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By: Audels Modern New Electric Library with Illustrated Diagrams by Frank D. Graham

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Title of Vintage Book:   Audels (Audel’s) Modern New Electric Library with Illustrated Diagrams


***For engineers, electricians, all electrical workers, mechanics, students....


***Lavishly Illustrated Throughout!     


Author(s): Frank D. Graham, B.S., M.S., M.E., E.E.


Publisher:   Theodore Audel & Co., a Subsidiary of Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc., Indianapolis & New York


Year of Publication: 1967


Edition: 1st/First


Ex-Library Volume: NO


Total of Numbered Pages: 480+


Size: 6 3/4"H x 5"W


Format: Hard Cover


Dust Jacket:   Yes


Condition: Near mint (closer to mint/like new)

*Covers/Exteriors:  Evince no shelf/edge wear or surface handling, having been well-protected by its dust jacket all these years


*Binding/Spine: Tightly intact


*Interior Contents: Crisply clean pages evince no noted writings, foxing, markings, water damage, staining, or odors of any kind, with only the lightest of paper age coloration


*Dust Jacket: Very good, albeit evincing a handful of paper nicks/tears



1 ELECTRICITY: Nature and Source. Kinds of Electricity - Static; Dynamic; Magnetic; Radio; Atmospheric; Positive; Negative; Frictional; Resinous; Vitreous.


2 STATIC ELECTRICITY: Attraction and Repulsion. Positive and Negative Charges. Faraday’s List. Charge. Distribution of Charge. Free and Bound Electricity. Conductors and Insulators. Electroscopes. Electrification by Induction. Nature of Induced Charge. Electrophorus. Faraday’s Ice Pail. Condensing Electroscope. Leyden Jar. Condensers. Electric Machines.


3 OHM’S LAW: Hydraulic Analogies. Amperes. Coulomb. Volts. Resistance. Ohm’s. Circular Mil. Square Mil. Circular Mil-Foot. Ohm’s Law. Voltage Drop. Series Connections. Parallel Connections. Mho. Batteries in Series and Parallel. Power. Watts, Kilowatts, Horsepower. Ohm’s Law Calculations.


4 PRIMARY CELLS: The Word “Battery.” Primary Cells Classified. Open and Closed Circuits. Elements. Electrolyte. Action of Cell. Polarization. Pos. and Neg. Elements Distinguished. Chemical Changes. Home Mae Cells. Effects of Polarization. Battery Directions. Methods of Depolarizing. Volta’s Contact Law. Laws of Chemical Action. Features of Good Cell. Single and Two Fluid Cells. Leclanche Cell. Fuller Bichromate Cell. Edison Cell. Bunsen Cell. Grenet Bichromate Cell. Daniell Cell. Gravity Cells. Care of Cells. Dry Cells. Points on Dry Cells. Battery Connections.


5 CONDUCTORS AND INSULATORS: Conductors. Insulators. Table of Conductors and Insulators. Mode of Transmission. Effec of Heat. Heating Effect of Current. Effect of Temperature. Insulators. Impregnating Compounds. Water as Conductor.


6 RESISTANCE AND CONDUCTIVITY: Resistance. Hyd. Anal. Of Resistance. Ohm’s Law. Standard of Conductivity. Conductivity of Metals and Liquids. Effect of Heat. Resistance Laws. Conductance and Conductivity. Specific Conductivity. Divided Circuits.


7 ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL ENERGY: Energy. Matter. Atom. Molecule. Electricity and Magnetism, Dif. Work. Foot Pound. Volt-Coulomb. Ampere Hour. Power. Horse Power. Watt. Watt Hour. Heat. Mechanical Equity of Heat. Electrical Horse Power. Farad.


8 EFFECTS OF THE CURRENT: Thermal Effect. Magnetic Effect. Chemical Effect. Joule’s Law. Use of Heat from Current. Electrolysis. Electro-Chemical Series. Electric Osmose. Voltameter. Muscular Contractions. Electroplating. Electrotyping.


9 MAGNETISM: Two Kinds of Magnetism. Magnetic Needle. Bar Magnet. Compass. Magnetic Poles. Magnetic Field. Magnetic Force. Magnetic Circuit. Flux. Maxwell. Magnetic Units. Oersted’s Discovery. Rules. Solenoids. Ampere’s Experiments. Action of Iron Core.  Permeability. Magnetic Saturation. Magnetomotive Force. Ampere Turns. Reluctance. Elec. And Mag. Circuits Compared. Hysteresis. Residual Magnetism.


10 ELECTRO-MAGNETIC INDUCTION: The Term “Cut.” Faraday’s Discovery. Faraday’s Machine. Faraday’s Principle. Faraday’s Dynamo. How Current is Induced. Direction of Induced Current. Laws of Electro-Magnetic Induction. Rules for Direction of Induced Current. Self-Induction.


