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Title of Vintage Cookbook/Cook Book/Cooking Recipes Book:  “Cooking the Chinese Way” vintage 1962 regional, cultural cookbook.


***Includes Cantonese cuisine recipes.


Author(s):  Nina Froud


Author’s Acknowledgments:  “My first debt of gratitude is to Ah Wing, our cook in Hong Kong, who first kindled my interest in Chinese cooking (he never knew what he started!) And gave me my first, illicit - because it was not ‘done’ for young girls to go into the kitchen - cookery lesson, while I was being kept away from school with a sore throat, by letting me watch him stuff king prawns with almonds and mushrooms. No impressionable girl could remain unaffected by such a demonstration. I, certainly, was never the same!


I also want to express my thanks to my old friends, Mr. And Mrs. Man of Choy’s Restaurant, for sharing with me the secrets of their Long and Short Soup; to the Proprietor of Old Friends Restaurant for his excellent Stuffed Chicken Wings; to the Proprietor of Chi-Chi Restaurant for his sucking pig and duck dishes; to Anne de Serville for breaking all records; to George for the vital finishing touches, but most of all to Tak Shing for his many invaluable suggestions and for keeping the traces of Shanghai accent out of my Cantonese. NINA FROUD”


Library of Congress Subject(s)/Category (Categories)/Genre(s):  Cooking, Chinese


Publisher/Location Published:   Spring Books - London


Printing Location:  Printed in Czechoslovakia


Year(s) of Publication:1962, c1960 (1960s)


Edition(s):  Revised & Enlarged Edition (Rev. and enl. ed)


ISBN #:  N/A


Ex-Library/Ex-Remainder Volume(s):  NO


Total of Numbered/Paginated Pages:    224 total pages (223 of which are numbered)


Size(s):    5 1/4"W x 8"H


Format(s)/Binding(s) (e.g. Types, Special Attributes, Paper Used):  Hard cover/hardcover


Dust Jacket(s):  N/A


Condition:   Book is in collectible, overall excellent condition (see below specifics) - NO DUST JACKET. Book has been very well-cared for and only very gently handled!


*Exterior Covers & Edges:  Near mint, pristinely clean and vibrant red cloth-covered boards remain sharp-cornered, evincing no surface handling or wear, and only modest, nominal shelf wear to upper/lower edges (outer edges are pristine).


*Binding(s)/Spine(s): Binding/spine remains as sound and tightly intact as if it were brand new, as does its gold lettering which is completely intact with vivid coloration. Book has been very well-cared for and only very gently handled!


*Interior Contents:  Pages remain crisp and sharp-cornered, evincing no writing, highlighting, water damage, or odors of any kind. No pages are missing. Pages do exhibit age coloration that is normal and natural for thetype of paperused. A handful of pages on a few portions thereon exhibit residue from a white powdery-like substance (perhaps a one-time ingredient). Some pages also exhibit some staining. These condition factors are odd given how new the book looks and feels (even how it smells). The outer edge of page 81 exhibits a tiny nick/tear.


*Dust Jacket(s)/DJ(s):  Book does not retain its original dust jacket.




***Some Useful Facts and Figures


***General Remarks on Kitchen Utensils and Serving of Chinese Food

***Chinese Flavourings and Ingredients


***Meat and Poultry



***Rice and Noodles



Abalone and Green Pea Soup. Abalone, Braised. Abalone with Bamboo Shoots. Asparagus, Braised. Asparagus Soup


