Arizona Distributing Company Red Santa Boot Liquor/Wine Decanter Bottle Vintage ca 1940s-1960s RARE ***USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***-

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Item/Description:   Vintage 1940s-1960s “Aloha Hawaii” naked lady figural wooden Hawaiian Item/Description:   Vintage ca. 1940s-1960s Arizona Distributing Company boot-shaped liquor/wine glass decanter bottle covered in red and black ???leather??? so as to actually resemble a real knee-high shoe boot.


This fabulous distillery collectible is incredibly rare and unique. Very few “Arizona Distributing Company” items ever become available in the collectibles marketplace, let alone a glass decanter bottle that is so cleverly and uniquely designed entirely in the shape/form of a boot, let alone in as exceptional condition as is this one.

This red & black lace-up boot with silver laces would display marvelously anywhere. In fact, it has been decoratively displayed in our “holidays-themed” room on the shelves alongside our other antique and vintage Christmas collectibles ever since we first acquired this piece.

Highly cross-collectible, this unique liquor bottle/wine bottle runs the gamut of collectibility, ranging from advertising aficionados who cherish distillery collectibles; to barware/breweriana collectors of decanters & bottles; to fashion enthusiasts enthralled with any/all types of shoes (in this instance, a vintage lace-up boot); to holiday collectibles connoisseurs (in this case a boot that is reminiscent of Santa Claus and the Christmas holidays); to fireman-firefighter/logging memorabilia collectors (this boot also somewhat resembles the shoe-ware worn in those admirable and respected professions); to devotees of decorative collectibles!

About The Arizona Distributing Company: Founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1942 by Charlie Minning, they were at one time also distributing points for Millers High Life Beer at Tucson and Flagstaff.

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Age/Period: Vintage - Mid-Century ca. 1940s to ca late-1960s

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:

*The original paper label on exterior side of boot reads: “Imported by Arizona Distributing Co, Phoenix, Arizona - Import Permit Ariz-1-761."

*The interior lining of the boot contains the acronym/initials/letters/wording: “BFLOR.”


*Decanter bottle is made of glass .

*Lid/cover/top of decanter is made of hard plastic.

*Boot-shaped decorative protective covering over glass bottle is made of a red soft but sturdy ???vinyl/leather???, and the interior lining is comprised of a canvas/bank bag-like material.

Size/Measurements: 9 & 3/4"H x 6 & ½”L x 3"W

Quantity: One (1)

Condition Summary: Excellent vintage collectible condition!

*Material covering on bottle retains vibrant coloration on its red & black side; is very clean both inside and out; exhibits no rips or tears (even the silver laces are in exquisite condition); and is odor-free

*Boot shaped glass bottle exhibits no nicks, chips, cracks or breaks, with a modicum of liquor/wine residue remaining in the flat foot bottom section of the bottle from its former liquid contents.

*A portion of the original cork is still present, broken off inside the opening of the bottle.

*The label remains entirely intact and affixed to the exterior red vinyl plastic protective covering of the bottle.

***PLEASE NOTE: The red marks visible when looking at the label are NOT stains on the surface of the label. Rather, they are portions of the red vinyl material showing THROUGH the label!

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Title: Arizona Distributing Company Red Santa Boot Liquor/Wine Decanter Bottle Vintage ca 1940s-1960s RARE ***USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***-

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