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Women's Clothing & Accessories

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By Decade of Manufacture & Fashion/Design Styles Reflective of Eras & Geographic Regions:   Pre-1920s; 1920s/Twenties; 1930s/Thirties; 1940s/Forties; 1950s/Fifties; 1960s/Sixties; 1970s/Seventies; 1980s/Eighties; 1990s/Nineties; 2000 to Present/Millenium; Reproduction & Commemorative Patterns; Unknown Date


16th Century; 17th Century; 18th Century; 19th Century; 20th Century; 21st Century;


Amish-style; Antebellum; Art Deco-era; Art Nouveau; Asian-inspired; Avant Garde; Bohemian; Colonial-style; Contemporary; Country-Western Wear; Disco-era; Edwardian; Elizabethan; Flapper; Flashdance-style; Flower Child; Folkwear; Futuristic; Gay Nineties; Gothic; Grecian; Gypsy-style; Haute Couture; Hip-Hop; Hippie; History/Historical Eras; Jackie-O-style; Jazz-era; Medieval; Mod; New Wave; Old School; Oriental-inspired; Pioneer-style; Prairie Wear; Preppie; Punk; Puritan-style; Quaker-style; Rapper-style; Renaissance; Retro; Roaring Twenties; Rockabilly; Safari-style; Southern; Southwestern; Space Age; Swing-era; Tudor; Victorian; Vintage; Western Wear; World War II/WWII-era; Yuppie


