded for Wallace Laboratories by The “Idlers” of the United States Coast Guard Academy - The ‘Idlers’ may be heard on Design Record LPs.


12)      Side 1 (1962A):  Wallace Laboratories Presents The Doctors’ Orchestral Society of New York - Schumann Symphony No. 4 in D Minor Opus 120 - Fourth Movement - Conducted by Norman Masonson


Side 2 (1982B):  Wallace Laboratories Presents Christmas Carols 1962 - Deck the Halls - Boar’s Head - The Old Year Now (Greensleeves) - A Merry Christmas - Alfred Deller and The Deller Consort - Selections from Vanguard - VRS-499 & 1062



***Following is an alphabetical itemization of each of the prominent, nationally renowned medical profession doctors who are the speakers on these records(each of whom is quite prestigious within their respective fields of specialization, having written numerous papers and books, served on medical boards, teach as professors at various universities, etc.):

1)        Dr. S. Atwater, Atlanta, Georgia


2)        Dr. Joseph Bandes, New York


3)        Henry A. Belafsky, M.D., Perth Amboy, New Jersey


4)        Samuel Breslow, M.D., Perth Amboy, New Jersey


5)        Dr. James M. Carson, Atlanta, Georgia


6)        S. Goodfriend, M.D.


7)        L. Perry Hyde, M.D., Pulaski Hospital, Pulaski, Virginia


8)        Eric C. Kast, M.D., Chicago Medical School


9)        John Loesch, M.D., University of Illinois Medical School


10)      James G. Miller, M.D., Ph.D., University of Michigan, Chairman


11)      Fred J. Phillips, M.D., Quakertown, Pennsylvania


12)      Jack E. Shangold, M.D., Perth Amboy, New Jersey


13)      David M. Shoemaker, M.D., Quakertown, Pennsylvania


14)      Toshiaki Kuge, M.D., Portland, Oregon


15)      Arthur B. Wein, M.D., Sibley Hospital, Washington, D.C.


16)      Charles A. Werner, M.D., F.A.C.P., New York


***Highly cross-collectible, these rare and unique combination medical (symposium) and musical records will appeal to collectors of “Science & Medicine” memorabilia, “Advertising - Medical” items, and “Music - Records’ connoisseurs!


***Though thephysicalsize of these records are the same as 45 rpm records (7"), their recording format and playback speed format is 33 1/3 rpm, with the smaller center hole indigenous to 33 1/3 records as opposed to the larger center opening of 45 records.


Excerpted Research Information:  Though our offering of these medical records is more complete, of greater quantity, and “boxed”, of great note and interest is that some of the above-referenced records are part of the prestigiousJoe E. Holoubek, M.D. and Alice Baker Holoubek, M.D. Collectionat LSU Health Sciences Center Shreveport Medical Library.


More detailed information regarding the entire contents of this collection of medicine/medical collectibles can be found at: http://lib-sh.lsuhsc.edu/images/archives/Holoubek_Joe_Alice.pdf


Age/Period: Vintage - ca 1960-1962 [one of the records bears the date 1962: “Wallace Laboratories Presents Christmas Carols 1962" - we don’t know if all of the records are from this particular date, or merely from the same period of time - the early 1960s]


Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:

*Box #1 reads:  “Wallace Laboratories Recorded Medical Library. MILPATH. News Service Series No. 1. Electronics in Medicine: Telemetry Apparatus in Gastroenterology; Excerpts from Five German Dances. Seven Trios and Code. Schubert. Vienna State Opera Orchestra Conducted by Franz Litschauer. Excerpt from Vanguard VRS-435.”


*Box #2 reads:  “Wallace Laboratories Recorded Medical Library. MILPATH: [First line of wording is faded out and indecipherable]. E. C. Kasl, M.D., and J. Loesch, M.D. Caucasian Sketches.  SOMA in Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation - A. B. Wein, M.D. SOMA in Musculoskeletal Disorders in Private Practice - L. P. Hyde, M.D.  Imre Magyari and His Gypsy Orchestra 


Material(s)/Format:    33 1/3 rpm records



*Records measure 7"


*Boxes measure 7 1/4" square x 5/8" Thick


Quantity:  Two (2) boxes of records, six (6) records per box for a total of twelve (12) records in two (2) storage presentation boxes for the records.



*Records:  All records are in excellent, functioning condition!


*Boxes:  One of the boxes remains in very good condition (but for a corner seam tear in the upper left corner, this box would be near mint). The other box is in good condition, with no seam/corner tears or separations, but exhibiting some faint surface rubbing and puckering, along with a liquid residue stain visible from the inside portion of the box top/lid. Though none of the records themselves show any evidence of any condition issues as a result of this, one of the record sleeves/packaging exhibits similar staining.


Title: Wallace Laboratories “Recorded Medical Library” INCREDIBLY RARE Medical Symposium & Drugs Tests/Results 33 1/3 rpm 7-inch Boxed Records Sets (12 Records in 2 Wallace Labs Boxes - ALL WORK/PLAY) Vintage ca 1962 *****MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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