Campfire Girls Vintage 1959 “The Law of the Camp Fire Girls” Postcard Postmarked Silverdale Kansas *****FIRST CLASS SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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Item Description/Title:   Exceptionally crisp and clean vintage 1959 “The Law of the Camp Fire Girls “ scouting postcard.


*Picture View Side of Postcard:   A red, ivory and blue geometric, abstract pattern/design is the imagery that is the background to the following Campfire Girls credo:

“The Law of the Camp Fire Girls:

Worship God.

Seek Beauty.

Give Service.

Pursue Knowledge.

Be Trustworthy.

Hold On To Health.

Glorify Work.

Be Happy.”


*Reverse Side of Postcard:   Visible portions of the legend contained on back side read: “The border decoration is made ___ of the hand, fagot and path ___, expressing the thought ___ fagots for the fire”


Subject Matter/Genre: Topical - Fraternal - Camp Fire Girls; Scouting


Publisher/Markings/Signature:   Pub. By Camp Fire Girls, Inc., New York City


Back: Divided Back


Postal Usage:   Postmarked July 3, 1959, Silverdale, Kansas


Age/Period:   Vintage - postmarked 1959


Material Type/Format/Style: Matte paper


Quantity:   One (1)


Size: 5 & ½" x 3 & ½"


Condition (kindly refer to “Grading Scale” below for specifics):   Excellent to near mint! Only mitigating condition factor is that because this postcard was protectively preserved within a scrapbook all these many years, it still retains adhesive residue on three of its four corners on address side.



M - MINT: A perfect card just as it comes from the printing press. No marks, bends, or creases. No writing or postmarks. A clean and fresh card. Seldom seen.


NM - NEAR MINT: Like Mint but very light aging or very slight discoloration from being in an album for many years. Not as sharp or crisp.


EX - EXCELLENT: Like mint in appearance with no bends or creases, or rounded or blunt corners. May be postally used or unused and with writing and postmark only on the address side. A clean, fresh card on the picture side.


VG - VERY GOOD: Corners may be a bit blunt or rounded with minor faults at the corners and/or along the edges. Almost undetectable crease or bend that does not detract from overall appearance of the picture side. May have writing or postally used on address side, minor soiling or light stains, light cancel marks on view side, overall in very fine condition with emphasis on minor with regard to faults


G - GOOD: Corners may be noticeably blunt or rounded with noticeably slight bends, creases, tears/nicks, visible smudges, or light trimming to the size of the card. May be postally used or have writing on the address side, Generally a card that is in acceptable collectible condition but with visible medium to major flaws


FR - FAIR: Card is intact. Excess soil, stains, creases, writing, or cancellation may affect picture. Could be a scarce card that is difficult to find in any condition. A card or item that can only be considered a space filler or reference copy given presence of major flaws plus major damage such as missing corners, holes, large bends etc


Title: Campfire Girls Vintage 1959 “The Law of the Camp Fire Girls” Postcard Postmarked Silverdale Kansas *****FIRST CLASS SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

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