Picnic Basket/Food Hamper Redmon Antique/Vintage ca pre-1950s Pie Shelf/Bench/Stool/Table Diamond Weave Pattern Decorative Home Storage USPS STANDARD POST SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!

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Item/Description: Antique/vintage ca pre-1950s Redmon wicker picnic basket with wooden handles, double-hinged lid and custom-fitted interior pie shelf/bench/stool/table.

Bench (stool/pie shelf/table) is custom-designed and sized to fit perfectly inside basket for ease of transporting to, and use at, picnics.

Not only is this square-shaped picnic basket as utilitarian as the day it was first handcrafted for its originally intended purpose should one decide go picnicking with it (what a perfect wine & cheese basket this makes), but it is also exquisitely decorative (chock full of character) and would serve quite charmingly as an interior decoration home decor display enhancement/accent to any room of one’s house as well as a business/company showpiece, given its stunning wicker work.

In addition to its utility as a picnic basket as well as its decorative home decor potential, it would also make for a marvelous storage bin for a variety of items ranging from clothing smalls (especially a baby’s in a nursery display setting), to crafts supplies, to dolls, to kitchen dishtowels/hand cloths, to linens, to makeup, to office supplies, to rags, to sewing or knitting items, to toilet paper roll extras, to toys; etc... - its attractive storage utility is limitless!

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Age/Period: Antique/Vintage - ca pre-1950s

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin: Though unmarked (it no longer retains its original label), this IS a “Redmon” basket.

*The name of a previous/original owner, “Schifferli,” is written on the interior lid.

Material(s)/Format: Wicker basketry and wooden bench (stool/pie shelf/table) .


*Picnic basket body measures 14" x 13 ½” x 8 ½”H

*Bench measures 11 ½” square x 3 ½”H

Quantity: One (1) set consisting of a picnic basket and bench (stool/pie shelf/table) .

Condition Summary: Both the basket and the bench (stool/pie shelf/table) remain in very good to excellent vintage collectible condition.

Condition Details/Specifics:

*The exterior of the basket retains a lovely patina, and exhibits no wicker damage. There is a metal band riveted around one of the handles (perhaps a one-time reinforcement although there is no visible damage), as well as a small spot of what appears to be silver paint along the edge of one of the handles. There is some water staining on the interior portion of the basket as well as some uneven coloration on the lid. As has been referenced above, the name of a previous/original owner is written on the interior portion of the lid: “Schifferli.”

*The bench (stool/pie shelf/table) is also in excellent condition.

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Title: Picnic Basket/Food Hamper Redmon Antique/Vintage ca pre-1950s Pie Shelf/Bench/Stool/Table Diamond Weave Pattern Decorative Home Storage USPS STANDARD POST SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!

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