Haviland France Antique Floral China Painting One-of-a-Kind Berry/Dessert/Finger Bowls Set Artist-signed “Adda Bartow” ***USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

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Item/Description:  Antique ca. late-1800s to early-1900s set of five (5) Haviland France rare and uniquely “one-of-a-kind” artist-signed “Adda Bartow” china painting/porcelain painting floral-design berry bowls/dessert bowls/finger bowls/condiments dishes/plates

Each bowl is oh-so-sweetly and charmingly adorned with individually hand-painted/hand-decorated flowers, garlands & ribbons of varying flowers, motifs and colors (yellows, lilac, coral/salmon pink, lavender) with a glossy finish, and is further enhanced with raised painted (? enameled) beadwork-like/beading/beaded embellishments.

Interiors of bowls contain raised vertical “ridging”-like enhancements just below the rims, and edges are scalloped

An interesting history behind this exquisite set of dishes (and as an “FYI” - “Antiques Roadshow - Omaha, Nebraska” February 7, 2005 episode covered a similar back-story): "Back in the day" ladies- of-the-house would special-order authentic bone-white unadorned china (commonly referred to as “blanks”) from a favorite manufacturer of their choice, and then either have their dishes professionally decorated upon their arrival in the USA, or personally hand-paint/hand-decorate their newly acquired "treasures" themselves (a genteel pastime-hobby called "china painting"), with some ladies of course being more proficient and talented at this pursuit than others.

Now, whether or not Ms. Adda Bartow was a professional factory-employed china painting artist/painter of her time, or simply one of the more adept and artistically inclined "ladies of gentility" of the day is uncertain, but her magnificent talent is undeniable as evinced by the imagery of this dishware set which, though the photos do afford some notion of just how glorious these dishes actually are, they in no way comes close to doing these fabulous bowls justice in truly depicting their breathtakingly aesthetic appeal!

Special Attributes: Original, rare, one-of-a-kind set

This exquisite bowls set is perfect for decorative display and/or for their originally intended use, which was to delightfully and charmingly enhance any dining table.

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Age/Period: Antique - ca. late-1800s to early-1900s (ca 1880s to ca 1920s)

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:

*Backstamped in green ink “Haviland France” (sometimes erroneously spelled “Havilland”)

*Artist-signed in reddish-orange ink “Adda Bartow”

Material(s)/Format: Porcelain china

Size/Measurements: 5" in Diameter

Quantity: One (1) set consisting of five (5) individual bowls

Condition Summary: Pristine

Excerpted Online Research Information About the Art of China Painting/Porcelain painting (attributed to Wikipedia.com): “China painting, or porcelain painting, is the decoration of glazed porcelain objects such as plates, bowls, vases or statues...

China painting became a fashionable hobby for wealthy young women in England in the 1870s... China painting also became popular in America. It was acceptable since it resembled other "parlor crafts" such as watercolor and glass painting. At first, men dominated the field of china painting as an artform...H.C. Standage wrote in Letts's Household Magazine in 1884:

In the household china-painting affords amusement for the girls in the family during the hours their brothers and father leave for business, and return in the evening. To many such ladies, who have nothing better to do than novel reading, this method of filling their time will be esteemed a great boon. Doubly so, since their work may be used either as decorations to the wall surface, if it be plaques they paint, or else disposed of at a profit to themselves to increase their pin-money, or may be given to some bazaar for charitable purposes.

For the duration of the china painting craze, between about 1880 and 1920, many books on pottery making, focusing on painting, were published for the amateur in England and America...

Wheeler's Society of Decorative Art in New York taught pupils to paint simple floral motifs on ceramic tableware. The more talented and experienced china painters could move on to painting portrait plaques. Some women were able to develop professional careers as independent china painters...

Porcelain factories in France, Germany, England and the United States produced plates, bowls, cups and other objects for decoration by china painters. In 1877 Mary Louise McLaughlin recommended the hard French porcelain blanks. The "blanks" were plain white, with a clear glaze, and could be fired several times. Their price varied depending on size and complexity of the object's molding, ranging from a few cents to several dollars. The china painter could buy commercially produced powdered colors of mineral oxides mixed with a low-temperature flux.[64] Some manufacturers sold paints pre-mixed with oil...

In 1887 the ceramic artist Luetta Elmina Braumuller of Monson, Massachusetts launched The China Decorator, A Monthly Journal Devoted Exclusively to this Art. The magazine found a ready market, with many subscribers in the US, Europe and other countries. It became recognized as the authority on all aspects of china painting, and continued to be published until 1901...

China decoration by amateurs was popular in America between about 1860 and 1920. As the practice declined, the artists were encouraged to make their own designs and to learn to throw pots. Those who succeeded were among America's first studio potters.”

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Title: Haviland France Antique Floral China Painting One-of-a-Kind Berry/Dessert/Finger Bowls Set Artist-signed “Adda Bartow” ***USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

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