Bacon and Bean Omelette. Bacon and Bean Sprout Omelette. Bass, Braised. Bass with Ginger Sauce. Bass with Tomato Sauce. Bean Curd. Bean Curd and Ham Fritters. Bean Curd Fritters, Stuffed. Bean Curd with Fish. Bean Curd with Fresh Shrimps. Bean Curd with Oyster Sauce. Bean Sprout Soup. Bean Sprouts, Braised. Bean Sprouts, Fried. Bean Sprouts, Fried, with Tomatoes. Beans, Fried, and Celery. Beef and Tomato Soup. Beef and Turnip Soup. Beef, Braised, with Pimentos. Beef Chowder. Beef, Fried, with Celery and Cabbage. Beef, Fried, with Green Ginger. Beef, Ribs of, with Black Beans. Beef, Spiced. Beef, Steamed Minced. Beef, Steamed, with Rice. Beef with Lotus Roots. Beef with Mixed Vegetables. Bird’s Nest in Whole Chicken. Bird’s Nest Soup. Bitter Melon, Stuffed. Bitter Melon with Pork Ribs. Boiled Mushrooms. Boiled Patties. Boiled Rice, Mixed. Boiled Rice, Plain. Boiled Rice with Chicken and Oyster Sauce. Boiled Rice with Chicken and Tomatoes. Boiled Sole with Sweet and Sour Sauce. Brain Soup. Braised Abalone. Braised Asparagus. Braised Bass. Braised Bean Sprouts. Braised Beef with Pimentos. Braised Bream. Braised Broad Beans. Braised Broccoli. Braised Carp. Braised Carrots. Braised Cauliflower. Braised Chicken with Pimentos. Braised Chinese Cabbage. Braised Duck Stuffed with Rice. Braised Duck with Asparagus Tips. Braised Duck with Brussels Sprouts. Braised Duck with Cabbage. Braised Duck with Cauliflower. Braised Duck with Courgettes. Braised Duck with Lettuce. Braised Duck with Onions. Braised Duck with Pimentos. Braised Eel. Braised Eggs. Braised Lobster with Asparagus Tips. Braised Lobster with Bamboo Shoots and Water Chestnuts. Braised Lobster with Broccoli. Braised Lobster with Brussels Sprouts. Braised Lobster with Cabbage. Braised Lobster with Cauliflower. Braised Lobster with Courgettes. Braised Lobster with Peas. Braised Lobster with Pimentos. Braised Lobster with String Beans. Braised Marrow. Braised Noodles. Braised Noodles with Bamboo Shoots and Mushrooms. Braised Noodles with Lobster and Cauliflower. Braised Noodles with Prawns. Braised Peas. Braised Pigeon. Braised Pigeon with Asparagus. Braised Pigeon with Bamboo Shoots and Water Chestnuts. Braised Pigeon with Broccoli. Braised Pigeon with Cabbage. Braised Pigeon with Cauliflower. Braised Pigeon with Courgettes. Braised Pigeons with Sprouts. Braided Pimentos. Braised Pork. Braised Rock Salmon. Braised Turnips. Bream, Braised. Bream, Crispy. Bream, Fried, with Black Beans. Bream, Steamed, with Black Beans. Bream, Whole, with Tomatoes. Broad Beans, Braised. Broccoli, Braised. Brussels Sprouts, Fried


Cabbage, Braised Chinese. Cabbage, Fried. Cabbage in Milk. Cabbage, Pickled. Cabbage Soup. Cabbage with Dried Shrimps. Carp and Red Bean Soup. Carp, Braised. Carrots, Braised. Cauliflower, Braised. Celery, Pickled. Chicken and Ham Soup. Chicken and Mushroom Soup. Chicken and Mushrooms. Chicken, Braised, with Pimentos. Chicken Chow Min. Chicken Chowder. Chicken, Crystal. Chicken, Fried, and Mushrooms. Chicken, Fried Jointed. Chicken, Fried Spiced. Chicken, Fried, with Bitter Melon. Chicken, Fried, with Pineapple. Chicken, Fried, with Mixed Vegetables. Chicken, Fried, with Rice Noodles and Mixed Vegetables. Chicken Giblets, Fried. Chicken Kromeskis. Chicken, Steamed. Chicken, Stewed, with Almonds. Chicken, Stewed, with Chestnuts. Chicken, Stweed, with Green Peas. Chicken, Stewed, with Mushrooms. Chicken, Sweet and Sour. Chicken, Sweet and Sour, with Pineapple. Chicken, Whole, Deep Fried. Chicken Wings and Lets, Steamed. Chicken Wings Stuffed with Ham and Mushrooms. Chicken with Almonds. Chicken with Chestnuts. Chicken with Tomatoes. Chicken with Walnuts. Chowder, Beef. Chowder, Chicken. Chowder, Duck. Chowder, Fish, with Chrysanthemum Petals. Chowder, Pork. Cod with Tomato Sauce. Conference Omelette. Consomme, Chinese. Courgette and Prawn Soup. Courgettes. Crab au gratin a la chinoise. Crab, Deep Fried. Crab Kromeskis. Crab Omelette. Crab Rolls. Crab Soup. Crab, Stewed, with Mushrooms. Crab with Black Beans. Crab with Mushrooms. Crispy Bream. Crispy Noodles. Crispy Noodles with Chicken and Bamboo Shoots. Crispy Noodles with Crab. Crispy Noodles with Lobster. Crispy Noodles with Pork and Water Chestnuts. Crispy Noodles with Prawns. Crystal Chicken. Cucumber. Cucumber, Pickled. Cuttlefish with Mushrooms and Celery


