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Title of Vintage Cookbook/Cook Book/Cooking Recipes Book :   Vintage 1969 Southwest Cookery, Or, At Home On the Range


***”The savory, colorful cooking of the Southwest presented for the first time with verve and wit by a talented chronicler of the area”


Dust Jacket Excerpt(s): “The food of the Southwest United States is as colorful as the land itself - a varied and sophisticated cuisine that blends Mexican, Spanish, French (both Canadian and New Orleans), even German (old-fashioned German Potato Salad flavored with chile is not to be missed). And her, a well-known chronicler of the land - novelist and historian Richard Wormser - presents the famous (Arroz Con Pollo) and lesser-known (Drunken Horse Beans) recipes of the Southwest. All authentic and all delicious, they cover the whole range - from appetizers to desserts including the fried beans, the tacos, tortillas and tamales that are the heart of Southwest cooking. Witty, sparkling with colorful anecdotes about the land and its people, this is a cookbook for every taste - mild, moderate, hot - abounding in ideas to brighten every meal with ‘something different.’”


Author(s):  Richard Wormser, Novelist and Historian


Illustrated/Illustration:  Yes


Illustrator:  Patricia Ronson Stewart


Dust Jacket by:Patricia Ronson Stewart


Special Attributes: Original Dust Jacket.


Library of Congress Subject(s)/Category (Categories)/Genre(s):   Cooking, American - Southwestern Style


Publisher/Location Published:   Doubleday & Company, Inc. - Garden City, New York


Year(s) of Publication:   1969 (1960s)


Edition(s):  Book Club Edition


ISBN #:  N/A


Ex-Library/Ex-Remainder Volume(s):  NO


Total of Numbered/Paginated Pages:  176

*The code “K17" appears on the last page #176, in the lower right-hand corner adjacent to the hinge


Size(s):    5 & 3/4"W x 8 & ½"H


Format(s)/Binding(s) (e.g. Types, Special Attributes, Paper Used):  Hard cover/hardcover with pictorial dust jacket


Dust Jacket(s):  Yes - unclipped DJ!


Condition:  Book is in collectible, overall near mint (borderline mint) condition (see below specifics)! Dust jacket is in good condition (see below specifics).


*Exterior Covers & Edges:  Evincesnoshelf/edge wear or surface handling, having been well-protected by its dust jacket all these years. The only mitigating condition factor preventing this book being deemed in “mint condition” is the presence of a few bits of faint paper residue on the back cover which appear to have rubbed off from the inside back portion of the dust jacket.


*Binding/Spine:  Book appears to either have never been used/read or only ever so carefully, with a binding that remains as sound and tightly intact, and with lettering that is as vividly bright as if it were brand new, having been well and fully-protected by its dust jacket all these years.


*Interior Contents:  Crisply clean pages evince no noted writing, foxing, markings, water damage, staining, or odors of any kind. All pages are intact, with none missing


*Dust Jacket(s)/DJ(s):  Condition is overall good. Noted condition factors consist of a 3/4" vertical tear rising up from the bottom edge of the spine, along with some soiling/staining to back cover and inside back cover flap.





***FIRST THINGS FIRST - DIPS, SEAFOOD COCKTAILS AND TWO TEQUILA DRINKS: Guacamole (Avocado Dip). Chile Con Queso (Cheese and Chile Dip). Bean Dip (Pasta de Frijoles). Coctel Margarita (Margarita Cocktail). Sangre de Los Angeles (Angel’s Blood). Ceviche de Pescado (Fresh Fish Cocktail). Ceviche de Camarones (Shrimp Cocktail). Tostados (Crisp Small Tortillas)


***SOUP ALL DAY LONG - CLEAR AND THICK SOUPS, AND THE SPECIAL DRY SOUPS FROM MEXICO:Caldo se Albor (Dawn Broth). Caldo Colado (Clear Broth). Sopa Seca de Arroz (Dry Rice Soup). Sopa Seca de Tortillas (Dry Tortilla Soup). Sopa de Verduras (Vegetable Soup). Sopa de Chicharos (Unsplit Pea Soup). Sopa de Garbanzos (Chick-Pea Soup). Menudo Nuevo Mexicano (Tripe Soup, New Mexico Style). Menudo Con Posole (Tripe Soup with Hominy). Caldo Con Bolitas de Leche (Broth with Custard Balls). Sopa Con Albondigas Agringadas (Southwestern Meatball Soup). Albondigas Mexicanas (Mexican Meatballs). Sopa de Tortilla (Wet Tortilla Soup)


