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By: Complete Book of Showers and Engagement Parties by Jo-Ann Leeming AND Margaret Gleeson

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***EXCERPTED FOREWORD: “No form of party is nicer or more enjoyable - for hostess, guest of honor, or guess - than the shower.  Its very nature is one of intimate homeyness and warm friendliness.  Also it is the easiest and most satisfying of all forms of entertaining, if it is properly planned in advance.  No form of party is more fun to plan than a shower.  First, a shower is a party for near and dear friends, the people you like most to be with.  Second, it offers the deep gratification of doing something for someone you love.  Third, it is an occasion for intimacy, fun, and informality.  And fourth, it offers free play for the originality and imagination of the hostess.  Needless to say, there are certain forms and conventionalities to be observed, but there are no basic rules or procedures to be followed.  The purpose of this book is to stimulate and suggest ideas and not to lay down unbreakable laws or formal patterns.  The information and suggestions in this book are flexible and adaptable.  The Complete Book of Showers and Engagement Parties is designed to help the hostess who wants to honor a friend with a shower and who wants new and different ideas.  The parties described here are actual original parties given by successful hostesses in all parts of the world.  Although they are presented as complete parties, there is no reason why the alert hostess may not borrow from this one and that on and add her own ideas to evolve something entirely new and fresh.  The authors of this book hope to reveal new horizons to the hostess who is not satisfied to follow where others have led but who enjoys the thrill of creation along with the inner satisfaction of true hospitality.  In addition, this book is designed to help also the honored guest and the other guests, since the shower is more intimate and co-operative than any other kind of party.  The suggestions included here are the answers to the questions that are most frequently asked about showers.   For the engaged girl, all the necessary formal steps in connection with the engagement are included as well as numerous unusual suggestions for making the announcement at an informal party.  The hostess who plans a Bridal Shower usually comes under one of two classifications.  Either she is a close friend of the bride-to-be, and will give one of her first and most essential showers, or she wishes to entertain the prospective bride but must do so after a number of showers have already been given.  In the second case the aim of the hostess will be toward originality as well as practicability.  With this in mind, the bridal showers have been so arranged that those which are better known appear in the first part of the section, with the more novel ones immediately following.  There will also be times when it will be desirable to entertain both the bride and groom.  For instance, if the engaged couple is one of a group of couples who customarily spend their leisure hours together, another couple may well play host and hostess at a shower for both the bride and groom-to-be.  Several suggestions for showers of this type will be found in the last part of the section.  Although showers are usually thought of in connection with brides-to-be, other kinds of showers are also treated: stork showers; the shower for the new mother; wedding anniversary showers and showers for elderly couples who may be starting housekeeping anew in a small place after their children have married; showers for newly married couples; the bon voyage shower for the new minister, a delightful and practical custom in many small communities.  The gift check lists for brides and for babies are meant to be practical and suggestive.  Each day new items that are both useful and ornamental appear in the magazines and newspapers and on store counters.  The authors sincerely hope that the ideas and suggestions in the pages that follow will be of real, practical help to anyone who plans to give or attend a shower and to the engaged girl and her family during the happiest and gayest period of her life.  Naturally this book is not the work of one or two people.  It represents the work and the experience of many whose ideas have gone into it...”*


Title of Vintage Party Planning & Recipes Cookbook/Cook Book: Complete Book of Showers and Engagement Parties

Charmingly Illustrated!

Author(s): Jo-Ann Leeming AND Margaret Gleeson

Illustrator: Helen Disbrow

Publisher: Garden City Publishing Co., Inc. - Garden City, New York

Year of Publication: 1948

Edition: 1st/First Edition

Ex-Library Volume: NO 

Total Number of Pages: 241

Size: 5 & 3/4"W x 8 & ½"H

Format: Hard Cover

Dust Jacket: None

Condition: Excellent (closer to Near Mint)

*Cover/Exterior - evinces virtually no shelf/edge wear or surface handling

*Binding/Spine - tightly intact

*Interior Contents - crisply clean pages evince no noted writings, markings, water damage, staining, or odors of any kind








1 - Something under Your Hat

2 - Pull My Ear and I’ll Squeal

3 - Say It with Flowers

4 - It’s in the Cards

5 - Consulting the Oracle

6 - All About the Big Robbery and Holdup!

7 - A Hearts and Flowers Centerpiece

8 - A Case Worth Investigating

9 - Match Inside

10 - In a Nutshell

11 - Daisies Sometimes Tell

12 - The Riddle of the Plants

13 - By Telegram

14 - Whole Hearts

15 - Via Balloon

*GAMES FOR AN Announcement


-Ring Quiz

-How Affectionate Are You?