Deep Fried Crab. Deep Fried Lobster. Deep Fried Patties. Deep Fried Whole Chicken. Dried Seaweed Soup. Duck and Orange Peel Soup. Duck and Parsnip Soup. Duck and Tangerine Peel. Duck, Braised, Stuffed with Rice. Duck, Braised, with Asparagus Tips. Duck, Braised, with Brussels Sprouts. Duck, Braised, with Cabbage. Duck, Braised, with Cauliflower. Duck, Braised, with Courgettes. Duck, Braised, with Lettuce. Duck, Braised, with Onions. Duck, Braised, with Pimentos. Duck Chowder. Duck, Fried, with Sweet and Sour Sauce. Duck, Roast. Duck, Steamed, with Mushrooms. Duck, Stuffed, with Barley. Duck, Sweet and Sour. Duck with Prawns and Bamboo Shoots. Duck with Salt Lemon and Ginger Sauce


Eel, Braised. Egg and Pea Soup. Egg, Shredded. Egg Soup, Plain. Eggs, Braised. Eggs, Scrambled, with Spring Onions. Eggs, Steamed. Eggs, Steamed, with Bacon. Eggs, Steamed, with Ham and Bamboo Shoots. Eggs, Steamed, with Mushrooms. Eggs, Steamed, with Pork. Eggs, Steamed, with Prawns. Eggs, Steamed, with Shrimps. Eggs, with Spinach. 


Fillets of Fish, Sweet and Sour. Fish Balls. Fish Balls with Sweet and Sour Sauce. Fish Chowder with Chrysanthemum Petals. Fish, Fillets of, Sweet and Sour. Fish, Fried, with Mushrooms. Fish Kromeskis. Fish Soup. Fish, Sweet and Sour. Fresh Lotus Seed and Duck Soup. Fresh Mushrooms with Mixed Vegetables. Fresh Noodles. Fried Bean Sprouts. Fried Bean Sprouts with Tomatoes. Fried Beans and Celery. Fried Beef with Celery and Cabbage. Fried Beef with Green Ginger. Fried Bream with Black Beans. Fried Brussels Sprouts. Fried Cabbage. Fried Chicken and Mushrooms. Fried Chicken Giblets. Fried Chicken with Bitter Melon. Fried Chicken with Mixed Vegetables. Fried Chicken with Pineapple. Fried Chicken with Rice Noodles and Mixed Vegetables. Fried Crab. Fried Duck with Sweet and Sour Sauce. Fried Fish with Mushrooms. Fried Giblets with Bamboo Shoots. Fried Giblets with Bean Sprouts. Fried Giblets with Broccoli. Fried Giblets with Mixed Vegetables. Fried Giblets with Peas. Fried Haddock. Fried Jointed Chicken. Fried Kidney. Fried Lamb. Fried Lettuce. Fried Liver. Fried Lobster. Fried Lobster Tails. Fried Lobster with Bean Sprouts. Fried Lobster with Rice Noodles. Fried Lobster with Vegetables. Fried Meat Balls. Fried Minced Oysters. Fried Minced Pork. Fried Mixed Vegetables. Fried Noodles. Fried Noodles with Chicken and Broccoli. Fried Noodles with Chicken and Mushrooms. Fried Noodles with Crab. Fried Noodles with Mixed Vegetables. Fried Oysters. Fried Patties. Fried Pigeon. Fried Pigeon with Mixed Vegetables. Fried Plaice, Hong Kong Style. Fried Pork. Fried Pork and Asparagus. Fried Pork and Cucumber. Fried Pork and French Beans. Fried Pork and Seakale. Fried Rice. Fried Rice with Chicken. Fried Rice with Crab. Fried Rice with Ham and Beans. Fried Rice with Lobster. Fried Rice with Prawns. Fried Rice with Shrimps and Ham. Fried Scallops with Water Chestnuts and Bamboo Shoots. Fried Spiced Chicken. Fried Spiced Pigeons. Fried Spiced Pork. Fried Spinach. Fried Sprats. Fried Spring Greens. Fried Veal and Celery. Fried Watercress. Fried Watercress with Bean Curd. Fried Whiting. Fried Whole Chicken. Fritters, Prawn. Frog’s Legs wiht Melon. Frog’s Legs with Pears