By Types, Styles & Classifications of Women’s Clothing:   Academy Awards-worthy; Activewear/Active Wear; Afternoon Dresses; Alaskan Jackets; A-Line; Angel Sleeves; Ankle-length; Apres Ski; Aprons; Ascots; Asymmetrical; Baby Doll Dress; Backless; Back-pleated; Baggy Pants; Ball Gowns; Balloon Sleeves; Ballroom Dress; Bandeau Tops; Bare-backed; Bare-shouldered; Baseball-style Jackets; Basque-waisted; Bathing Suits; Battle Jackets; Batwing Sleeves; Beach Dresses; Beachwear; Beautician’s Pockets; Bellbottom Pants/Bellbottoms; Bell Sleeves; Below-the-Knee; Belts; Bermuda Shorts; Bias Skirts; Bib Collars; Biker Jackets; Bikinis; Blazers; Bloomers; Blouses; Blouson; Blue Jeans; Boat Neck; Body Suits/Bodysuits (non-exercise); Bolero Jackets; Boned; Boot-leg Pants; Bouffant; Bow-fitted; Box Skirts; Boyfriend Shirts; Boy Shorts; Bras; Bra Tops; Breeches; Brunch Coats; Bubble Shorts; Buccaneer Dresses; Built-up Waist; Bustiers; Bustles; Butcher’s Apron Dresses; Cabana Wear; Cabin Boy Pants; Caftans; Camisoles; Capelets; Capes; Capri Pants; Cap Sleeves; Captain’s Coats; Car Coats; Cardigans; Career Wear; Cargo Pants; Casual Wear; Catsuits; Cha-Cha Dresses; Chemises; Chinese Jackets; Cigarette Pants; Cinched; Circle Skirts; Clamdiggers; Cloaks; Club Wear; Coachman’s Skirt; Coat Dresses; Coats; Cobbler Apron-fronts; Cocktail Dresses; Collarless; Dresses; Color-blocked; Coming-Out “Debutante” Dresses; Coordinates; Corsets; Corset Tops; Cotillion Dresses; Couture; Coverups/Cover Ups; Cowl Neck; Crinolines; Criss-Cross Straps; Cropped; Cruise Wear; Cuffed Pants; Culottes; Curve-hugging; Cutaway Arms; “Daisy Duke” Shorts/”Daisy Dukes”; Dance Dresses; Dancewear/Dance Wear (non-exercise); Dashikis; Daywear/Day Wear; Debutante Dresses; Denim Slacks; Diaper Shorts; Dipped-back; Dirndls; Dolmans; Double-breasted; Draped; Drawstring Waist; Dresses; Driving Coat; Dropped-waist; Dungarees; Dusters; Elasticized Waists; Empire Waist; Ensembles; Equestrian-look; Eveningwear; Farmer’s Daughter Dresses; Flamenco-style; Flanged; Flannels; Flap Backs; Flared; Flip-front; Floating Collars; Floor-length; Flounced; Fluted Hem; Flutter Blouses; Fly-front Trousers; Foldover Collars; Formalwear/Formal Wear; Formals; Fringe Dresses; Frock Coats; Frocks; Front-button; Full-Figure; Full-length; Funnel-necked; Gala Event Dresses; Gardening Ponchos/Gardening Smocks; Garden Party; Gathered; Gauchos; Goddess Dresses; Godet Skirts; Go-Go Dresses; Gored; Gowns; Granny Dresses; Gym Shorts (non-exercise); Halters; Handkerchief Hems; Handkerchief Tops; Harem Pants; Haute Couture; Hawaiian Shirts; Hem Pockets; High-button; High-collared; High-cut; High Fashion; High-rise Skirts; High-waisted Pants; Hip Hop Pants; Hip Hugger Pants/Hip Huggers; Holiday Clothes; Homecoming Dresses; Hoodies; Hoop Skirts; Hostess Pajamas; Hot Pants; Housecoats/House Coats; House Dresses/Housedresses; Housewife Blouses; Housewife Dresses; Jackets; Jamaica Shorts; Jeans; Jodhpurs-style Pants/Jodhpurs; Jogging Suits; Jumpers; Jumpsuits; Kangaroo Pockets; Keyhole; Khakis; Kilts-style; Kimonos; Knee-Knockers Trousers; Knee-length; Knickers; Knife-pleated; Knits; Leggings; Leg O’Mutton Sleeves; Leisure Suits; Leisure Wear; Let-out Sides; Low-cut Necklines; Lucy Dresses; Mandarin Collars; Mandarin Blouses; Mandarin Dresses; Maxi Skirts/Maxiskirts; Mermaid Skirts; Micro-Mini Skirts; Midi-Skirts; Midriff Tops/Midriffs; Military-style Wear; Milkmaid Dresses; Mini Skirts/Miniskirts; Mu-Mu Dresses/Mu-Mus; Miyake-style Jackets; Nautical-inspired; Notch Collars; Nurse-look; Off-the-Shoulder; Oktoberfest Dresses; One-piece Outfit; One-Shoulder; Opera Coats; Opera Dresses; Oscars-worthy; Outfits; Overblouses; Overalls; Overcoats; Oversized Shirts; Overskirts; Over-the-Hips; Pageant Dresses/Pageant Gowns; Palazzo Pants; Panel; Pantalets; Pantaloons; Pantdresses; Pants; Pantsuits/Pants Suits; Parachute Pants; Parkas; Party Dresses; Patchwork; Pea Coats; Peasant Blouses; Peasant Dresses; Pedal Pushers; Peek-a-Boo; Pencil Skirts; Pendleton Jackets; Peplums; Petal Skirts; Peter Pan Collars; Petites; Petticoats; Picnic Frocks; Pinafores; Pinups; Pirate Shirts; Playsuits; Pleated Skirts; Pleats; Plunging Necklines; Plus Sizes; Pocket Dresses; Poet’s Shirts; Polo Shirts; Ponchos; Poodle Skirts; Pool-side Attire; Pouch Pockets; Prairie Dresses; Prairie Skirts; Prom Dresses; Proportioned; Puffed Sleeves; Puffy Jackets; Pullovers; Puritan Collars; Purses; Queen Anne Necklines; Quilted Jackets; Quinceanera Dresses; Raglan Sleeves; Raincoats; Red Carpet-worthy; Resort Wear; Retro; Riding Cloaks; Riding Pants; Rompers; Ruched/Ruching; Ruffled/Ruffles; Rugby Shirts; Runway-inspired; Sack Dresses; Safari-style; Santa Fe Coats; Sarongs; Scalloped Neckline; Schoolgirl-look; School Marm Dresses; Scoop Neck; Scooter Shorts; Secretary-style Dresses; Secretary Skirts; Separates; Shaped Waists; Shawls; Sheath Dresses; Shell Pants; Shell Tops/Shells; Shirred; Shirt Dresses; Shirt Jackets; Shirts; Shirtwaisted Dresses; Short-Shorts; Shorts; Shoulder Pads Blouses; Shrugs; Side-button; Single-breasted; Ski Bunny Jackets; Skinny-leg Pants; Skirts; Skorts; Slacks; Slant-pockets; Sleeveless; Slim Fit; Slim Skirts; Slip Dresses; Slips; Slit Skirts; Slung Tops; Smocks; Smock Tops; Snap Crotch Closures; Sock Hop Dresses; Southern Belle Dresses; Spaghetti Straps; Special Interest; Special Occasion Dresses; Split Skirts; Sportswear; Spring Formal Dresses; Square Dancing Dresses; Square Necked; Standaway Collars; Stirrup Pants; Stoles; Stovepipe Skinny-leg Pants; Stoles; Strapless; Strappy; Stretchy; Suit Blouses; Suit Dresses; Suit Jackets; Suit; Suit Skirts; Summer Dresses; Sundresses; Sunsuits; Surfing-style/Surf Wear; Surplice; Suspenders; Sweaters; Sweat Clothes/Sweatclothes; Sweats; Sweatpants/Sweat Pants; Sweatshirts; Sweetheart Neckline; Sweet Sixteen Dresses; Swimsuits; Swimwear; Swing-back Jacket; Swirling Skirts; Tailored; Tankinis; Tank Tops; Tapered; Tap Pants; Tea Dresses; Tennis Dresses (non-exercise); Tent Dress; Tie-backed; Tiered Skirts; Toga Dresses; Tops; Toreador Pants; Town Dresses; Track Clothes/Track Suits; Trenchcoats/Trench Coats; Triangular-Tiered; Trousers; Trunks; T-Shirts; Tube Dresses; Tucked Shoulders; Tunics; Turtlenecks; Tuxedo Shirts; Twiggy; Twirly Skirts; Two-piece SetsUkrainian-inspired; Underskirts; Underwear; U-Necks; Vest Coats; Vests; V-Necks; Walkaway Dresses; Walking Shorts; Warm-Up Suits/Warm-Ups; Weskits; Whittled; Wide-flared; Wiggle Skirts; Windbreakers/Wind Breakers; Wing Collars; Wraparound Dresses; Wraps; Yokes/Yoked; Zipper-front; Other

Sewing, Notions & Tools:Patterns:Women's Clothing & Accessories

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