N C Mead Native American Indian Chieftain Feathered Headdress Southwestern Artist-signed Decorative Round Wall Tile/Plaque Vintage 1970s-1990s USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!

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Item/Description: Vintage N.C. Mead “Native American Indian Chieftain” artist-signed decorative wall tile/plaque.

This stunningly handsome hand-carved, handcrafted round decorative wall tile by regional Southwestern Arizona artist N. C. Mead, which is ready for immediate wall-hanging display, depicts the subject matter of an “Indian Chief” in profile. He is proudly wearing full headdress regalia comprised of ebony black, snowy white & cocoa brown feathers which are vividly accented in vibrant hues of periwinkle blue and lemon yellow.


***In addition to this N.C. Mead “Indian Chieftain” tile, we also have available for purchase another N.C. Mead tile depicting a Christmas-themed “Santa’s Reindeer” (there were originally a total of three of these decorative round tiles, with the third design consisting of a “Sunbonnet Baby”/“Sunbonnet Babies”/Holly Hobbie Pioneer/Prairie Girl, but that tile has already been sold). Should you wish to purchase both remaining tiles together, a 20% total purchase price discount will be applied if you contact us in advance of purchase so as to enable us to make the appropriate price adjustments to each listing - JUST FOR YOU!***

These decorative tiles comprise a mere fraction of the numerous original art works which we were fortunate enough to purchase from the “N.C. Mead Estate Sale.” Some of these other works of art by Mr. Mead are already listed and available for purchase, with the remainder of his original paintings and drawings eventually to follow.

If you like this artist, please feel free to inquire about these as yet unlisted additional works of art. It would be our pleasure to forward photos to you for your purchasing consideration!

***Highly cross-collectible, this unique wall tile runs the gamut of collectibility - from “Decorative Arts/Decorative Collectibles” connoisseurs, to “Cultures & Ethnicities” (more specifically, Native Americana) enthusiasts, to “Regional/Southwestern Art” aficionados!

Age/Period: Vintage - ca 1970s to mid-1990s

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin: Artist-signed on the reverse side of tile “N Mead.”

Material(s)/Format: Hand-painted, earthenware tile

Size/Measurements: 5 ½” across

Quantity: One (1)

Condition Summary: Mint, retaining vivid coloration and evincing no nicks, chips, cracks, breaks or repairs!

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Title: N C Mead Native American Indian Chieftain Feathered Headdress Southwestern Artist-signed Decorative Round Wall Tile/Plaque Vintage 1970s-1990s USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!

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