Giblet Soup. Giblets, Fried, with Bamboo Shoots. Giblets, Fried, with Bean Sprouts. Giblets, Fried, with Broccoli. Giblets, Fried, with Mixed Vegetables. Giblets, Fried, with Peas. Ginger Lobster


Haddock, Fried. Hake with Tomato Sauce. Ham and Pea Omelette


Kid with Preserved Fruit. Kidney and Cucumber Soup. Kidney and Onion. Kidney, Fried. Kohlrabi in Milk


Lamb and Chinese Vermicelli. Lamb, Fried. Lamb, Leg of, Spiced. Lamb with Turnips. Leg of Lamb, Spiced. Lettuce and Egg Soup. Lettuce and Shrimp Soup. Lettuce, Fried. Lettuce with Dried Shrimps. Liver, Fried. Liver Soup. Lobster, Braised, with Asparagus Tips. Lobster, Braised, with Bamboo Shoots and Water Chestnuts. Lobster, Braised, with Broccoli. Lobster, Braised, with Brussels Sprouts. Lobster, Braised, with Cabbage. Lobster, Braised, with Cauliflower. Lobster, Braised, with Courgettes. Lobster, Braised, with Peas. Lobster, Braised, with Pimentos. Lobster, Braised, with Spring Beans. Lobster, Deep Fried. Lobster, Fried, with Bean Sprouts. Lobster, Fried, with Rice Noodles. Lobster, Fried, with Vegetables. Lobster, Ginger. Lobster Omelette. Lobster Rolls. Lobster, Sweet and Sour, with Pineapple. Lobster Tails, Fried. Lobster with Fresh Noodles and Vegetables. Lobster with Tomatoes. Long and Short Soup. Lotus Seed Soup


Marrow, Braised. Meat Balls, Fried. Melon Soup, Winter. Minced Beef, Steamed. Minced Oysters, Fried. Minced Pork, Fried. Minced Pork Omelette. Minced Pork Soup. Minced Pork, Steamed. Mixed Rice, Boiled. Mixed Vegetables, Fried. Mixed Vegetable Soup. Mixed Vegetables, Special. Most Precious Rice. Mushroom and Green Pea Soup. Mushroom Soup. Mushrooms, Boiled. Mushrooms, Fresh, with Mixed Vegetables. Mushrooms in Gravy. Mushrooms with Quenelles. Mussel Omelette. Mutton, Stewed. Mutton with Mixed Vegetables


Noodles and Patties, Pastry for. Noodles, Braised. Noodles, Braised, with Bamboo Shoots and Mushrooms. Noodles, Braised, with Lobster and Cauliflower. Noodles, Braised, with Prawns. Noodles, Crispy. Noodles, Crispy, with Chicken and Bamboo Shoots. Noodles, Crispy, with Crab. Noodles, Crispy, with Lobster. Noodles, Crispy, with Pork and Water Chestnuts. Noodles, Crispy, with Prawns. Noodles, Fresh. Noodles, Fried. Noodles, Fried, with Chicken and Broccoli. Noodles, Fried, with Chicken and Mushrooms. Noodles, Fried, with Crab. Noodles, Fried, with Mixed Vegetables


Omelette, bacon and Bean. Omelette, Bacon and Bean Sprout. Omelette, Conference. Omelette, Crab. Omelette, Ham and Pea. Omelette, Lobster. Omelette, Minced Pork. Omelette, Mussel. Omelette, Oyster. Omelette, Pork. Omelette, Pork and Tomato. Omelette, Prawn and Vegetable. Omelette, Shredded Pork. Omelette, with Bamboo Shoots and Bean Sprouts. Oyster Omelette. Oyster Rolls. Oysters, Fried. Oysters, Fried Minced. Oysters, Stewed. Oysters, Sweet and Sour, with Pineapple


