Batman Forever Autographed Val Kilmer & Chris O’Donnell “Batman & Robin” Movie Hand-Signed Color Photograph (TWO Autographs on Photo) ***USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

Price: $158.99

Quantity: 1 available

Item/Description:  Authentic, hand-signed by BOTH Val Kilmer (Batman) AND Chris O’Donnell (Robin) “Batman Forever” 1995 movie autographed color photograph.

The photo, which contains TWO (2) separate autographs, marvelously depicts each of the starring actors of this movie attired in the full costume regalia of their respective film characters: Val Kilmer as “Batman” AND Chris O’Donnell as “Robin”.

Autographs Details/Inscriptions: Original autographs are each hand-signed in gold Sharpie as follows: “Val Kilmer” AND “Chris O’Donnell - Robin”

Special Attributes: Chris O’Donnell has added his movie character’s name,“Robin,” to his signature.

***We once owned a Hollywood-themed restaurant/nightclub, with in excess of 2,000 autographs and entertainment memorabilia items on display. This autograph was once a part of that vast collection, which we have been gradually liquidating over the past several years!

Age/Period: Pre-September, 1995 (purchased September, 1995)

*The movie was released June 16th, 1995

Format: Color glossy movie photograph.

Size/Measurements: Autographed photo measures 8" W X 10" H.

Quantity: One (1) photograph containing TWO (2) separate autographs

Condition: Autographs remain spectacularly crisp, clear and strong! Photograph is in excellent condition. There is no color fading, rips, tears, corner folds or creases. Present in the upper rightmost corner of the photo is a small diagonal gold-toned mark that is more noticeable when viewed onscreen than it is in real life.

Excerpted Online Research Information (attributed to ): “‘Batman Forever’ is a 1995 American superhero film directed by Joel Schumacher and produced by Tim Burton. Based on the DC Comics character ‘Batman’, the film is the third installment in the ‘Batman’ film series, with Val Kilmer replacing Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman. The plot focuses on Batman trying to stop Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) and the Riddler (Jim Carrey) in their villainous scheme to drain information from all the brains in Gotham City. He gains allegiance from a love interest — psychiatrist Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) — and a young, orphaned circus acrobat named Dick Grayson (Chris O'Donnell), who becomes his sidekick Robin...

The film was released on June 16, 1995...becoming the sixth-highest grossing film worldwide of 1995..”

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