Department 56 (Dept. 56) Disney Parks Village Series Olde World Antiques II 1994 Liberty Square Walt Disney World Resort Florida Hand-painted Porcelain Building #5351-1 & Original Box (RETIRED 1996) USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!

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Item/Description:  Vintage 1994 RETIRED Department 56/Dept. 56 Disney Parks Village Series “Olde (Old) World Antiques II - Liberty Square, Walt Disney World Resort, Florida” hand-painted porcelain building, Model #5351-1, in its original box (NO switched cord or bulb).

This building is an exact replica of the actual shop located on Liberty Square, Walt Disney World Resort, Florida.

This collection was started by Department 56 in 1994, and the entire set was retired in 1996. Pieces were also sold at Disney theme parks.

All of the pieces in this collection were designed with capabilities for lighted display. Although this building no longer retains its original switched cord or bulb, these are easily replaceable.

Because Department 56 no longer has any special marketing arrangements with Disney, the pieces such as this one that were created when Disney and Dept. 56 were together will only continue to increase in value and desirability.

Product Model #: #5351-1

Special Attributes (Dept. 56 Collector Research Information):

*Introduced/issued May, 1994.

*Retired May, 1996.

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Age/Period: Vintage - 1994 (1990s)

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:

*Underside of building is incised-stamped: “Department 56 1994 Disney.”

*Backstamp on underside of building reads: “DPV Disney Parks Village Series ‘Olde (Old) World Antiques II’ Liberty Square Walt Disney World Resort, Florida."

*Paper inspection label on underside of building reads: “Inspected - Made in China Exclusively for Department 56 Inc."

*Box exterior states: “The Heritage Village Collection - Disney Parks Village Series - ‘Olde World Antiques II’ Liberty Square, Walt Disney World Resort, Florida - Handpainted Porcelain - with switched cord and bulb - Made Exclusively for Department 56 #5351-1 - Disney.”

Material(s)/Format: Handpainted bisque porcelain.

Size/Measurements: Nearly 7"H x 4 & 1/4"W x 4 & 1/4"Deep

Quantity: One (1)

Original Box/Packaging: This item comes with its original outer box and fitted Styrofoam interior insert (NO switched cord or bulb).

Condition Summary:

*Building remains in like new condition, exhibiting no nicks, chips, cracks, breaks, repairs or paint loss!

*Box, though intact and with no tears, has come apart/separated into two complete sections as the result of its original glue evaporating (this can be glued back together so that it once again securely closes around the Styrofoam insert and building).

*Styrofoam fitted holder also remains completely intact.

***PLEASE NOTE: There is NO switch cord or bulb!

Excerpted Online Research Information about this Collection (attributed to “A Bit of History - This collection was started by Department 56 in 1994. The original pieces were Mickey's Christmas Carol (2), The Fire Station, The Antique Shops (I and II), The Olde World Gate, Mickey and Minnie, and the Park Family. The Silver Smith's Shop and Tinker Bell's Treasures were introduced in 1996, just as the entire set was retired; thus leading to thier relative scarcity. Department 56 no longer has any marketing arrangements with Disney.

Pieces sold at the Disney theme parks have a special Disney stamp on the bottom. These specially stamped pieces have been known to command higher prices than unstamped pieces.

Olde World Antiques II Mint in the box. The shop is a copy of the shop on Liberty Square Walt Disney World Resort, Florida. It is 6 1/2'' tall by 4 1/2'' wide. The shop & the box are marked Heritage Village Collection, Disney Parks Village Series, Olde World Antiques 2, Liberty Square, Walt Disney World Resort, Florida Hand painted Porcelain, With Switched Cord & Bulb Made Exclusively by Department 56 inc., 5351-1, copyright Disney.”

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