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Artist Dolls

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1 Heidi Ott Faithful Friends Blonde Playmates Doll (? Beth or ? Maya) *****PARCEL POST SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

***Shipping is always discounted for multiple purchases that can be safely packaged together! Simply contact us in advance of purchase for invoice shipping price adjustment .***


Item/Description: 19" Heidi Ott “Faithful Friends/Best Friends” playmates Swiss artist limited production run doll (maybe ? "Maya" or ? "Beth") with lovely Blue sleep-eyes (all of her fringed eyelashes are intact) and platinum blonde, long braided/braids/pig-tailed/pigtails hair.


Age/Period:  Modern/Contemporary - ca. 1995-1996 (1990s - limited production run)


Manufacturer/Identification/Markings: Original sewn label reads "Heidi Ott - Reg No Pa 5023 (CH); Heidi Ott AG 6330 CHAM Switzerland"


Material(s): Cloth & vinyl


Measurements: Approximately 19"H


Condition: Excellent previously-owned condition, evincing no tears to her cloth body or odors of any kind.


Excerpted Research Info: "Heidi Ott was born in Central Switzerland and produced her first doll for her daughter in the 1970's. There is some debate about when these larger dolls started to be produced although a good guess would be the late1970's. Not only are these dolls beautifully made but they are designed to be played with and enjoyed by children and adults of all ages." "The “Faithful Friends”™ are 18-inch, soft-body play dolls made by Heidi Ott, a Swiss doll artist, that were distributed by Target® stores in the late 1990’s. Like “American Girl”® these dolls were also the protagonists of their own historical-fiction books. The dolls were originally sold under the name “Best Friends” in the beginning, before the books were published. The quality of these dolls is quite amazing. The sculpting is exceptional, not just of the face but also of the wonderfully detailed hands and feet. The vinyl quality is the best and the materials that make up the cloth body are sturdy and will last forever. The clothing for these dolls is similarly of high quality. The materials, multiple layers, great shoes, lack of velcro, and great detailing are far above the norm for play dolls. A fair amount of “American Girl” clothing fits them fine, too (though “American Girl” shoes are a little small for “Faithful Friends”). These were the first play dolls that Heidi Ott made, and the first of hers that were made in China and not handcrafted. She wanted her dolls to be enjoyed by the mass market, not just by those who could afford her similarly-sized $200-to-$600 handcrafted dolls. However, she eventually terminated her relationship with Target, and then sold the dolls herself under the name “School Children,” and later “Play Dolls.” Since 2004, Heidi Ott no longer sells this type of doll, focusing instead on her extensive line of miniatures.If you collect 18-inch vinyl play dolls, be sure to track down a “Faithful Friends” doll (or three) for your collection. They are a wonderful, affordable way to own a piece of Heidi Ott's artistry.”

Price: 52.99 USD

2 Jennifer Schmidt Danbury Mint “Rachel & Ryan” Twins Porcelain Artist-signed Character Dolls Set *****PARCEL POST SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

***Shipping is always discounted for multiple purchases that can be safely packaged together! Simply contact us in advance of purchase for invoice shipping price adjustment .***


Item/Description:   Pair of “like new” condition Danbury Mint Jennifer Schmidt artist-signed twins babies porcelain dolls: “Rachel & Ryan”.


***Part of the Heirloom Quality “Precious Pairs Collection”, each of these identical/fraternal brother & sister baby/infant twins is a limited edition character doll.


Each doll in this set has a porcelain face, hands and feet, cloth bodies; open mouths which reveal their teeth and tongues; and fixed “wide awake and alert” honey brown eyes.


***Condition is so close to new that, in addition to still retaining her original arm hang tag, Rachel’s hair net hasn’t even been removed yet.


Age/Period: Modern/Contemporary - ca 1992 (1990s)


Manufacturer/Identification/Markings: Each doll is signed on the back/nape of its neck/head base “Jennifer Schmidt” and marked “D/M 1992"


*Hang tag reads: A Fine Porcelain Collector Doll Available Exclusively from The Danbury Mint...Crafted in Taiwan for The Danbury Mint - 47 Richards Avenue, Norwalk, Conn. 06857 - 1992 MBI”



*Porcelain head, arms (from below the elbow to the fingers), and legs (entire leg).


*Cloth body and arms above the elbows.

Size/Measurements: Dolls measure approximately 14" full-length, and when seated, are approximately 12"H.


Quantity: Two (2) dolls


Condition: Aesthetically near mint/like new (hair net hasn’t even been removed yet from girl doll), evincing no noted nicks, chips, cracks, breaks or repairs!


*** PLEASE NOTE:  Dolls do not come with their original boxes!

Price: 78.99 USD

3 Tigre (Tiger) Show-Stoppers, Inc. “Born to Be Wild” Series Florence “Flossie” Maranuk Limited Edition (? Retired) Porcelain Artist’s Doll & Original Hang Tags *****PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!*****

***Combined shipping is always available for multiple purchases when the “SHIPPING INCLUDED” shipping method listed is the same for each item purchased AND each item can be safely packaged together. Otherwise, multiple purchases without the same shipping method listed AND which require separate packaging & shipping will be shipped separately at no additional charge to you (to ensure the greatest possible degree of protection for each item during transit). Additionally, because the shipping methods that are included within each listing do vary from item to item, it is important to be aware that delivery transit times will likewise vary per item (kindly refer to “Store Policies” for detailed information regarding all shipping methods & delivery transit times applicable to each respective method). Thus, should you desire a more expedient shipping method than that which is already included for any particular item, upon checkout simply select the expedited shipping option that best suits your needs ((Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Federal Express)!

