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By: Lincoln Continental Guide to Cuisines of the Western World by Elizabeth Gordon

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***BOOK EXCERPT: “...My goal in this book is to present a bird’s-eye view of the principal cuisines of western civilization, beyond the borders of the United States, in such a way as to alert you to new fields of interest and enjoyment...’Cuisines of the Western World’ is based upon the proposition that foreign cuisines provide a key to understanding foreign peoples. To learn how cookery has been cross-pollinated by exploration (like Columbus looking for India), by trade, wars, colonizers, immigration, religious taboos, even by tourism is as revealing and interesting as more formal history. What people eat and how they prepare it reflects their climate, their agriculture, their wealth, their social system...Both the folk wisdom and the elite culture of any nation are embodied in its culinary practices...Accordingly, our recipes are not presented here in ‘cookbook’ order from soup to dessert, but rather in accordance with cultural characteristics...A second proposition of this book is that there is no truly national cuisine; for example, recipes for a ‘French’ bouillabaisse appear cheek-by-jowl with ‘Greek’ cookery...




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Title of Vintage Cookbook/Cooking Book:  Lincoln Continental Guide to Cuisines of the Western World


***Lavishly illustrated throughout, predominantly in full-color but also in b&w!


Author(s): Elizabeth Gordon, Editor of House Beautiful for 23 years


Publisher: Golden Press - New York


Year of Publication: 1965 The Hearst Corporation


Edition:  1st/First Edition


Ex-Library Volume: NO 


Total Number of Pages:  204


Size: 8 & ½”W x 11 & 3/4"H


Format:  Hard Cover


Dust Jacket:    No


Condition: Excellent!

*Covers/Exteriors:  Evinces virtually no surface handling, with minor shelf/edge wear


*Binding/Spine: Tightly intact.


*Interior Contents: Crisply clean pages evince no noted writings, markings, water damage, staining, or odors of any kind.



*Introduction: Tell Me What You Eat...”


*World of Olive Oil

-5,000 Years of the Olive Tree

-The Cookery of Classical Greece

-On Concocting and Serving Bouillabaisse

-How to Add That Fine Italian Touch

-How to Make “Real” French Dressing

-Paella, Gazpacho, and Spanish Omelets

-Cosmopolitan in Portugal

-The Lavish Art of Hors d’Oeuvre Variee


*World of Butter and Fat

-Second of the Two Europes

-The Misunderstood Classic Sauces

-The Versatile Egg

-Cold Table of the North

-The True Swedish Smorgasbord

-The Hearty Peasant Dishes of Europe

-Famous Dishes That Use Wine

-International Travelers: The Universal Pancake

-“Caviare to the General”

-Yogurt, That Smooth Emigre


*World of Corn and Beans

-Great Cuisines of Las Americas

-A Dictionary With Recipes of Latin American Delicacies


*Continental Kitchen: Methods You Can Use

-Discover the Rotisserie

-Pureeing Heightens Flavor

-The Continental Way With Fresh Fruits

-Add En Gelee to Your Repertory

-The Unspoken Language of Garnishes

-Flambe: Spectacular in Fire

-The Crowning Glory of European Pastry

-How to Talk the Language of Western World Cuisines

-Terms You Will Meet on the Menu - Glossary

-Where to Buy Unusual Foods by Mail

-Index of Recipes and Cookery Methods


*Menus: What to Order

-Menu-Hopping in Athens

-Menu-Hopping in Rome

-Menu-Hopping in Lyon

-Menu-Hopping in Mexico City

-Menu-Hopping in Paris

-Menu-Hopping in Rio de Janeiro



***APPETIZERS: Anchovies. Antipasto. Apertivos. Avocado. Caviar (red) dip. Guacamole. Herring - au gratin; pickled; salad. Hors d’oeuvre. Quesadillas (turnover). Seviche (seafood). Smorgasbord. Smorrebrod. Tomatoes, stuffed


***DESSERTS: Apricot whip with madeira. Bananas with rum. Bunuelos (pancakes). Caffe espresso. Cassata alla Siciliana. Cherries with currant jelly. Coffee granita. Cream cheese icebox cake. Creme - Chantilly; fraiche. Custard, orange-nut. Flan. Framboises en gelee madere. Fruit in vermouth and cream. Glorias. Liqueurs. Melon balls in liqueur. Oranges - glazed; Greek. Peaches - blazed with bourbon; broiled; in cassis; in red wine; melba. Pears - baked in madeira; in white wine. Pineapple - and grape compote; and sweet potato pudding. Plums, purple, in port. Poire delice. Puff paste. Raspberries - in madeira jelly; with port. Sorbet. Souffles. Sweet potato and pineapple pudding. Yogurt, ginger


***EGGS: Fried, with ranchero sauce. Huevos rancheros. Omelet - caviar and sour cream; cheddar cheese; chicken liver; mousseline; plain; rice; Spanish; Stanish; veal kidney. Pancake, Porguguese. Pie. Quiche Lorraine. Scrambled, with Jalapeno sauce. Shirred, Jerez. Souffle - a l’orange; cheese; chocolate; coffee cup; vanilla. Stracciatella. Zuppa pavese


