Exodus Out of Egypt The Weigh Down Workshop Christian Weight Loss Program 12-Audio Cassettes Set 1992 [Tapes & Storage Case ONLY] *****MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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Item/Description:   The Weigh Down Workshop “Exodus Out of Egypt” Christian-based weight loss program “Rise Above Tape Series” boxed set of all twelve (12) original audio-cassettes in original protective storage case[WorkbookNOT INCLUDED].


***”The Weigh Down Workshop, Inc. is a Christian-based weight loss program that is leading thousands away from the slavery of food and dieting to a true relationship with God.”


By:Gwen Shamblin


About the Author:   “Gwen Shamblin, M.S., R.D., has had extensive experience in the field of nutrition both as a consulting registered dietician and as an Instructor of Nutrition at Memphis State University. Since 1980 she has focused her consulting practice in the area of weight control utilizing her formal training in dietetics together with a strong Christ-centered orientation in her counseling. These efforts led her to become Founder and Director of the Weigh Down Workshop. Presently, she and her husband, David, and their two children, Michael and Michelle, live in Nashville, Tennessee.”


Age/Period: Vintage - 1992 (1990s)


Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:The Weigh Down Workshop, Franklin, Tennessee


Material(s)/Format:    Cassette tapes


Size/Measurements:  Storage Case measures 13"H x 10 ½" W x 2" Thick


Quantity: One (1) boxed set consisting of twelve (12) cassette tapes


Condition:   All twelve (12) original pre-owned cassettes are present and in excellent working order, having been well-preserved and protected in original, fitted storage. Condition of storage case is exceptional. Original workbook isNOT INCLUDEDas part of this set!



Tape #1)         Intro - Side A - The Heart of the Matter

                     Intro - Side B - The Heart of the Matter


Tape #2)         Week 1 - Side A - Rise Above

                       Week 1 - Side B - Rise Above


Tape #3)         Week 2 - Side A - Emotional Eating

                       Week 2 - Side B - Emotional Eating


Tape #4)         Week 2 - Side C - Stay Awake

                       Week 2 - Side D - Stay Awake


Tape #5)         Week 3 - Side A - How to Measure Success

                       Week 3 - Side B - From Slavery to the Promised Land


Tape #6)         Week 4 - Side A - Opposite World

                      Week 4 - Side B - Opposite World


Tape #7)         Week 5 - Side A - True Repentance

                       Week 5 - Side B - True Repentance


Tape #8)         Week 6 - Side A - Dodging the Draft

                       Week 6 - Side B - Dodging the Draft


Tape #9)         Week 7 - Side A - God’s Passion for You

                       Week 7 - Side B - Good Things Come from Hard Times


Tape #10)       Week 8 - Side A - Jewels

                       Week 9 - Side A - Above the Torture Zone


Tape #11)       Week 10 - Side A - Lies

                       Week 10 - Side B - Perhaps the Purpose


Tape #12)       Week 11 - Side A - The Prize and the Battle of the Will

                       Week 12 - Side A - Getting Back on Track


Title: Exodus Out of Egypt The Weigh Down Workshop Christian Weight Loss Program 12-Audio Cassettes Set 1992 [Tapes & Storage Case ONLY] *****MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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