***SALADS, BOTH WILD AND TAME - HERB SALADS, SOME FROM MORE CONVENTIONAL GREENS, BEAN SALADS, AND A COUPLE OF AVOCADO RECIPES: Ensalada de Pastor (Shepherd’s Salad). Ensalada de Chiles Verdes (Green Chile Salad). Betabel Friolento (Chilled Beet Salad). Ensalada de Quelites (Green Salad). Ensalada de Papas (Potato Salad). Ensalada de Ejotes (Green Bean Salad). Ensalada de Pimientos Dulces (Sweet Pepper Salad). Coliflor Fria (Cold Cauliflower). Aguacate Y Pamplemusa (Avocado and Grapefruit). Ensalada de Primavera (Spring Salad). Garbanzos Encurtidos (Soused Chick-peas). 


***A FEW PIQUANT SAUCES - HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN CHILE SAUCES, BOTH TABLE AND KITCHEN TYPES; HINTS ON BUYING CHILE:Salsa Picante (Hot Sauce). Salsa de Chile Caribe (Coarse-ground Red Chile Sauce). Salsa de Dos Chiles (Two Chile Sauce). Salsa Colorada Oscura (Dark Red Sauce). Salsa de Santa Fe (Santa Fe Chile Sauce). Salsa Picante Verde (Green Hot Sauce). Salsa de Chiles Frescas (Fresh Chile Sauce). Salsa Verde de Plaza (Country Green Sauce)


***TO REFRY OR NOT - THE BEANS THAT ARE THE VERY HEART OF SOUTHWESTERN COOKING; DIFFERENT VARIETIES; THE CHICK-PEA:  Frijoles Estilo Palomar (Palomar-style Beans). Bolitas Con Leche (Beans with Milk). Frijoles Mexicanos (The Backbone of Mexico). New Orleans Red Beans (Frijoles Criollos). Frijoles Montes (Mountain Beans). Frijoles Refritos (Mexican Delight). Frijoles Sabrosos (Savory Beans). Frijoles de Albor (Beans of Dawn). Favas Borrachas (Drunken Horse Beans). Garbanzos En Chile Verde (Chick-peas in Green Chile Sauce). Garbanzos Al Horno (Baked Garbanzos). Garbanzos de Pastor (Shepherd’s Chick-peas)


***THE ALMOST MYSTICAL EGG - THE GREAT THINGS DONE TO IT BY MEXICANS, SPANISH AND OTHER SOUTHWESTERNERS:Huevos Rancheros Nortenses (Eggs Northern Ranch Style). Huevos Rancheros de La Frontera (Ranch Eggs, Border Style). Huevos Rancheros Estilo Gachupin (Ranch Eggs, Spain Style). Huevos Dulces Y Picantes (Sweet and Hot Eggs). Torrejas (Egg Fritters). Huevos Al Nido (Eggs in the Nest). Salsa Por Huevos En Torta (Spanish Omelet Sauce). Tortilla Con Blancos (Tortilla with Eggs)


***NOT ALL THE COUNTRY IS DRY - FISH RECIPES, BOTH FRESHWATER AND SALT:Torrejas de Camaron (Shrimp Fritters). Camarones de Nogales (Shrimps from Nogales). Huevas Indias (Indian Roe). Bacalao Nuevo Mexico (New Mexican Salt Cod). Bacalao Fronterizo (Border Style Salt Cod). Quelites Con Bacalao (Cod with Greens). Truchas Montesas Fritas (Fried Mountain Trout). Truchas Azul (Blue Trout). Trucha Rellena (Stuffed Trout). Barbo Verde (Green Catfish). Perca Fresca (Fresh Perch). Pescados Con Nopales (Fish and Cactus). Pescado Con Papas (Fish with Potatoes). Arroz Con Pescado (Fish with Rice)

***LIFE STARTS WITH CORN - TACOS, TAMALES, ENCHILADAS, TAMALE PIE, AND OTHER BASIC DISHES:Masa (Mexican Dough). Tortillas de Harina (Flour Tortillas). Burritos. Tacos de Gallina (Chicken Tacos). Tacos de Carne (Beef Tacos). Tacos de Puerco Adovado (Tacos with Marinated Pork). Tacos Con Berenjena (Tacos with Eggplant). Enchiladas de Pollo (Chicken Enchiladas). Enchiladas Coloradas (Red Chile Enchiladas). Enchiladas Verdes (Green Enchiladas). Tamales. Tamal En Cacerol (Tamale Pie). 


