Favorite Bavaria “F Blanchard” Antique Powder Box/Powder Jar/Powder Bowl Porcelain Handpainted Floral Forget Me Nots Flowers ca pre-1916 Mark ***USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

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Item/Description: Antique ca pre-1916 artist-signed “F Blanchard” Favorite Bavaria floral porcelain powder box with original lid.

The exquisitely lovely handpainted decorative design of this stunning two (2)-piece pastel powder jar is “Forget Me Not” flowers, and the colors utilized are a scrumptiously vivid yet soothing and complementary array of powder blue and periwinkle blue accented with hints of mint green, jade green, snowy white, lilac pink, reddish-orange, lemon yellow, honey brown, and chocolate brown.

The top cover of the powder box is further elegantly ornamented with gilded embellishments to the finial handle as well as the edging all around.

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Age/Period: Antique/Vintage - ca 1900-1916 (Early 1900s)

*The“Favorite Bavaria” mark on the bottom of this dresser set is a special export mark that dates back to ca 1916, and was used by the C. Hutschenreuther Company of Bavaria, Germany exclusively for the US market.

*The artistic works of “F Blanchard,” the porcelain china decorator whose name is signed on the lid of this darling dresser box, also dates to this same era of great china painters and can be found on items produced by only the best porcelain manufacturers of the day, including, but not limited to, Hutschenreuther Selb and Limoges.

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:

*The underside of the powder bowls contains a green backstamp mark that reads: “Favorite Bavaria.” This is a special export mark dating back to ca 1916 that was used by the C. Hutschenreuther Company of Bavaria, Germany exclusively for the US market.

*The lid is artist-signed “F Blanchard.”

Material(s)/Format: Porcelain china

Size/Measurements: Nearly 5"H x 4 3/4" in diameter

Quantity: One (1)

Condition Summary: Very good antique collectible condition. There are no nicks, cracks, breaks, repairs, crazing, paint or gold loss, with the only modest condition factor being a slight surface chip in the gold trim adorning the lid on its back side where it is easily hidden from view when on display.

Excerpted Online Research Information About the “Favorite Bavaria” Mark (attributed to justanswer.com): “...This mark was used by C. Hutschenreuther in Bavaria, Germany. It was used as a special export mark for the US market (note the American spelling of the word 'favorite' which is different to the traditional spelling of the British and British domiciles - 'favourite'). The US based importers of these wares were the Burley & Tyrrell Co of Chicago, Illinois. It is registered that a decorating studio by the name of Jacob H. Stouffer from Adeline, Illinois was taking whiteware with a "Favorite China" backstamp and decorating it in the US. His studio, based in Chicago was in operation from 1905 - 1952. Stouffer was known to employ some of the best decorators and artisans of the time.”

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Title: Favorite Bavaria “F Blanchard” Antique Powder Box/Powder Jar/Powder Bowl Porcelain Handpainted Floral Forget Me Nots Flowers ca pre-1916 Mark ***USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

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