Harley Davidson & Indian Motorcycles Old Antique Real Photo Postcard (RPPC) ca 1903-1920s - 2 Bikers Riding Road Hogs (POSTALLY UNUSED) ***USPS FIRST CLASS SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

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Item Description/Title: Old, antique ca 1903-1920s “Harley Davidson” AND “Indian” motorcycles real photo postcard (RPPC) - POSTALLY UNUSED - two (2) bikers riding their bikes.

***In addition to this “Harley Davidson”/“Indian Motorcycles” Real Photo Postcard (RPPC), WE ALSO HAVE AVAILABLE FOR SEPARATE PURCHASE a companion “Harley Davidson”/“Indian Motorcycles” RPPC which we cordially invite you to view (both of these RPPC’s are the final two remaining from a set that was originally comprised of nine “Harley Davidson”/“Indian Motorcycles” view cards which were all acquired together from the estate auction of a retired former motorcycle company corporate executive).

*Picture View Side of Postcard: The imagery depicted is that of two (2) male motor cycle bike riders cruising along the road on their cycles (one of which is a “Harley Davidson Motorcycle”, the other an “Indian Motocycle”).

Both of the men are rakishly wearing jaunty, stylish cloth hats (no helmets for these two).

The “Harley Davidson” rider is wearing a sweatshirt that contains the prominent and clearly visible wording “Harley Davidson,” and also faintly visible on the side of his cycle is the “Harley Davidson” wording logo.

The “Indian Motocycle” rider is wearing a black sweatshirt on which the “Indian” wording emblem is faintly legible (THIS SAME RIDER also appears in the other of the two motorcycle transportation-themed postcards that we also have available for sale - in that OTHER PHOTO, he is wearing the same black “Indian” wording sweatshirt).

Descriptive Terminology re Picture View Side: Bike (Bikes); Biker (Bikers); Bush (Bushes); Company (Companies); Corporation (Corporations; Corporate); Cap (Caps); Cycle (Cycles); Driving Gloves; Glove (Gloves); Hat (Hats); Headlight (Headlights); Hog (Hogs); Kickstand (Kickstands); Motor-Bikes (Motorbikes); Moto Cycle (Moto Cycles); Rider (Riders); Tire (Tires); Tree (Trees)

*Reverse Side of Postcard: Postcard is POSTALLY UNUSED.

***PROVENANCE: Acquired from the estate of a retired, former motorcycle company corporate executive/businessman.

The reason we know that the two (2) businessmen who are pictured with the bikers on this postcard are actual official executives/officers of the motorcycle company is that a handwritten note on very old stationery originally accompanied the set of nine (9) postcards that this particular postcard was originally a part of, and this attribution information was contained thereon.

Interestingly, of the original series of nine (9) “Harley Davidson Motorcycles”/“Indian Motocycles” Real Photo Postcards (RPPC’s) that we acquired together as a “set” (several of which consisted of a variety of different view scenarios while others were duplicates of these), these same riders also appeared on some of those other non-duplicate postcards.

Special Attributes: Highly cross-collectible, this postcard would make a marvelous addition not only to the collection of any Deltiologist (as “Postcard Collectors” are otherwise more affectionately known), ;~) but also to those of “Harley Davidson Motorcycles” &/or “Indian Motocycles” devotees, as well as transportation memorabilia enthusiasts.

Subject Matter(s)/Genre(s): Transportation - Motorcycles - “Harley Davidson” AND “Indian”; Real Photo Postcard (RPPC); Advertising

Publisher/Markings/Signature: Unknown/Unspecified

Back: Divided back

Postal Usage: Postally unused

Age/Period: Antique - ca 1903 to ca 1920s (early-1900s to early 20th Century)

Material Type/Format/Style: Real photo postcard format - glossy photographic paper. In this particular instance, the tonality of the view side of the card is a combination of black & white (B&W)/grayish-silvery/sepia-ish glossy photographic paper

Quantity: One (1)

Size/Measurements: 5 ½"W x 3 ½"H

Condition Summary (kindly also refer to “Grading Scale” below as well as any/all photos):

This postally unused RPPC is in very good condition!

Condition Details: Please note that there are NO BENDS OR CREASES on this postcard. The faintly visible “visual line” running horizontally across the bushes/trees section towards the upper area of the card above the riders heads that LOOKS like it could be a bend or crease is NEITHER! Rather, it is something inherent in the photographic/postcard imagery itself. This same “visual line” was also present on a duplicate of this particular postcard that has already been sold, and it appeared in the exact same location on that other “Sold” card. We are more than happy to provide you with additional photos showing the two identical cards TOGETHER as part of the original set of nine (9) so that you can compare and see that BOTH postcards contained that.


M - MINT: A perfect card just as it comes from the printing press. No marks, bends, or creases. No writing or postmarks. A clean and fresh card. Seldom seen.

NM - NEAR MINT: Like Mint but very light aging or very slight discoloration from being in an album for many years. Not as sharp or crisp.

EX - EXCELLENT: Like mint in appearance with no bends or creases, or rounded or blunt corners. May be postally used or unused and with writing and postmark only on the address side. A clean, fresh card on the picture side.

VG - VERY GOOD: Corners may be a bit blunt or rounded with minor faults at the corners and/or along the edges. Almost undetectable crease or bend that does not detract from overall appearance of the picture side. May have writing or postally used on address side, minor soiling or light stains, light cancel marks on view side, overall in very fine condition with emphasis on minor with regard to faults

G - GOOD: Corners may be noticeably blunt or rounded with noticeably slight bends, creases, tears/nicks, visible smudges, or light trimming to the size of the card. May be postally used or have writing on the address side, Generally a card that is in acceptable collectible condition but with visible medium to major flaws

FR - FAIR: Card is intact. Excess soil, stains, creases, writing, or cancellation may affect picture. Could be a scarce card that is difficult to find in any condition. A card or item that can only be considered a space filler or reference copy given presence of major flaws plus major damage such as missing corners, holes, large bends etc

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Title: Harley Davidson & Indian Motorcycles Old Antique Real Photo Postcard (RPPC) ca 1903-1920s - 2 Bikers Riding Road Hogs (POSTALLY UNUSED) ***USPS FIRST CLASS SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

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