Pancake Rolls. Pastry for Noodles and Patties. Patties, Boiled. Patties, Deep Fried. Patties, Semi-Fried. Peas, Braised. Peas, Chinese. Pickled Cabbage. Pickled Celery. Pickled Cucumber. Pickled Radishes. Pickled Turnips. Pigeon, Braised. Pigeon, Braised, with Asparagus. Pigeon, Braised, with Bamboo Shoots and Water Chestnuts. Pigeon, Braised, with Broccoli. Pigeon, Braised, with Cabbage. Pigeon, Braised, with Cauliflower. Pigeon, Braised, with Courgettes. Pigeon, Fried. Pigeon, Fried, with Mixed Vegetables. Pigeon Soup. Pigeons, Braised, with Sprouts. Pigeons, Fried Spiced. Pigs’ Trotter Soup. Pigs’ Trotters with Pickles. Pimentos, Braised. Pimentos, Stuffed. Pimentos with Pork Ribs. Plaice, Fried, Hong Kong Style. Plaice, Steamed. Plaice, Stewed, with Mixed Vegetables. Plain Boiled Rice. Plain Egg Soup. Pork and Cabbage. Pork and Cauliflower. Pork and Courgettes. Pork and Cuttlefish Soup. Pork and Lotus Root Soup. Pork and Mushroom Soup. Pork and Peanuts. Pork and Peas. Pork and Prawn Soup. Pork and Tomato Omelette. Pork, Braised.  Pork Chops, Spiced. Pork Chops with Dried Olives. Pork Chowder. Pork Cubes with Sweet and Sour Sauce. Pork, Fried. Pork, Fried, and Asparagus. Pork, Fried, and Cucumber. Pork, Fried, and French Beans. Pork, Fried, and Seakale. Pork, Fried Minced. Pork, Fried Spiced. Pork, Minced, Omelette. Pork, Minced, Soup. Pork Omelette. Pork, Roast. Pork, Shredded, Omelette. Pork, Special, Sweet and Sour. Pork, Steamed Minced. Pork, Steamed, with Ground Rice. Pork, Steamed, with Preserved Vegetables. Pork, Stewed, with Lily Petals. Pork, Sweet and Sour. Pork, Tung-Po. Pork with Bean Sprouts. Pork with Red Bean Curd. Pork with Spinach. Prawn and Vegetable Omelette. Prawn Cutlets. Prawn Cutlets Stuffed with Almonds. Prawn Cutlets Stuffed with Walnuts. Prawn Fritters. Prawn Rolls. Prawn Soup. Prawns with Almonds. Prawns with Asparagus Tips. Prawns with Bamboo Shoots and Water Chestnuts. Prawns with Broccoli. Prawns with Brussels Sprouts. Prawns with Cauliflower. Prawns with Celery. Prawns with Chili Sauce. Prawns with Courgettes. Prawns with Lettuce. Prawns with Mixed Vegetables. Prawns with Pimentos. Prawns with Walnuts. Prawns with White Cabbage


Radish Tops, Semi-Fried. Radishes, Pickled. Ravioli Soup. Ribs of Beef with Black Beans. Rice and Steamed Chicken. Rice, Boiled Mixed. Rice, Boiled, with Chicken and Oyster Sauce. Rice, Boiled, with Chicken and Tomatoes. Rice, Fried. Rice, Fried, with Chicken. Rice, Fried, with Crab. Rice, Fried, with Ham and Beans. Rice, Fried, with Lobster. Rice, Fried, with Prawns. Rice, Fried, with Shrimps and Ham. Rice, Most Precious. Rice, Plain Boiled. Rice with Mushrooms. Roast Duck. Roast Pork. Roast Turkey. Rock Salmon, Braised. Rolls, Crab. Rolls, Lobster. Rolls, Oyster. Rolls, Pancake. Rolls, Prawn. Rolls, Scallop. Rolls, Shrimp. Rolls, Spring