-Drawing Rings

-Lovers’ Vocabulary

-A Flowery Love Story




-Hints for the Hostess, the Guests, and the Honor Guest


-Stork Showers

-For a Newly Married Couple

-For Elderly Couples


-Bon Voyage Showers

-For a New Minister



-Toy Balloon Markers

-The Alarm Clock Plan

-The Ribbon Guide

-The Ribbon Custom

-An Apron Memento



1 - A Kitchen Shower

2 - A Linen Shower

3 - A Bathroom Shower

4 - A Lingerie Shower

5 - A Hosiery Shower

6 - A Boudoir Shower

7 - A Pantry Shower

8 - A Glass and Plastics Shower

9 - A Recipe Shower

10 - A Book Shower

11 - A Phonograph Record Shower

12 - A Garden Shower

13 - A Picnic Shower

14 - A Picnic Breakfast Shower

15 - A Cleanup Shower

16 - A Travel Shower

17 - A Paper Gift Shower

18 - A Take-It-Easy Shower

19 - A Soap Shower

20 - A Basket Shower

21 - A Box Shower

22 - A Handkerchief Shower

23 - An All-Year-Round Shower

24 - A Heart’s Desire Shower

25 - A Happy Hearts Shower

26 - A Wishing Well Shower

27 - A Showery Bridge Shower

28 - A Treasure Hunt Shower

29 - An Auction Sale Shower

30 - A Marry-Go-Round Shower

31 - A Bride and Groom Shower

32 - Another Bride and Groom Shower

33 - A Penny Bank Shower

34 - A Painting Party Shower

35 - A Honeymoon Shower






-Favors and Decorations




1 - Cotton Wedding Shower (First Anniversary)

2 - Paper Wedding Shower (Second Anniversary)

3 - Leather Wedding Shower (Third Anniversary)

4 - Silk, Fruit or Flower Wedding Shower (Fourth Anniversary)

5 - Wooden Wedding Shower (Fifth Anniversary)

6 - Tin Wedding Shower (Tenth Anniversary)

7 - Crystal Wedding Shower (Fifteenth Anniversary)

8 - China Wedding Shower (Twentieth Anniversary)

9 - Silver Wedding Shower (Twenty-Fifth Anniversary)

10 - Golden Wedding Shower (Fiftieth Anniversary)



-For the Kitchen

-For Cleaning House

-For the Linen Closet

-For the China Cabinet

-For the Glass Cupboard

-For the Silver Drawer

-For the Laundry



*APPETIZERS.  Broiled Grapefruit.  Stuffed Celery Sticks.  Sardine Canape.  Kippered Herring Canape.  Russian Appetizer

*BREAD AND ROLLS.  Toasted Hearts.  Valentine Sandwich Loaves (these can be made early in the day and will keep fresh in refrigerator until served); Green Pepper.  Cheese Drop Biscuits.  Lemon Biscuits.  Apricot Muffins.  Sesame-Seed Rolls.  Cream Scones

*SALADS.  Fruit Salad Bowl; French Dressing.  Fruit Salad in Melon Basket.  Fruit-juice Salad Dressing.  Melon Baskets.  Frozen Pear and Cream-Cheese Salad.  Souffled Crackers (serve with salad or soup)

*COLD DISHES.  Chicken and Almond Mousse.  Star Aspic.  Ham and Eggs Gelee (this should be made the day before the party).  Jellied Tuna-Fish Loaf

*HOT DISHES.  Fried Chicken en Casserole.  Cheese Casserole.  Cheese Waffles.  Indian Chicken Curry.  Sauteed Chicken with Almond Dumplings.  Almond Dumplings.  Eggs Goldenrod in Toasted Cheese Nests.  Viennese Goulash.  Eggs Thermidor.  Thermidor Sauce.  Swedish Meat Balls.  Supper Meat Pie; Pastry Crust.  Mixed Vegetable Casserole.  Stuffed Mushrooms.  Potato Balls.  Shrimp and Mushroom Casserole.  Oysters Scalloped with Rice.  White Sauce.  Spanish Rice with Peanuts.  Salmon in Rice Baskets. 

*DESSERTS.  Custard Nut.  Snow Pudding.  Custard Sauce.  Hawaiian Dessert.  Individual Baked Lemon Puddings.  Biscuit Tortoni.  French Peach Glace.  Ice-Cream Pie.  Ice-Cream Puffs.

*CAKES AND PASTRIES.  Best White Cake.  Flower Garden Cake.  Coconut Orange Roll.  Filling.  Marble Cake.  Valentine Cake.  Cookie Hearts. Strawberry-Jam Squares.  Sugar Cookies.  St. Patrick’s Shamrocks.  Chocolate Walnut Cookies.  Brownies.  Crunchies.  Fresh Strawberry Tarts. 

*BEVERAGES.  Iced Tea, Spiced.  Old-Fashioned Lemonade. 

*GARNISHINGS.  Potato Baskets.  Radish Roses.  Curled Celery.  Cheese Carrots or Apples.  Frosted Grapes.  Pickle Fans.  Melon Balls.  Pastry Decorations. 




Title: Complete Book of Showers and Engagement Parties Vintage 1948 Party Planning & Recipes Book/Cookbook *****MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

Author Name: Complete Book of Showers and Engagement Parties by Jo-Ann Leeming AND Margaret Gleeson

Categories: Cooking, Food & Wine, Entertaining,

Edition/Printing: 1st/First Edition

Publisher: Garden City, New York, Garden City Publishing Co., Inc: 1948

Binding/Type: Hard Cover

Book Condition: Excellent (closer to Near Mint) - refer to description for detailed information

Dust Jacket Type/Condition: N/A

Size: 5 & 3/4

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