***FISH AND SEAFOOD: Ameijoas a bulhao Pato (clams). Bacalhau (cod) - a Eca de Queiroz; a Gomes de Sa. Butterfish, barbecued. Camaroes da Ti Ana da Povoa (shrimp). Caviar - blinis with; mushrooms stuffed with tarama salad; red, dip; and sour cream omelet. Clams, Portuguese. Codfish, Portuguese. Fish - chowder, Porguguese; fried, Portuguese; fumet de poisson; kebabs; in pine nut sauce; sauces for; stock. Herring - au gratin; pickled; salad. Jansson’s Temptation. Linguado recheado, Ti Ana da Povoa (stuffed sole). Salmon - cold, poached; smoked, with caviar. Seviche. Shellfish - in champagne; quenelles Godiveau Lyonnaise; with caviar. Shrimp - and egg tacos; Newburg; with tomatoes. Sole - filet; stuffed. Striped bass, bonne femme. Sturgeon, smoked, with caviar. Tamara salad. Tuna and bean salad


***FRUIT: Apples with red cabbage. Continental ways with. Liquors compatible with. Orange souffle. Poaching


***MEATS: Beef - a la Bucheronne; a la Lindstrom; pickled; roast marchand de vin; scallops with madeira; scraped; tartar; Boar, mock wild. Boeuf - a la Alice B. Tokias; a la Porto Novo; au cognac; Bourguignonne. Boiled dinner. Chorizo. Fricassee de veau Grand Mere. Ham in parsley aspic.  Hare, jugged. Jambon persille. Khormma. Lamb - and eggplant casserole; kebab; with garlic and olives; with potatoes. Liver paste. Maila umbriacca. Pork chops - charcutiere; with vermouth. Pot-au-feu. Prosciutto. Rabbit fricassee. Ris de veau, sauce madere. Rognons de veau, a la moularde. Saltimbocca. Sauces for. Sweetbreads - stewed; with madeira sauce. Terrine a la maison. Veal - chops, nonpareil; kidneys; saltimbocca; suace for; vitello tonnato; with tuna sauce


***POULTRY: Canard a l’orange. Caneton a l’orange. Chicken - and guacamole tacos; brown base for sauce; fried, with cognac; in champagne; liver omelet; oyster sauce for; pollo tonnato; poule au pot; roast, with olives; sauces for; soup, jellied; stock, basic; veloute; with peanut sauce. Dressing for. Duck - and wine; in orange sauce; with black olives. Pollo tonnato. Poule au pot. Poulet - Beau Sejour; a la Bourguignonne; a l’estragon; bonne femme; saute a l’ail; Washington. Sauces for. Supremes de volaille Polignan. Veloute


***SALADS: Avocado. Cucumber. Guacamole. Pyramid. Tamara salata. Tuna and bean. Yogurt


***SALAD DRESSINGS: A la creme. French. Greek


***SANDWICHES: Danish open, list of. Tacos - chicken, and guacamole; shrimp and egg


***SAUCES: Aioli. Avgolemeno. Barbecue. Bercy. Beurre, manie. Bonne femme. Bordelaise. Brown. Champagne. Charcutiere. Chasseur. Chaud froid. Chicken - brown base; veloute. Chimichurri. Creme Chantilly. Creme fraiche. D’Antin. Dieppoise. Duglere. For fish; For fowl; For meat; For tostatos. Grand Veneur. Green, enchilada. Hollandaise. Horseradish. Madeira. Marchand de vin. Mayonnaise. Mexican barbecue. Mole. Mustard. Oyster. Perigueux. Pine nut. Robert. Rouille provencal. Royal. Sabayon. Salsa - de chilli; Jalapeno; de tomatillo. Skorthalia. Soubise. Truffle. Veloute. Veronique. Vinaigrette


***SOUPS: Almond. Bean. Beef a la Bucheronne. Big. Bouillabaisse - Chef Reboul; for inland cooks; Mere Terrats. Chick pea. Chicken, jellied. Creme. Gazpacho. Kale. “Little rags.” Minestrone. Olla podrida. Onion with cognac. Pesto. Petite marmite. Poule au pot. Pot-au-feu. Pumpkin bisque. Sopa de siete frijoles. Stock. Stracciatella. Trahana (pasta) for. Vegetable, cold. Yogurt. Zuppa pavese


***VEGETABLES: A la madere. Beans - agora; pickled; refried. Braised. Cabbage, red, with apples. Casserole. Ceci. Celery - hearts, Portuguese; zino. Chick peas - puree; Portuguese. Chillis rellenos con queso. Choucroute garnie; plain. Eggplant - Armenian; marinara; moussaka; with pesto. Frijoles, refritos. Fritto misto. Garbanzos. Grao de bico. Imon Bayeldi. Moussaka. Mushrooms - in madeira; on toast; stuffed with tarama salad. Onioin - oignons saute, camara de Lobos; soup. Rings madeira. Pancake, Portuguese. Peas and rice. Peppers - Mediterranean; stuffed. Potatoes - sweet; in yogurt. Raita alu. Rice. Risi e bisi. Salad. Spinach, Roman. Tomatoes - stuffed; with shrimp. Zucchini - pancake; provencale

Title: Lincoln Continental Guide to Cuisines of the Western World Vintage 1965 Cookbook *****MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

Author Name: Lincoln Continental Guide to Cuisines of the Western World by Elizabeth Gordon

Categories: Cooking, Food & Wine, Entertaining,

Edition/Printing: 1st/First

Publisher: New York, Golden Press: 1965

Binding/Type: Hard Cover

Book Condition: Excellent

Dust Jacket Type/Condition: None

Size: 8 & ½”W x 11 & 3/4

lbs: 3.00 1 lbs

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