11 INDUCTION COILS: Classification. Self-Induction. Mutual Induction. Primary Induction Coils. Secondary Induction Coils. Plain Sec. Induction Coils. Vibrator and Condenser. Medical Coil. Magnetic Vibrators. Vibrator Adjustment. Coil Dimensions, Table. Sparking Distances, Table. Points on Ignition Coils. Jump Spark Ignition. Coil Design. Coil Calculations. Tables.


12 THE DYNAMO: Definition of Dynamo. The Word “Generator.” Operation of Dynamo. Parts of Dynamo. Construction of Dynamos.


13 THE DYNAMO; BASIC PRINCIPLES: Essential Parts. Field Magnets, Objects of. Commutator. Voltage, Law of. Elementary Alternator. Sine Curve Analogy. Rate of “Cutting.” Sine Curve. Reversal of Current.


14 THE DYNAMO; CURRENT COMMUTATON: Direct Current, How Produced. Dif. Bet. Alternator and Dynamo. Commutator, Construction of. Rectified Current. Inductors. Continuous Current. Four Coil Armature, Action of. Six Coil Armature.


15 CLASSES OF DYNAMO: Bipolar and multipolar Dynamos. Dynamo and Magneto, Compared. Self-Exciting Dynamo. Building Up. Series Dynamo - Speed Control. Shunt Dynamo. Compound Dynamo. Separately Excited Dynamo. Dobrowolsky Three Wire Dynamo.


16 EXPERIMENTS ILLUSTRATING DYNAMO AND MOTOR PRICIPLES: Gilley Gramme Machine - Parts of; Directions for Experiments. Miller-Cowen Machine - Directions for Experiments.


17 FIELD MAGNETS: Field Magnets, Object of - Parts of; Classes of. Multipolar Field Magnets. Yoke. Core Construction. Pole Pieces. Eddy Currents, Laminated Fields. Magnetizing Coils - Connections.


18 THE ARMATURE: Armature, Features of. Elementary Armature, Objections to. Continuous Current, How Produced. Types of Armature. Ring and Drum Armatures Compared. Ring Armature. Drum Armature. Disc Armature.


19 ARMATURE WINDINGS: Winding Diagrams, Kinds of - End View; Coil Clement; Coil Pitch; Fractional Pitch Coils; Front Pitch; Back Pitch; Commutator Pitch. Progressive and Retrogressive. Brushes Required. Lap and Wave Windings. Winding Table. Lap Winding. Multiplex Lap Winding. Single and Double Re-Entrant Winding. Equalizer Connections. Wave Winding. Tracing a Simplex Wave Winding. Symbols Used in Lap Winding - in Wave Winding. Comparison of Lap and Wave Windings. Winding Diagrams, Lap Winding - Wave Winding. 


20 ARMATURE CALCULATIONS: Armature Design, Principle Item - Examples; Wire Capacity Table; Size of Wire; Inductors, Number of; Horse Power; Voltage Drop. Magnet Calculations - Average Diameter of Turns; Spool, Size of; Watts Lost; Bedding.


21 PRACTICAL ARMATURE WINDING AND REPAIRS; SHOP METHODS: Armature. Winding Data Required. Dismantling of. Repairing the Commutator - Commutator Clamp; Commutator Press. Truing of Commutators - Cast Commutator Stone; Truing Tool. Under Cutting of Mica. High and Low Commutator Bars. Burn Outs. Plugging. Tightening a Repaired Commutator. Insulating the Cores. Core Jig and Block. Insulation of Slots. Magnet Wires - Types of Covering; Properties of. Hand Winding - Wooden Armature for Practice; Six Slot Lap Winding; Multi-Wire Winding; Winding Tools; H Pat. Chorded Bipolar Winding; Diametrical Split Winding. Machine Winding - Chapman Winding Machine; Twisted Slots. Commutator Connection - Straight Out; for Brushes at; for Cord Winding. Soldering the Commutator. Chapman Soldering Machine. Varnishing. Slots, Shape of. Preformed Armature Coils. Armature Forming Machine. Characteristics of Windings. Short Coil. Eichmeyer Coil. Chapman Taping Machines. Reconnecting D.C. Machines - Voltage Changes; Changes for Half Voltage Operation; Changes for Double Voltage Operation; Arm. Winding Changes for Voltage Changes; for Different Speed Changes. Dynamo Operated as a Motor. Direction of Rotation. Wrong Field Connections,

Title: Audels Modern New Electric Library with Illustrated Diagrams Vintage 1967 Audel Guides Book *****MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

Author Name: Audels Modern New Electric Library with Illustrated Diagrams by Frank D. Graham

Categories: Electronics,

Edition/Printing: 1st/First

Publisher: Indianapolis & New York, Theodore Audel & Co., a Subsidiary of Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc.: 1967

Binding/Type: Hard Cover

Book Condition: Near mint (closer to mint/like new)

Dust Jacket Type/Condition: Very good (refer to description for detailed information)

Size: 6 & 3/4

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