***MEAT MAKES THE CARNIVAL - KID, LAMB, MUTTON, BEEF, AND PORK:Cabrito Asado (Roast Kid). Borrego Al Horno (Lamb in the Oven). Morcilla de Cabrito (Kid’s Blood Pudding). Cabezita (Little Head). Asadito (Little Roast). Costillas Falsas Estilo Vaquero (Cowboy Short Ribs). Costillas de Puerco (Spareribs). Puchero (Boiled Dish). Pierna de Carnero (Leg of Lamb). Chuletas de Carnero Sabrosas (Savory Lamb Chops). Chuletas de Carnero Con Pinones (Lamb Chops with Pinon Nuts). Carne Santa Fe (Santa Fe Steak). Carne Estilo Nogales (Nogales-style Steak). Picadillo (Spanish Hash). Picadillo de Carne Salmuerado (Corned Beef Hash). Chile Con Carne Colorado (Red Chile with Meat). Carnera Con Chile Verde (Lamb or Mutton with Green Chile). Torta de Carne (Meat Loaf). La Olla Sabrosa (Savory Pot). Milanesa (Veal Cutlet). Pierna de Ternera Rellena (Stuffed Leg of Veal). Jamon Seco (Dry-cured Ham). Pierno de Marrano Montes (Leg of Pork, Mountain-style). Carne Adovada (Spiced Pork Chops). Costillas de Puerco Empanizadas (Breaded Pork Chops)


***YARDBIRDS - DOMESTIC POULTRY, MOSTLY CHICKEN AND TURKEY:Guajalote En Mole Poblano (Turkey in Mole Sauce). Gallina En Mole Verde (Hen in Green Mole Sauce). Pepitoria Montesa (Mountain Chicken Stew). Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken with Rice). Gallina Rellena (Stuffed Fowl). Pecho de Pollo Enquesado (Breast of Chicken in Cheese). Pollo En Pipian (Chicken in Pumpkin Seed Sauce). Pollo Chino (Chinese Chicken). 


***AVOID THE JACKRABBIT - COOKING GAME AT HOME AND IN THE FIELD:Conejo Estilo Vaquero (Rabbit Cowboy-style). Conejo Dulce Y Agrio (Sweet-Sour Rabbit). Palomas a la Mesa Dorada (Doves on a Golden Mesa). Chorizo Al Hogar (Home-made Mexican Sausages). Faisan Con Chorizos (Pheasant with Sausages). Venado Bosque (Deer of the Woods). Costillas de Venado (Deer Ribs). Codornices Sabrosos (Savory Quail). Pato Real (Royal Duck). 


***HOMEGROWN - DRIED AND FRESH VEGETABLES:Chiles Rellenos (Stuffed Chiles). Frijoles Con Chicos (Beans and Corn). Calabacitas (Summer Squash). Cebollas Rellenas (Stuffed Onions). Calabacitas Agrias Y Dulces (Sweet and Sour Squash). 


***THE SWEET LAND - SOUTHWESTERN DESSERTS, AND A FEW FROM MEXICO PROPER:Flan (Custard, the National Dessert of Mexico). Natillas (Boiled Custard). Capirotadas (Bread Pudding). Capirotada Del Sur (Southern Bread Pudding). Chongitos (Little Tufts). Chimichangos Dulces de Tubac (Sweet Thingumabobs from Tubac). Empanaditas (Pastry Cases). Pudin de Nogales (Walnut Pudding). Pudin Pascual (Easter Pudding). Dulces de Yerbabuena (Mint Tidbits)




Title: Southwest Cookery, Or, At Home on the Range Vintage 1969 Cookbook by Richard Wormser *****MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

Author Name: Southwest Cookery Book by Richard Wormser

Illustrator: Patricia Ronson Stewart

Categories: Cooking, Food & Wine, Entertaining,

Edition/Printing: Book Club Edition

Publisher: Garden City, New York, Doubleday & Company, Inc.: 1969

Binding/Type: Hard Cover

Book Condition: Collectible, overall near mint (please also refer to detailed condition description within listing)

Dust Jacket Type/Condition: Good (please also refer to detailed condition description within listing)

Size: 5 3/4 x 8 ½

lbs: 1.00 1 lbs

Seller ID: Southwest Cookery