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Schmid Bros My First Communion/Confirmation Girl “Ave Maria” Schubert’s  Tune #126 Music Box Figurine Sankyo Japan Vintage ca 1960s-1970s Religious Theme   <b><span style='color:red'>***USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***</span></b><span style='color:purple'>

Title   Schmid Bros My First Communion/Confirmation Girl “Ave Maria” Schubert’s Tune #126 Music Box Figurine Sankyo Japan Vintage ca 1960s-1970s Religious Theme ***USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INCLUDED – DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY!***

Seller ID   First Communion Confirmation Schmid Bros

Item/Description: Vintage ca 1960s-1970s Schmid Bros. First Communion/Confirmation girl “Ave Maria” figural Sankyo Japan music box.

This lovely, religious-themed music box figurine charmingly portrays a precious little girl who is sweetly attired in her white “Holy First Communion”(?)“Confirmation” dress & veil. In her arms she is reverently clutching a bible or prayer book, which has an elegant gilded cross on its cover.

The musical tune that oh-so-fittingly and mellifluously plays as she twirls around is Schubert’s “Ave Maria.”

Highly cross-collectible, this lovely figural music box will appeal as much to music box lovers as it will to religious collectibles connoisseurs.

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Age/Period: Vintage - ca 1960s-1970s

*In the course of researching the time period for the manufacture of this music box we learned that labels identical to the one that is affixed to it were definitively in use in 1968 (the 1960s), but we were unable to narrow down when this exact label was first introduced or when it was discontinued. Of the eight (8) known labels for Schmid Bros., the next different design label after this one dates to having been definitively in use in 1977, so at the outside this piece dates to no later than 1977.

Manufacturer/Identification/Markings/Country of Origin:

*Original gold & black foil label reads “Schmid Bros., Inc. - Tune No. 126 Schubert’s Ave Maria - Made in Japan.”

*Underside of plastic stand base is marked “Sankyo Japan.”


*Her white gown, the white flowered wreath on her head, and her white Holy Bible are all highly-glazed porcelain china.

*Her Holy Bible is also gilt accented.

*Her head and arms have a matte-finish.

*Her veil is made up of a gauzy netting material.

*Her base/stand is plastic.

Size/Measurements: Approximately 7"H

Quantity: One (1)

Condition Summary:

*The figurine remains in excellent vintage collectible condition, evincing no noted nicks, chips, cracks, breaks, repairs or paint loss. She does exhibit a slight modicum of surface soiling and a couple of minor, minimally noticeable scuffs, but nothing which in any way detracts from any of her delightful displayability, desirability, or collectibility.

*The music box mechanism functions properly, allowing the little girl figure to revolve smoothly around while the song is played, and delivering beautifully mellifluous tonality.

*Her veil is completely intact and exhibits no tears, holes or rough edges. The the only noted condition factor consisting of a very tiny soil spot on the back side.

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