Scallop Rolls. Scallops, Fried, with Water Chestnuts and Bamboo Shoots. Scallops, Sweet and Sour, with Pineapple. Scallops with Asparagus Tips. Scallops with Broccoli. Scallops with Brussels Sprouts. Scallops with Cauliflower. Scallops with Green Peppers. Scallops with White Cabbage. Scrambled Eggs with Spring Onions. Seaweed Soup, Dried. Seaweed Soup with Meat Quenelles. Semi-Fried Patties. Semi-Fried Radish Tops. Shark’s Fin Soup. Shark’s Fins in Whole Chicken. Shredded Egg. Shredded Pork Omelette. Shrimp Kromeskis. Shrimp Pellets, Sweet and Sour. Shrimp Rolls. Shrimps with Corn Noodles. Sole and Noodle Soup. Sole and Sweet Cucumber Soup. Sole, Boiled, with Sweet and Sour Sauce. Sole, Steamed. Sole, Stweed, with Mixed Vegetables. Soup with Chicken and Fried Noodles. Special Mixed Vegetables. Spiced Beef. Spiced Chicken, Fried. Spiced Leg of Lamb. Spiced Pigeons, Fried. Spiced Pork Chops. Spiced Pork, Fried. Spinach, Fried. Spinach Soup. Spinah with Bean Curd. Sprats, Fried. Spring Greens, Fried. Spring Rolls. Steak and Beetroot Soup. Steak with Oyster Sauce. Steamed Beef with Rice. Steamed Bream with Black Beans. Steamed Chicken. Steamed Chicken Wings and Legs. Steamed Duck with Mushrooms. Steamed Eggs. Steamed Eggs with Bacon. Steamed Eggs with Ham and Bamboo Shoots. Steamed Eggs with Mushrooms. Steamed Eggs with Pork. Steamed Eggs with Prawns. Steamed Eggs with Shrimps. Steamed Minced Beef. Steamed Minced Pork. Steamed Plaice. Steamed Pork with Ground Rice. Steamed Pork with Preserved Vegetables. Steamed Sole. Steamed Turbot. Stewed Chicken with Almonds. Stewed Chicken with Chestnuts. Stewed Chicken with Green Peas. Stewed Chicken with Mushrooms. Stewed Crab with Mushrooms. Stewed Mutton. Stewed Oysters. Stewed Plaice with Mixed Vegetables. Stewed Pork with Lily Petals. Stewed Sole with Mixed Vegetables. Stewed Turbot with Mixed Vegetables. Stock, Chinese. Stuffed Bean Curd Fritters. Stuffed Bitter Melon. Stuffed Pimentos. Sweet and Sour Chicken. Sweet and Sour Chicken with Pineapple. Sweet and Sour Duck. Sweet and Sour Fillets of Fish. Sweet and Sour Fish. Sweet and Sour Lobster with Pineapple. Sweet and Sour Oysters with Pineapple. Sweet and Sour Pork. Sweet and Sour Pork Special. Sweet and Sour Scallops with Pineapple. Sweet and Sour Shrimp Pellets. Sweet Corn Soup with Chicken. Sweet Corn Soup with Pork


Tung-Po Pork. Turbot, Steamed. Turbot, Stewed, with Mixed Vegetables. Turkey, Roast. Turnip Tops. Turnips, Braised. Turnips, Pickled


Veal, Fried, and Celery. Vegetable Soup, Mixed. Vegetables, Fried Mixed. Vegetables, Special Mixed. Vermicelli Soup with Quenelles


Water Lily Soup. Watercress, Fried. Watercress, Fried, With Bean Curd. Watercress Soup. Whiting, Fried. Whole Bream with Tomatoes. Winter Melon Soup


Title: Cooking the Chinese Way Vintage 1962 Regional, Cultural Cuisine Cookbook by Nina Froud *****MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

Author Name: Cooking the Chinese Way by Nina Froud

Categories: Cooking, Food & Wine, Entertaining,

Edition/Printing: Revised & Enlarged Edition

Publisher: London, England, Spring Books: 1962

Binding/Type: Hard Cover

Book Condition: Book is in collectible, overall excellent condition (please also refer to detailed condition description within listing)

Dust Jacket Type/Condition: Book does not retain its original dust jacket

Special Attributes: Cooking, Chinese

Size: 5 1/4"W x 8"H

lbs: 1.00 1 lbs

Seller ID: Cooking the Chinese Way