Item/Description: “Tigre” (Tiger) Show-Stoppers, Inc. “Born to Be Wild” series Florence “Flossie” Maranuk limited edition (? Retired) porcelain artist’s doll with original hang tags.

This darling baby doll has the longest and lushest upper eyelashes that oh-so-beautifully offset his/her honey brown glass eyes (eyes are NOT sleep eyes - they are “stay awake” eyes).

Because each of the dolls in this delightful artist series has an individually handpainted porcelain face, no two dolls are exactly alike, making them special and unique.

In conducting online research about this doll, its doll artisan and the doll series prior to offering it for your purchasing consideration, we came across others which were listed as being part of the “Babes In The Wild” &/or “Babies In The Wild” doll series, however, the hang tag that accompanies THIS doll specifically states that it is from the “Born To Be Wild” series of dolls by Show-Stoppers, Inc. To the best of our knowledge, the “Babes/Babies In The Wild” dolls were by Seymour Mann (also Show-Stoppers), and not Florence “Flossie” Maranuk, but since we are not experts as to this doll company/series/artist, we cannot attest to those other dolls and can only convey the information that accompanies THIS doll.

***Warning Label on Hang Tag reads: “This doll is not a toy. It is a decorative item. Not suitable for young children!”

Excerpted Hang Tags/Packaging Information: “Show-Stoppers, Inc. Presents Tigre From The Born To Be Wild Series....Collectible Porcelain... This original collectible has been meticulously hand painted. The elegant fabrics used in the costuming have been delicately tailored to create unique imagery, to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. We sincerely hope it will. Show Stoppers, Inc.”

Excerpted Online Research Information/About the Doll Artist, Florence “Flossie” Maranuk (attributed to “...There appear to be numerous sites selling Florence Maranuk dolls online, but precious little history of this designer.

Ladies Den Dolls lists this brief history: "...Florence Maranuk is the president and founder of Show Stopper Dolls. It was founded in 1983. Her prestigious Florance Maranuk Collection is avidly sought after by knowledgeable collectors. ?Attention to detail? is the cornerstone of her success. The exquisite materials used, the expressive sculpting, and the innovative designs combine in an art form that makes her dolls speak for themselves. There are currently over one million of her Dolls in the hands of enthusiastic doll Collectors worldwide..."

Florence is also known as "Flossie" and searching for Flossie brings about this page at Collectibles Online:

"...Flossie Maranuk, President and founder of Show-Stopper, was born in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Brandywine College in Delaware and founded Show Stopper in 1983. Her premier doll was Presented at the New York Gift Show. There are currently over one million Florence Maranuk Dolls in the hands of enthusiastic doll collectors worldwide.

Flossie's fascination with travel brings her to some of the most exotic cities and countries worldwide for several months each year. Her love of travel, combined with her deep fascination in people and children throughout the world, is deeply reflected in her designs. Her prestigious Florence Maranuk Collection is avidly sought after by knowledgeable collectors.

She currently heads a team of national and international sculptors and costume designers. "Attention to Detail" is the cornerstone of her success. The exquisite materials used, the expressive sculpting, and the innovative designs combine in an art form that makes her dolls

speak for themselves.

Flossie currently resides in Brigantine, New Jersey..."

Searching further for the history of Show Stopper Dolls brought me to

another page at Ladies Den:

"...Show-Stoppers are made of porcelain, as are many of the dolls on this site. These original collectibles are meticulously hand-painted. The elegant fabric used in the costuming is delicately tailored to create unique imagery to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. Most are posable, so that you can adjust their arms and legs. Several dolls are musical while others are miniature. A variety of resin antique chairs, with velvet or tapestry upholstery, are available to compliment your doll collection..."

All For You gifts notes the following:

"...ShowStoppers dolls designed by Florence Maranuk are collectible porcelain dolls and are very highly accredited. They have won awards such as the esteemed D.O.T.Y. award, which is for Doll Reader Magazine's, Industry's choice "Doll Of The Year". Whether you are a avid porcelain doll collector or just looking for the perfect gift, there is something for everybody in the Florence Maranuk collection..."

Her 2001 DOTY Awarded doll, "Skye" can be found on this page at Emily's Gifts:

And her Beauty and the Beast is nominated for a 2003 Dolls Award of

Excellence and is shown here at A New Doll:

Try as I would, I could not locate a Home Page for "Show Stopper Dolls" nor additional information on Florence "Flossie" Maranuk, even in the Google Usenet discussion groups, though there are sales and auctions talked about in rec.collecting.dolls: “

Age/Period: Contemporary ca 1990s to 2000s

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin: Original hang tags read: “Collectible Porcelain By Show-Stoppers, Inc., Lakewood, N.J., Made in China.”

Material(s)/Format: Porcelain bisque face/head; plush “furry” fuzzy body; eyes appear to be glass.

Size/Measurements: Approximately 8 3/4" H

Quantity: One (1)

Condition Summary:

*Doll remains in excellent condition, exhibiting no nicks, chips, cracks, breaks or repairs to any of her porcelain head/face. Her fuzzy, furry, costumed body remains vibrantly colorful (no color fading), clean and thickly plush, exuding no odors and exhibiting no missing fur, tears, or rips. Only noted condition factor is that a teeny-tiny flea bite-sized bit of paint is missing from her pursed lips (when facing/looking at the doll, it’s in the area adjacent to her upper lip on the left side). Despite viewing this through a jeweler’s loupe, we could not determine whether it was a from-the-factory “under the glaze” issue or not.

*The doll’s two (2) hang tags remain intact, however they are both very crinkly/wrinkled.

Price: 28.99 USD


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Welcome to Vintage Treasures AZ

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