About Us



Our company name Vintage Treasures AZ,

Sums up our longtime selling philosophy;

Aside from "AZ" symbolizing the State where we are based,

Everything from "A to Z" is what we sell on this virtual space!


Our niche is comprised of unique, one-of-a-kind,

Treasures that satisfy the heart, soul and mind;

From Antiques to Collectibles to Vintage and Rare,

Out-of-Print, Special Interest, we've merchandise to spare.


And thus will be routinely listing for your purchasing consideration,

A variety of items with our heartfelt appreciation;

Of your valuable time spent browsing and shopping,

Our online store on our .com that's hopping.


With categories as diverse as Art, Books, Autographs and Ephemera,

Dolls, Jewelry, Militaria, Golf, Pens, Toys and Breweriana;

Advertising, Music, Religion, Sports and Stereoview,

Figurines, Holiday, Tobacco, Pottery, to name but a few.


So whether in search of gifts for loved ones most deserving,

Or a treat for oneself after a day that's been unnerving;

We cordially invite you to visit us often,

Even if just to "window" shop which costs absolutely nothing! ;~)


And always take comfort in the esteem with which we regard,

Every single patron, which is why we work so hard;

To provide good old fashioned customer service and satisfaction,

Through timely, responsive and courteous interaction!

Thank you for shopping with us, and have a beautiful day!