Teddy Bear Sitting on a Honey Pot Vintage Ceramic Cookie Jar/Biscuit Jar &/OR Dog Treats/Dog Biscuits Storage Container &/OR Candy Container ***GROUND SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

Price: $38.99

Quantity: 1 available

Item/Description:   Vintage “Teddy Bear sitting on a honey pot” ceramic cookie jar/biscuit jar (would also wonderfully and cleverly serve as an adorable dog treats/dog biscuits jar or candy container).

The brown Teddy Bear delightfully serves as a figural finial handle to the lid on top of which he is delightedly seated. The base of the jar resembles a ribbed beehive-like pot of honey.

He is handpainted a yummy chocolate brown and has blue-eyes.

Looking as if he’s about to wriggle right off the lid (so joyful is he that he has landed on this pot of honey), not only would this darling biscuit barrel bring joy and delight to the Teddy Bear lover and collector in your life (maybe that’s YOU?) ;~), but it would also decoratively enhance any kitchen or home decor display, as well as make a marvelously whimsical addition at one’s office or place of business (just imagine the smiles it would bring to the faces of all who encounter it - the fact that he’s also “full of treats” would be an added bonus).

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Age/Period: Vintage - ca 1980s-1990s

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin: Unknown/Unspecified

Material(s)/Format: Handpainted, glazed molded ceramic pottery - the interior of the jar is also glazed

Size/Measurements: 8 ½” H x approximately 5" W

Quantity: One (1)

Condition Summary: Excellent vintage collectible condition, exhibiting no cracks, breaks or repairs!

The bottom section of the jar exhibits a 1"L horizontal graze on the outermost portion of the rim/lip, where there is no longer any ivory paint or glaze; a couple of minimally noticeable scuffs/speck marks (one teensy speck is green, which may have been from the green coloring that is part of the interior glazing, which also has a greenish hue); and a faintly off-color discoloration area near the bottom edge.

On the back side of the lid cover, on its outer rim edge, there is one very tiny pin prick-sized “ding” that appears to be “from the factory” as opposed to post-manufacture.

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